Trump’s New Theory?

CPAC is going on as I type…the meeting of the minds (HA) of the conservative movement…..and so far the big story is something that the WH Chief of Staff said during his moment in the spotlight……at least they showed a racist the door…..but now more on Bannon’s rhetoric…..

Steve Bannon made his first public appearance since Donald Trump became president Thursday at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference, the Washington Post reports. The president’s chief strategist said Trump’s goal is the “deconstruction of the administrative state,” meaning dismantling systems of taxation, regulation, and trade. Bannon said Trump picked his Cabinet nominees with that deconstruction in mind. Here’s what else is making headlines at CPAC:

  • Chief of Staff Reince Priebus, who spoke alongside Bannon, says they aren’t rivals, as characterized by the media. Instead he says they work alongside each other and share a connection through Trump, Politico reports.
  • White nationalist Richard Spencer was kicked out of CPAC after being spotted in the lobby of the hotel where it’s taking place. “His views are repugnant and have absolutely nothing to do with conservatism,” a CPAC spokesperson tells NPR.
  • The Hill reports Bannon also reserved some of his time to bash reporters and the media, who he repeatedly called the “opposition party.” He warned that every day will be a fight against the “corporatist, globalist media.”
  • Meanwhile, Sen. Ted Cruz predicted—without explanation—that Trump will have a second Supreme Court seat to fill by the summer, Time reports. He also called the Democratic base “bat crap crazy.”
  • Speaking of Cruz, a lot has changed since last year’s CPAC, where he was the headliner and Trump canceled his speech, according to US News. Kellyanne Conway, who was working for Cruz this time last year, says CPAC is now “TPAC,” in reference to Trump.
  • Despite earlier reports that she clashed with the attorney general and Trump on protecting the bathroom rights of transgender students, at CPAC Betsy DeVos said she supported the removal of Obama’s guidelines, calling them “overreach,” the Huffington Post reports

Sounds like Mr. Bannon has a theory in mind……it is called…..Transnationalism

Interactions and coalitions across state boundaries that involve such diverse nongovernmental actors as multinational corporations and banks, church groups, and terrorist networks. In some usages, transnationalism includes both nongovernmental as well as transgovernmental links. The term transnational is used both to label the actor (for example, a transnational actor) or a pattern of behavior (for example, an international organisation that acts transnationally – operates across state borders). Theorists focusing on transnationalism often deemphasise the state as primary and unitary actor.

The last line says it all….deemphasize the state…does that mean “deconstructed”…….?

The American Conservative has had some thoughts on “Transnational Nationalism”……..

Linker’s main point — and it’s a trenchant one — is to note the belatedness of the effort: National Review and Public Interest took years or even decades to bring the fusionist New Right and neoconservatism respectively to a position of political dominance, whereas American Affairs was only founded after Trump’s unexpected triumph. But I want to comment on something Linker says at the end of the piece about our nationalist moment:

Source: The “Paradox” of Transnational Nationalism | The American Conservative

Is this Trump’s plan?  Or is it Bannon’s?

Someone needs to ask Trump for clarification…….


CPAC hawks defeat ISIS with lots of angry hand-waving –

I watched the CPAC show last week and came to an epiphany……any credible candidate for the GOP will be emphasizing foreign policy……which is a good play for they have pretty much shown that they have NO real domestic policy that could improve this country.

The problem is those that are thumping their chests on foreign policy have NO idea what that policy is all about…..they basically have NO policy there either but ….defeat ISIS….but when asked how that can be accomplished…..they are at a loss for words……

None of the big dollar headliners have NO idea…..not Christie or Cruz or Rubio or Bush….etc etc……none have any foreign policy experience……so what is this magical strategy to defeat ISIS?

Chest thumping is a campaign strategy…..but it will win NO wars without knowledge and a plan…….

I will be honest….the Dems are just as pathetic as the GOP when it comes to an actual plan to fight ISIS…… unless someone on either side becomes a bit more knowledgeable then there will be NO substantial to fight much less win against ISIS……

Meanwhile….back to CPAC………


CPAC hawks defeat ISIS with lots of angry hand-waving –

Grow That Big Tent

CPAC is in full swing……I have listened to as many speeches as I could stomach…….and then yesterday that MORON Gohmert made a comment that I took exception to about the Vietnam War (see yesterday’s rant……”I Have Had Enough Of These Morons)…..but the one that made me chuckle (sorry to my conserv friends) was a statement by the head of CPAC……….

(Newser) – Chris Christie isn’t CPAC material, American Conservative Union Chairman Al Cardenas said today, explaining why the New Jersey governor hadn’t gotten a spot in the annual conference that begins today. “I’m a firm believer that if the Republican Party’s going to have success, it’s going to do so by being a conservative party and not a home for ah, for everybody,” Cardenas told reporters, according to NBC News. “You grow your tent by convincing others, and persuading others, that yours is the way … not with a watered down version of who we ought to be.”  (Does this sound like the big tent they keep talking about for the next election?)

