Biden’s Foreign Policy

As long as you are sheltering at home…..why not start learning about the candidate/s?

Well sports fans looks like Biden will get the nod for the Dem nomination……he needs to thank the media for pushing his old ass across the finish line.

I am a foreign policy wonk so I would like to look into the policies of Biden……and after years of watching him his are not all that special.

When former Vice President Joe Biden presented his vision for “rescuing” U.S. foreign policy in Foreign Affairs, his grim performance in the early election contests suggested he would never get the chance to put his ideas into practice. But now that Super Tuesday has propelled his candidacy to frontrunner status, it’s time to take a second look at what Biden is proposing.

Biden offers a proudly restorationist foreign policy. His main pitch is to bring back U.S. global “leadership” after its supposed Trumpian aberration, rather than to deliver what the American people  need and increasingly demand: a clean break from decades of policy failure, to which Biden himself has contributed.

One would expect Biden to defend the overall foreign policy record of the administration in which he served as vice president. Yet one might also expect him to tell voters a few ways in which he intends to do things differently. Biden declines to do so. His essay ignores the debacles of the Obama administration, if he recognizes them as such.

Biden does not reference the chaos in Libya to which the administration contributed by bombing the country and prolonging its civil war, still raging to this day. He says nothing about how the administration armed unaccountable, allegedly moderate Syrian fighters for years, compounding the country’s humanitarian nightmare. He does not acknowledge U.S. complicity in the 2009 military coup in Honduras that destabilized the country and sent thousands fleeing as refugees. To the contrary, Biden boasts of his success in helping to secure “a $750 million aid program to back up commitments from the leaders of El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras to take on the corruption, violence, and endemic poverty driving people to leave their homes there.”

Why Joe Biden’s foreign policy vision isn’t so visionary

For years Biden has misled the public on his foreign policy bona fides……3 major lies….his Iraq war vote, the Osama Raid and his Afghan vote……

Former vice president Joe Biden has spun his foreign policy bona fides for the better part of two decades in order to make them fit with the political zeitgeist. Now, as he nears the Democratic nomination, it’s time for the media to take a closer look.

With that in mind, here are three of Biden’s most outrageous distortions of his national security record.

3 Tallest Biden Tales on Foreign Policy

His lack of showing any responsibility for Obama’s screw ups takes him off the ballot for me….plus his constant misspeaking on foreign policies……

But think about something the American Conservative brought to light…..Biden’s foreign policy help give us Trump……

For anyone who wants nothing more than to return this country to the status quo ante Trump, Biden might make for an acceptable candidate. He is, after all, a consummate political insider. He knows his lines and he recites them (or reads them off a teleprompter) with apparent conviction. Unlike Trump, he at least sounds presidential. Yet Biden is also a card-carrying member of the political establishment whose myriad failures vaulted Trump into the White House in the first place.

If elected, Biden can be counted on to take the country back to where it was before Trump showed up to spoil the party. My progressive friends are unhappy with that prospect. So should conservatives be as well.

Joe Biden’s Foreign Policy Gave Us Donald Trump

Time to start looking for an alternate candidate……

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6 thoughts on “Biden’s Foreign Policy

  1. I read about someone here calling him ‘Obama 2’. The old policies of Obama are all he really knows, but he doesn’t have the same presence and character to make them acceptable to the American public after all this time.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. His foreign policy is pretty fucking terrible. Support for Iraq War, overthrow of Libya, sanctions on Iran. Even though he ostensibly supports the Obama administration’s deal with Iran he won’t commit to lifting the sanctions that Trump placed on them?! How does that make any sense?

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