Not One But Two!


One of the drawbacks of living on the Gulf Coast is that every year we watch the weather and hold our collective breath that the storms will miss us or better yet no storms form at all (wishful thinking)…..

Well this weekend there are not one but two storms aiming at the Coast and a third storm out in the Atlantic waiting to form into another storm….

Hurricane season is approaching its peak, with two tropical depressions expected to gain strength and affect the US coast—potentially at the same time. Tropical Depression 13 is moving west and is expected to become Tropical Storm Laura and could hit Florida Sunday or Monday. Tropical Depression 14, which is moving north, is forecast to become Tropical Storm Marco and could hit the Gulf Coast around the same time. “We could actually have Laura AND Marco sharing the Gulf of Mexico on Monday, and both making US landfalls on Monday,” says University of Miami meteorologist Brian McNoldy, per USA Today.

Tropical Depression 13, which will become a tropical storm and get a name when winds hit 39mph, has already caused storm watches to be posted for Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, the Washington Post reports. Fox notes that this has already been an exceptionally active hurricane season, and Thursday marked the start of the Aug. 20 to Oct. 10 period that has historically seen two-thirds of hurricane activity. This year, Cristobal, Danielle, Edouard, Fay, Gonzalo, Hanna, Isaias, Josephine, and Kyle became the earliest named storms on record for their letters, and Laura is expected to continue the streak. The “current Atlantic record for earliest ‘L’ storm is Luis on August 29, 1995,” Colorado State University hurricane research scientist Phil Klotzbach tweeted Thursday.



Just to make the weekend a bit better…Jimmy Buffet….

Just a note if one hits…I may be off-line for awhile but never fear I shall return….thanx for understanding.

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On my property I have several citrus trees….tangerine and satsuma and both bear fruit every year….as a matter of fact these two bear excessive amount of fruit that I must share with the neighbors and family.

Satsumas are ripen first and by the time they are exhausted then the tangerines ripen…..

This year’s crop is making me talk to myself…..first it is going to be a bumper crop (more fruit than usual)


….and then we had a wet months of June and July and then I started noticing this and it just kept getting worse and worse….



So far I have not been able to find what the problem is that would make these satsumas to split and fall from the tree.

Luckily the picking season is close and there are still many satsumas left on the tree……

Next my pepper plants are squirting peppers out at an rapid rate…..this is just one picking


Now the question is what do I do with so many peppers for there is no way that I can eat the peppers quick enough so what should I do?

Share with family?  Not big into hot peppers….what to do…..what to do?

I decided to make pepper sauce (peppers in vinegar)……an excellent addition to greens and beans…..



All those peppers are from one plant and there is many more waiting to be picked…

Just to catch my regular visitors up on the situation with the Old Professor…..

Be Well….Be Safe…..Enjoy Your Saturday

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Saturday News Round-Up

News on Covid-19, Dem Convention, Post Office and Trump….those are the headlines in the past week…..believe me when I say that there is so much more in the news than those four topics.

If we humans are to travel and live in space we need to overcome the problems of no gravity will have on our bodies…like the loss of bone mass……could be that a solution is at hand….

With funding from NASA, a team of researchers have created a negative pressure “gravity suit” to help astronauts counteract some of the dangers of spending time in microgravity.

Previous research has shown that weightlessness can lead to muscle atrophy and even lead to blood fluid pooling around and squishing their brains.

To counteract these dangers, a team of researchers built a “mobile gravity suit” that applies negative pressure to the lower extremities, shifting blood there. The idea is to generate “ground reaction force,” or the force exerted by the ground on a body in contact with it, in order to ensure that muscle and bone density aren’t affected by microgravity.

Finally the flying cars of the Jetsons are close to reality… Japan that is……

The Japanese government is pouring money into the development of flying cars with aims of commercializing the futuristic mode of transportation as soon as 2023, the Japan Times reports.

A number of flying car concepts are being developed throughout the globe, with the likes of Airbus, Boeing and Uber leading the charge.

The dream of covering smaller distances in vehicles capable of vertical take off and landing (VTOL) is very much alive — and that’s especially true in Japan.

Then there is gamma-hydroxybutyric acid (GHB)…..far out, man!

Occurring naturally in the body, gamma-hydroxybutyric acid was first synthesized in a lab in the 1960s. Although its application in medicine has always been limited, GHB has had various recreational uses. In the 1980s, health food stores marketed the compound as a dietary supplement. Then, in the ’90s, the drug found its way into American nightlife.

In small doses — mere milliliters — GHB produces feelings of relaxation and confusion and heightens sexual arousal, lending to its allure as a party drug. It can also cause amnesia and hallucinations.

While not particularly addictive, the drug has a steep dose-response relationship, meaning the difference between experiencing euphoria and losing consciousness is a matter of a few drops of the clear, viscous liquid. It is this quality of GHB that gives it the nickname “the date-rape drug,” although the compound is rarely a factor in sexual assault. Overdoses can result in coma and respiratory arrest, which to an unaccustomed observer may appear as if the affected person has only fallen asleep.