Addressing Christie specifically, Cardenas said that, “We felt like, ah, like he didn’t deserve to be on the all-star selection, ah, and, for decisions that he made.” (Hint, he probably means incidents like this.) “So hopefully next year he’s back on the right track and being a conservative.  (Sounds like a purity test to me and they have said they have NO purity test)

Personally, I want to see the conservs have a good party and a good substantial platform….but if this dude’s thinking is the future of the party…..then you guys are so screwed!  You lost the last election and you have yet to change much on your policy stances……and you somehow think it will be better next time around?

At what point to the conservs starting trying to build that big tent?  At what point do they realize that the last election was decided by their lack of substantial policies?

On this path they will have more to whine about after the 2016 election…….please pull your asses out of your collective butts…..fresh air smells good……

I Have Had Enough Of These Morons!

It is inevitable that I have this conversation when people learn that I fought in Vietnam……..someone always says we could have won that war if we were allowed to, right Chuk?  My first question to them is, “were you there”…..and almost everytime it is no…….and then I reply….then your opinion means NOTHING!

I bet you are wondering why I bring this up now?

To answer your question….I was reading Raw Story and came upon this piece of crap……

Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) on Thursday asserted that the U.S. war in “Vietnam was winnable, but people in Washington decided we would not win it!”

“One of the things that we’ve heard over and over again since Vietnam is, you know, we don’t want to get in another un-winnable war like Vietnam,” Gohmert told the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). “I’m not going to debate the merits of whether we should or should not have gone to Vietnam, but what I will tell you is, Vietnam was winnable, but people in Washington decided we would not win it!”

“Folks, when you hear people talk about the lesson of Vietnam, it ought to be this: You don’t send American men or women to to harm’s way unless you’re going to give them the authority and what they need to win and then bring them home!”

This person is a MORON!  The American soldier did everything he was ordered to do in Vietnam…….we were fighting troops that would take a French 75 apart put it on bikes and walk them across mountains, reassemble and use……..we are talking about troops that would tie tree tops together on the Ho Chi Minh trail to form a tunnel to keep aircraft from spotting them……we were fighting troops that had 75 miles of tunnels that included R&r centers, hospitals, mess halls and ammo storage………we were fighting troops that would repair the Trail after b-52 runs in less than 24 hours…..we were fighting a committed enemy….and any moron that says different is lying!

And anyone especially someone that is suppose to be a statesman that makes comments like Gohmert is a worthless lump of crap!   And anyone who believes his crap is a stupid lump of crap who NEVER served but has all the answers….and that makes him less than worthless!

You may pass on to Mr. Gohmert what I think of him…..I WILL!

Slaughter The Sacred Cows

Soon, March 14-16,  the start of the annual meeting of our conserv friends…..the CPAC…….and this year their slogan is “New Challenges, Timeless Principles”.   A March first was the kicking in of the sequestration that we have all heard so much about in the media……talking head after talking head has given their take on what it is, what will happen and who will be at fault……by now you, my reader, have formed your opinion with the help of your favorite talking head and I would wager that you would defend your opinion to the end……but I feel that I need to point out a few things that may have been overlooked…….

What is the time worn principles that the conservs in Congress have stood by for decades now?  (pause here for reflection)……..

First, tax cuts, not tax increases are the only way to save the economy and second, the military-industrial complex was sacred and not to be cut less we weaken our national defense and security……am I right?

The problem is that they abandoned their principle of no tax increases in the fiscal cliff debacle…..of course they could argue that it was not an increase but just letting Bush tax cuts expire……but call it what you may….it was a tax increase.

Then there is the sanctity of the defense spending…..but voila!  Now that the sequestration (who gives a damn whose idea it was?) kicking in there will be heavy cuts in defense spending…..and there is no better way to defend this……they would not come to any agreement and now the DOD will be hit and hit hard.

So, two of the sacred pillars of conservatism have been slaughtered in the name of partisan crap………I find it a bit silly to say that they are timeless principles…….principles that have been sacrificed on the alter of politics.

Let’s not forget the small government plank……..I mean look at the massive bureaucracy that GW created and he was a conserv….we could always try to defend it and say that 9/11 had something to do with the expansion…..but an expansion is an expansion….just another sacred cow that the GOP has slaughtered.

I guess conservs will try to salvage what they can by signing on to some damn silly immigration bill that they can use as one liners during the next round of elections in 2014.  But sorry sports fans……too late…..they have compromised their principles…..what’s next?

I am sure that tax cuts will still be on the agenda…..but their argument that cuts will create jobs is not playing well…..the working stiff, middle class if you will have seen their pay decline almost yearly for 20 years and corporations making billions by using those job creating tax cuts……if the GOP wants to win ever again they must find a way to connect with the middle class and I do not believe they can sell the tax cut con much longer…….

Of there is more!  The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA)……….this was a game.  The House voted on a bill that they knew that they could not get past the Senate and then this deal was hammered out and passed…….and will be signed.  The finally vote was not at all unanimous…..but when asked during interviews they can say that they voted for the VAWA……which will be a deception……true they voted for the one that could not get passed in the Senate…..just a game to try and not alienate women voters……keep an eye on this for 2014 it will be a talking point.

Addendum:  My point was proven…..on Saturday a GOP rep from Virginia was asked why he voted against VAWA and his response was….”I voted for the House version but their was a constitutional question on the final version……”  He then went on to say that he voted in favor of it twice……and that is how the game is played.