Those Biggest Mistakes

We have a new president and time for me to return to my dreaded history lessons.

Throughout history there have been mistakes but some are more “huge” than others.

These are the ten biggest according to the article…..

One look at the past and we will find that history is filled with many stumbling blocks. The path walked by our forefathers was not always smooth. They had their fair share of mistakes and blunders. Some of these blunders started as tiny mistakes, but with time they grew to be big enough to change the course of history. Let’s take a look at the biggest mistakes ever made in history.

10 Of The Biggest Mistakes Ever Made In History

These are not the only “mistakes”…..

As they say those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it. What you’re going to see below are the 25 biggest and most embarrassing mistakes ever committed in the history of mankind.

We all don’t want to repeat them, of course. To ensure that, it’s our responsibility to know them and learn from them. Let’s start with…

1. In 1788, the Austrian army accidentally attacked itself and killed 10,000 men of its own men.

25 Most Embarrassing Mistakes Ever Made In History

These are considered the decisions that changed the world forever…..mistakes if you will….

We all make mistakes from time to time. Luckily, most times when we screw up, the consequences of our mistakes range from the trivial to the nonexistent. We might feel a bit embarrassed and chagrined at our missteps, but more often than not, life just goes on, and the world neither notices nor cares that we messed up. Most of the time, that is. However, sometimes mistakes – even tiny ones which seem trifling at the time – could end up having huge ramifications. As in altering the course of history or changing the world kind of huge ramifications.

Those mistakes that shaped the course of history are the subject of this article. On the one hand, not all of those history altering missteps were catastrophic. Some of them actually turned out to be a blessing in disguise, producing beneficial results that made the world a better place. Indeed, you and your loved ones have probably already benefited from some of these fortuitous screwups, and your physical wellbeing and that of those you care about is indebted to some of the mistakes described here. On the other hand, many more of those screwups were anything but helpful. Instead, most of them led to disaster, brought about great harm and destruction, and left a lot of suffering and misery in their wake.

10 Major Historical Mistakes That Changed the World Forever

More history to come.

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Saturday’s Health News

A little FYI for this weekend……

First news about the virus and all the social distancing which is causing many mental problems…like depression and confusion…..

But what is it all about….some say that people worry about missing out…..on what we are not quite sure…..

We begin 2021 still in the midst of a pandemic: still social distancing, still self-isolating, still wearing masks, still feeling as if life is on pause. These restrictions, as necessary as they are, mean that most of us are living in a limited environment with limited activities to occupy ourselves, to satisfy our need for meaningful experiences.

The repeated denial of even the possibility of such experiences results in profound moments of boredom directly related to the pandemic: COVID-boredom.

After almost a year of pandemic restrictions, many of the social and cultural distractions meant to occupy and entertain us are proving inadequate. A number of people I know have confessed they have been unable to fully binge TV programs because it felt pointless.

Even watching the news, which in times of crisis can border on compulsion, has become monotonous. We are presented with the same basic stories, the same series of facts about the virus, the same fears and concerns, repeated over and over with only minor differences. This is why fake news and conspiracy theories have thrived. They have become “more psychologically pleasing and convenient [than reality]” and make “simpler sense than a complex phenomenon.” Having to live the reality of life under COVID-19 is proving baffling.

Personally I am having no problem….since my forced retirement I have become a hermit….do not feel that I am missing anything.

But that is just me.

I am an insomniac and drink at lot of coffee while doing research….some have told me that it could be hazardous to my health….all that caffeine…..

So when I read a recent study on the effects of coffee on health was at least some good news….

Fill up that mug: Having one or more cups of caffeinated coffee a day may reduce your risk of heart failure, new research suggests.

There was one caveat, however: Decaffeinated coffee doesn’t appear to provide the same protection as caffeine-rich blends.

… drinking one or more cups of caffeinated coffee a day was associated with decreased long-term risk of heart failure.

Just a few thoughts on health on this weekend.

Be Well…..Be Safe…..

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