Don’t Mess With Foghorn Leghorn..

Just a little something to end the weekend….

Although roosters come in many sizes, shapes, and colors, if there is one thing that all roosters have in common, it’s a very strong drive to protect their flock from potential predators. That strong protective drive was captured on video and shows a rooster protecting his flock from a lethal king cobra snake in Andhra Pradesh, India.  

In the video, the rooster seems to herd the snake away from the rest of the flock in a protective manner. In a fierce and fast battle of speed and reflexes, the rooster manages to weaken the large cobra by landing a series of fierce pecks. The speedy rooster darts out of range each time he manages to land pecks, so agile and fast that the cobra could not land a single bite. And that’s important because even a single cobra bite would have been deadly. How deadly? The venom from a cobra bite is enough to kill 20 people, according to National Geographic

Be Well…Be Safe….


Sunday’s Useless News

This is all the news that no one can use……

Until recently the oldest love poem was considered to be the Song of Solomon……but unfortunately that is no longer true…..

The World’s Oldest Love Poem was discovered in the library of Ashurbanipal in Mesopotamia. Known as the Love Song of Shu-Sin, the World’s Oldest Love Poem is about both romantic and erotic love, and was read as a part of a sacred ritual known as the ‘sacred marriage.’ In honour of Valentines Day on February 14th, this video chats about the discovery of the poem, it’s part in the sacred marriage, and then it is read in full! Prior to the discovery of the Love Song of Shu-Sin, The Song of Solomon from the bible was considered the oldest love poem!

This piece of news may be a bit disturbing for some….but I like history disturbing or not…..

This is a health issue from 200 years ago….

A cure for headaches, acne and insanity……

For a long time, medicine was pre-occupied with the question “can this be solved by putting something in the butt?”

Take, for example, tobacco smoke enemas, in which 18th Century physicians saw drowning victims and attempted to de-deadify them by blowing tobacco smoke up their rectums with a pipe. Despite having no medical benefit whatsoever, the practice was popular, and enema kits lined the Thames like lifebelts, ready to be used as one final humiliation for somebody who was crap at swimming.

This practice ended sometime after 1800 when it became apparent that it didn’t really work, given how the anus famously isn’t really connected to the lungs, but doctors weren’t quite finished with having a poke around in the general area to see what happens just yet.


Okay as long as we are talking about butts….

Going to the toilet is a vulnerable time for a species that’s grown accustomed to having their private parts covered up. As such, haunting scenes from TV and cinema of spiders and snakes (On A Plane) catching people quite literally with their trousers down can sit heavy on the minds of anxious toilet users. These people may find the concept of an outhouse quite concerning, but surely there’s nothing more dangerous than a moisture-seeking frog to be found at the bottom of an outdoor basin? Think again, says Alaska.

Here to provide you with some serious nightmare fuel is the poor fortune of a woman who last week was bitten on her behind by what’s suspected to have been a black bear. The offending outhouse toilet was in Alaska’s backcountry where bears aren’t uncommon. The Alaska Department of Natural Resource warns on its website, “Nothing will guarantee your safety in bear country, but knowledge of bears and proper behavior greatly reduce your risk.” The information page estimates that 95 percent of the time it’s people who are responsible for negative bear encounters. I think it’s safe to say, then, that the fate of Shannon Stevens sits firmly within the 5 percent exception. Though she admits to not checking the seat before sitting down, finding a bear beneath your butt surely constitutes an unforeseeable consequence of squatting with confidence.

This next entry is not all that ‘useless’…..

KETO is the fad that has become very popular in the last couple of years…but is it all that healthy?

Ketogenic diets, which forgo carbohydrates to replace them with fats, have become extremely popular in recent years, rising to the top as the most-searched-for diet of 2020. Whilst these diets are effective in treating epilepsy and have applications in various other diseases, the evidence for use as a tool for weight loss in healthy individuals remains disputed. 

In a recent study performed on rats, researchers have suggested that keto diets are having a dramatic impact on people’s hearts. The results showed the high-fat-diet-induced changes within the rats’ hearts, reducing the production of mitochondria and creating scar tissue. Their work was published in the journal Signal Transduction and Targeted Therapy

The basis of ketogenic diets revolves around bringing the body into a state of ketosis through consuming mostly fats. Ketosis is a normal metabolic response that kicks in when the body doesn’t have enough glucose to ensure enough energy is provided. The liver begins turning fat molecules into ketones, which are released into the bloodstream and used as an alternative energy source.

There is the news that you cannot use (with the exception of one) for this Sunday.

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Changes Coming To Twitter

I admit it….the only social media I use is Twitter….mostly as a news feed…..

The news is that changes are coming to Twitter…..

They’ve worked well for Facebook, so Twitter is going to add groups to its platform—though they’ll be called “communities.” That’s one of the major changes announced Thursday, the Verge reports. The other big one is called Super Follows, which will permit users to steer their followers to content and charge them for the privilege. The content could include additional tweets, newsletters, support badges, and access to one of the new communities. In Twitter’s example, the users charge $4.99 per month for the benefits, enabling them to collect directly from their followers. The changes were unveiled during Analyst Day, per CNBC, and the idea is that they’ll help the company reach its 2023 goals for users and revenue.

Many of the changes aren’t new, but they’re new to Twitter. Users will be able to start and join communities built around common interests. The examples Twitter gives are cats and plants, so users in a cat community would see even more cat content. Users who run communities would be allowed to set their own rules for members, beyond those set by Twitter. Details were sketchy, but Twitter also said it’s looking into allowing followers to tip certain accounts. The company thinks “an audience-funded model where subscribers can directly fund the content that they value most is a durable incentive model that aligns the interests of creators and consumers,” its head of design and research said. Super Follows is supposed to launch before the end of the year.

Nothing will change for me.

When I heard changes were coming I thought they decide to charge people for being members….that would kill it for me.

I Read, I Write, You Know

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