Do We Need Religion?

The weekend and I thought maybe a little debate would be good for the soul….

Before we start…please this is a debate…..if you cannot logically and rationally state a case then move on…..

I read a piece in a journal entitle “Public Discourse”…..and I would like to hear opinions from my readers…..please read the article before going off on some mindless rant……

A great irony of the Jewish and Christian faith traditions: One must be willing to accept suffering and sacrifice for a greater purpose that transcends one’s particular material and sensual needs and desires. Counter-intuitively, it is these transcendent qualities of faith that eschew utilitarian aims for a greater purpose that create the circumstances for greater material well-being.

“Too much religion is bad for a country,” asserts Max Boot in a recent Washington Post op-ed. Boot cites a number of indicators—average GDP per capita, unemployment rates, poverty rates, homicide rates, life expectancy, infant mortality, education, and degree of political liberties—that suggest that “less religious nations are much better off.” Indeed, Australia, Sweden, Belgium, the United Kingdom, and Japan, some of the least religious nations in the world, rank best in the aforementioned categories, while many of the most religious nations in the world (the Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Pakistan, Thailand, India, Nigeria) are among the worst. America represents a unique case in this regard, being both wealthy and developed, but more religious than her Western counterparts. Would she be better off if her religious practice were to decline to levels found elsewhere in the developed world?

Would America Be Better Off without Religion?


I do not think it must be front and center of society… is a personal decision and should remain just that…..personal…..but I will say I do not think organized religion has done society any favors of the centuries from the past.

But here are a few things about religion and government….

The separation of church and state has come under scrutiny again this summer after the Supreme Court sided with religious conservatives in a series of rulings. One of the rulings allows states to fund religious schools indirectly, while another protects religious schools from federal employment discrimination lawsuits.

Americans have been debating where to draw the line between religion and government since the country’s founding. And even as the percentage of religiously unaffiliated Americans rises, church and state remain intertwined in many ways – often with the public’s support.

Here are eight facts about the connections between religion and government in the United States, based on previously published Pew Research Center analyses.

8 facts about religion and government in the United States

I believe it is time for true Christians to take back their religion from those extremists that only use it to further their agenda.

Right-wing extremists continue to promulgate falsehoods about religion in American society. Their claim that the United States was founded as a Christian nation is easily refuted by noting that the word “Christian” does not appear in any of the founding documents. The First Amendment unequivocally prohibits the government from the establishment of any state-endorsed religion. John Adams reaffirmed this succinctly in 1796 in the Treaty of Tripoli: “The Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion.”

Nonetheless, the fearmongers of Fox News and other right-wing propaganda outlets continue to peddle hate, suspicion and exhortations to violence to stand against the infamous, but nonexistent, “War on Christianity.” Christianity is dying in America as a result of the internal corruption, hypocrisy and deceit of those who claim to be the stalwarts protecting their faith.

“Everybody wants to go to Heaven but no one wants to die”

Your thoughts?

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9 thoughts on “Do We Need Religion?

  1. Religion has brought more evil and suffering on mankind than anything else I can think of. It has killed more people than all the wars and plagues, and continues to divide nations, and the world. I certainly have no need of religion, in any form.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. I’m a militant agnostic; I’m absolutely convinced that I have no idea what may or may not “lie beyond. I’d like to extend some benefit of the doubt for the charitable works that religion has accomplished……but the fact remains that religion has been behind most of the strife throughout human history.

    I don’t care a whit what any person wants to worship, as long as it does not get codified into law, sans secular value.

  3. The problem with religion of any sort is that it requires humans to believe… and humans are totally fallible to their own instincts, which is the whole idea of religion to begin with… assigning guilt for our human excesses. As you pointed out, religion is simply another way for man to subjugate his fellow man, either physically or mentally and history has proven that many times over. We judge those that do not think like us… dress like us… or worship from the same “guidebook”. Everyone assumes what “they” believe is the way it is, the way it always has been, and the way it should be going into the future. The idea of accepting the diverseness of human beliefs is then surrendering to the idea that what you believe is not the only belief nor should it be. That in itself runs contrary to religious devotion to a singular belief. After all, the reason you believe the way you do is because you feel it’s the only “true” belief. The inducement to act according to pretty much any religion is built around the idea that once you die your soul enters into a more.. “pleasant” level of eternal existence if you follow the spiritual road to get there. To willingly accept a human world of diverse beliefs means that you are accepting the many roads to essentially get to the same heavenly place… when in fact you don’t because you believe your road is the only road accepted by your deity… the only true deity… and everyone else is flat out wrong. It’s no wonder history is filled with “holy” wars.
    We like to present religion as being personal in nature. I actually promote that religion SHOULD be personal but it’s not in the least. Most religions “require” some level of spreading to the world the message to draw in more believers. That’s hardly keeping religion personal. To spread your word for the goal of universal acceptance means you are saying the other guy’s word is not correct. The outward wearing of religious images, icons, forms of dress, celebrations of holidays, etc. is hardly keeping religion personal.
    So it’s not a stretch to presume that any selected form of government will hold to basic religious precepts of the majority. Government and religion do not exist in separate vacuums.

  4. The United States has never been a Christian nation; it has been a “Christian” nation. There is a tremendous gulf between Christian and “Christian”. An example of this is the “Christian” right, which violates just about every principal of The Beatitudes of Jesus Christ.
    Yes, we desperately need the example of Christianity in The United States. We do not need it to be mandated or dictated within our laws. Christianity is a choice. Christianity is an alternative lifestyle.

  5. Religion these days is becoming a cage, People in Religion are caged mind and it’s very hard to deal with them. They are too judgemental

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