QAnon–WTF Is QAnon?

Holy crap in the last couple of years the media has been reporting on QAnon this and QAnon that….mainly because Trump seems to have this love affair going on with this far Right group of idiots.

You see he thinks they like him and that is all it takes for praise…..

President Trump addressed the QAnon conspiracy theory for the first time Wednesday—and he offered what the Hill calls “measured praise” for supporters of a fringe group labeled a potential domestic terrorist threat by the FBI. “I don’t know much about the movement besides that they like me very much, which I appreciate,” Trump said during a White House press briefing, per Politico. He described QAnon followers as “people that don’t like seeing what’s going in places like Portland and Chicago” and added: “I heard these are people that love our country.” Trump has previously ignored questions about the conspiracy theory, Fox reports. Last week, Trump praised Marjorie Taylor Greene, who has expressed support for QAnon, after she won a GOP primary runoff in Georgia.

The Guardian reports that Trump “replied flippantly” when a reporter told him QAnon followers believe he is “secretly saving the world from this Satanic cult of pedophiles and cannibals.” “Is that supposed to be a bad thing or a good thing?” Trump said. “If I can help save the world from problems, I am willing to do it. I’m willing to put myself out there.” Analysts say the president’s remarks are likely to embolden QAnon followers. “Condemning this movement should not be difficult,” Jonathan A. Greenblatt, chief executive of the Anti-Defamation League, tells the New York Times. “It’s downright dangerous when a leader not only refuses to do so, but also wonders whether what they are doing is ‘a good thing.'”

Donald the Orange loves this group…….but what do you know about QAnon?

We hear about them every week or so but what is actually known?  Has any of the media attempted to explain what or who this group of racist extremists are?

Well if not then you may depend on the Old Professor to fill in some blanks….

QAnon is a wide-ranging, unfounded conspiracy theory that says that President Trump is waging a secret war against elite Satan-worshipping paedophiles in government, business and the media.

QAnon believers have speculated that this fight will lead to a day of reckoning where prominent people such as former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton will be arrested and executed.

That’s the basic story, but there are so many offshoots, detours and internal debates that the total list of QAnon claims is enormous – and often contradictory. Adherents draw in news events, historical facts and numerology to develop their own far-fetched conclusions.

But for this that need visuals then there is a short video…..

“I don’t know much about the movement other than I understand they like me very much, which I appreciate,” Trump said in the White House briefing room.

Is QAnon coming to your church?

It’s a rough time to be a pastor. An election year, national racial unrest and a global pandemic each challenged the usual methods of ministry. Taken together, many church leaders are facing the traditional post-vacation ingathering season with a serious case of burnout.

But there’s another challenge that pastors I spoke with say is on the rise in their flocks. It is taking on the power of a new religion that’s dividing churches and hurting Christian witness.

Mark Fugitt, senior pastor of Round Grove Baptist Church in Miller, Missouri, recently sat down to count the conspiracy theories that people in his church are sharing on Facebook. The list was long. It included claims that 5G radio waves are used for mind control; that George Floyd’s murder is a hoax; that Bill Gates is related to the devil; that masks can kill you; that the germ theory isn’t real; and that there might be something to Pizzagate after all.

“You don’t just see it once,” said Fugitt. “If there’s ever anything posted, you’ll see it five to 10 times. It’s escalating for sure.”

QAnon: The alternative religion that’s coming to your church

Now you have a good grasp at what QAnon is and what it is all about….now time to fight these toads back into the obscurity they deserve.

I Read, I Write, You Know

“lego ergo scribo”

10 thoughts on “QAnon–WTF Is QAnon?

  1. I can say with absolute certainty that the QAnon cult is a trolling operation, that has no basis in actually intelligence drops, but rather, fevered conspiracy dreams.

    No wonder the Trump crowd gravitates to it.

  2. They are a worryingly fast-growing right-wing group that have a disturbing agenda, and a parcel of lunatic fringe theories that many idiots are buying into. If they were Muslims, no doubt they would be banned as a terrorist group.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. These groups are a cancer fed by Trump and his ilk……they atre truly scary they they are sort of sanctioned by the president. chuq

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