Branding is a problem for an American serrano-style ham……

Like acorn-fed Iberian ham? Well, now you can try US versions of the Spanish delicacy—a development that culinary purists are none too thrilled about, the Guardian reports. “The real problem is that we are a nation of idiots who have given away our heritage that our governments have done nothing to protect, and then the media present the people exploiting it as great innovators,” says Constantino Martínez, a ham industry consultant in Spain. “Their real game is to get access to the American market on better terms and at better prices than Spanish producers.” For those who don’t spend big bucks on ham—like up to $4,500 per leg in 2019—Insider explains that jamón Ibérico is made from black Iberian pigs, a rare breed that’s fed mostly acorns.

Then they’re hung and dry-cured for up to three years, giving them a unique acorn-inspired flavor: “Taste is nutty,” says Claudia Romeo, an Insider video producer. “It’s really nice, and especially the fat. … It’s very nice and greasy.” The two American companies, Acornseekers and Iberian Pastures, will market their product with the slightly altered names jamón ibérico americano and Ibericus meat. And Iberian Pastures will feed their pigs pecans, peanuts, and sunflower instead of acorns. That’s “not the same thing at all,” says Martínez, who argues that jamón Ibérico should be a protected denomination like champagne or Japanese wagyu. But America tends to be casual about such things; for example, it sells a homemade version of Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese by calling it parmesan.

There is NO Champagne produced in Italy and there is NO serrano made in America.

Is that not a piracy of sorts stealing the process?

Just wondering…..

Finally, Germany has issued a Law that sez you MUST walk your dog…….

Germany is bringing in a new law that aims to make unwalked dogs and lonely puppies a thing of the past. Under the “Hundeverordnung”—Dogs Act—owners will be required to walk or otherwise exercise their dogs at least twice a day, for a total time of one hour, the BBC reports. It will also be illegal to leave dogs alone all day, or leave them chained up, and puppies will be required to have human company for at least four hours a day. “Pets are not cuddly toys, their needs have to be taken into account,” says Agriculture Minister Julia Klöckner. Under the law, which is due to be introduced next year, dog breeders will be banned from looking after more than three litters at a time.

Klöckner says the law is being introduced because evidence shows many of the country’s 9.4 million dogs are not getting enough exercise, though critics say it is unrealistic, the Guardian reports. “I find it patronizing to be told how long I should take my dog out for. And who is going to check up on me?” says Berlin resident Bärbel Kleid, owner of a Yorkshire terrier called Sam. “Will the neighbour call the police if they suspect me of not taking Sam for long enough walks?” Other dog owners argue that the law shouldn’t apply to older dogs. The government says enforcement will be up to authorities in Germany’s 16 states.

Bravo to Germany!

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The Lost Colony

Saturday and what better time for a historic mystery?

Have you heard of the lost colony of Roanoke?

Over the years there has been a wealth of theories on where this group of people disappeared to….did they all die….or maybe they moved inland…..or they captured a Spanish ship and became pirates…..or the more extreme view they were taken by aliens (ET not Mexicans)……

Research over the years has offered many theories and many debates……and not to worry there is one more…..

The legend goes that the Lost Colony of Roanoke might have been the first English settlement in North America had its inhabitants not mysteriously vanished. But “they were never lost … it was made up,” researcher Scott Dawson tells the Virginian Pilot, concluding the colonists joined their indigenous friends, the Croatoans, at their village on what is now Hatteras Island, where English artifacts have been found. Mayor John White had left Roanoke in its founding year, 1587, to request more supplies of England. When he returned in 1590, he found the word “Croatoan” carved into a fence post. For some, this imparted a mystery. But for White, who was ultimately kept from Hatteras and his family by a storm and near mutiny, this was a clear sign that the colonists had joined their allies. “He knew exactly where [Croatoan] was and why they were there, and he said so” in his writings, Dawson tells the Outer Banks Voice.

The colonists had bonded with the Croatoans over their dislike of the indigenous Secotans, who’d enslaved the Croatoans shortly before the English arrived, per the Pilot. In 1586, the Croatoans had even helped the English ambush the Secotans and their chief, who was shot twice in the back. Dawson, co-founder of the Croatoan Archaeological Society and author of The Lost Colony and Hatteras Island, says a lead tablet with the impression of an Englishman shooting a Native in the back was ultimately found at Hatteras, along with evidence of the colonists’ pigs, gun barrels used to tap trees, and copper earrings turned into fishhooks. A flower-shaped clasp was also found; the 1587 expedition had been the first to include English women. Mixed families resulted and endured for generations, Dawson tells the Pilot, adding, “you’re robbing an entire nation of people of their history by pretending Croatoan is a mystery on a tree.”

Was the mystery solved in your mind?

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