30 Days And Counting

Actually 29 days….but who is caring?

November 3rd is so close you can almost smell the desperation of some candidates….and that got me to thinking…..in these days of uber divisiveness and the lack of knowledge about how Civics work especially how the elections work….I thought I would do what I do best…..EDUCATE!

How many know how the system works?

That would be the election system.

Please put your hands down…..I thought about a lengthy dissertation on our voting process but then I had to laugh…..no one would read it for most think they have all the answers…..so instead I decided to dumb it down to the level of a 5th grader…..teach with infographics.


Then the vote and the Electoral College…..I personally would like to see this dinosaur scraped in favor of the popular vote…..but that is for another post.

Just how does the EC actually work?

Once again I will dumb it down to an inforgraph……

Click to access Electoral-College-Kids-Discover-1ttmyti.pdf

WE are hearing a lot about Red and Blue states….but how does that decide the election (via the EC)…..and again with the dumbing down of Civics……

The new Snake Chart from FiveThirtyEight

In recent years two presidents can thank their lucky stars for the EC….and both were from the GOP…..Bush and Trump…..so do not look for reform from the GOP it is about the only hope they have these days…..short of voter suppression…..and that is another post altogether.

This is how it works……any questions?

Learn Stuff!

Then VOTE!

I read, I write, You Know

“lego ergo scribo”

12 thoughts on “30 Days And Counting

  1. It’s sad they don’t teach this stuff nearly enough in school. The idea of the EC isn’t awful, the concept is sound as a check/balance against fraud, etc. The execution of the EC, as in “winner take all”, is outdated in modern society and reinforces the two party system. An EC where votes are allocated based on popular vote is a more modern and fair system that doesn’t get rid of the EC all together. I wonder how the GOP would fair in an allocated by popular vote electoral vote system? LOL

    1. Civics as a whole needs to be revived and taught in all grades…maybe people would understand their actions cause problems. chuq

  2. I reblogged this on that bastion of ignorance and misinformation, Facebook, on the chance some of the pumpkinheads choose to become smarter. Excellent post, chuq!

  3. The graph is missing the part where the party does its best to rig the primary process in favor of their establishment favorite candidate.

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