Those Damn “Variants”

The news is always about the Covid beast that is ravaging the planet….and now there are variants to the virus…..

The pandemic news is good and bad……

Good in the sense that the numbers of infections and deaths is falling…..

Bad in the sense that variants of the Covid virus is making its presence known…..

But what does that mean?

Vaccine rollout in the United States has been undeniably slow. And while we wait, worrisome new coronavirus variants are emerging, heightening the urgency to control the pandemic. Some variants, including ones first identified in Brazil, South Africa and the United Kingdom, have mutations that help the coronavirus evade parts of the immune system, raising the specter that some people might face a second round of COVID-19.

All of this can make it feel like the pandemic has come full circle and that we are back where we started. But even in the face of potential reinfections, the world has a tool at its disposal that didn’t exist a year ago: effective vaccines.

Shots from Pfizer and Moderna have been authorized in the United States since December 2020. Vaccines developed by Novavax and Johnson & Johnson recently announced promising results (SN: 1/28/21; SN: 1/29/21). On February 4, Johnson & Johnson became the third company to apply for emergency use authorization in the United States for its COVID-19 vaccine.

How coronavirus variants may drive reinfection and shape vaccination efforts

This is not very encouraging at this time.



2 thoughts on “Those Damn “Variants”

  1. The ‘Kent Variant’ that has caused issues here is one that makes the virus more easily transmissible. They are surmising that it came here from Europe, via Channel ports in Kent.
    It has become what they are calling ‘the dominant strain’.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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