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Soon the doors to polling stations will be thrown open and some of us will head in to cast our cherished vote…..I think most voters know all they need to know about Donald the Orange….but what do they know about his opponent, Joe Biden other than he was VP under Obama?

Is that enough?

What is his stand on foreign policy or taxes or trade or criminal justice on and on…..?

This is my attempt to help those few people that are struggling with their vote…..hopefully this will help them in some small way….

These are previous posts on IST about the Biden agenda….

Since trade was a big issue in 2016 and Trump probably won because of his stands….let’s look at Biden’s…..

Trade policy, however, plays no big role in Biden’s campaign and economic plan. So what can we expect in US trade policy under a President Biden? On the one hand, it can be assumed that he would reverse some of Trump’s shifts in trade policy. First, even if Biden would not just rejoin the TPP as it was signed, he promised to renegotiate the deal to improve labor and environmental standards and counter-balance China. Second, it is likely that a Biden administration would drop imposed tariffs against allies such as the European Union (EU). To what extent a Biden administration would push forward a trade deal with the EU is hard to predict. While Biden highlights in his campaign that he plans to ‘lead the democratic world’, trade policy is no priority for him.

Opinion – Bidenomics: US Trade Policy under a Biden Presidency

Let’s move on…..

The Center For American Progress has offered up a plan for Biden in National Security…..

If Biden wins will he step up and do what is needed for the country and our issues?  Or will he just be a repeat of the Obama years and the wars…

Joe Biden might be elected president next week. What would that mean for U.S. foreign policy? President Donald Trump’s failings are many and obvious. Unfortunately, Biden’s assumptions and plans, though different, are equally flawed.

Almost certainly there would be more pervasive intervention, ceaseless meddling, self-serving demands, economic sanctions, deadly drones, intermittent bombing, continuing occupation, and endless war. More lives and wealth wasted. More foreign societies ruined. More world problems created and seeds of future crises planted. Rather like the last two decades.

President Joe Biden Plans a World of Endless Intervention and Probably War

Be Smart!

Learn Stuff!


I Read, I Write, You Know

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6 thoughts on “Biden Stuff

  1. I think the first thing Biden should do is get a damned good diplomatic team up and running and not leave it to chance and have posts hanging in the air for weeks or months like Dump did. They’re gonna have a lot of damage control to work through, anyway, so get the best to staff our embassies and get back into the world’s good graces. That might be a start at staving off stupidity.

    As far as the wars and stuff goes, I wish I understood why there was meddling and whatnot going on. There’s the big stuff and then there are these little skirmishes. I hate the idea of drone strikes and nobody on the ground. I don’t like dead soldiers, either, but I also hate reading blurbs that say “collateral damage” all the time and they rarely get the targets because of faulty or old intel.

    Better intelligence on the ground, more diplomats and better ones around the world, and great foreign policy advisors to help create a better foreign policy… and put out the dumpster fire at the same time.

      1. If anything, it would remind folks that he might not know everything, but he’s not gonna pretend he does, either, and will govern with smart assistance and through careful thought, not by tweet and battle-royale style antics.

  2. From what I have seen of Biden lately, it seems unlikely he will last the full four years. He doesn’t seem ‘right’, so it might end up being more relevant to wonder what Harris will do if she ends up in charge.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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