He Is Just Not Qualified!

Closing thought–17Aug20

That seems to be a major theme running throughout the Trump administration…..at this point we could be talking about many within the White House

Trump has an actor from a TV show as an economic adviser….He has a family member that is his foreign policy adviser that would not recognize foreign policy if it bit him in has ass…..then there is a major donor that gets the Postal Service…….. and the list goes on and on…..

The latest unqualified person to get a seat at the big table in the White House is the newly appointed Secretary of Homeland Security, Chad Wolf……

The top two officials in the Department of Homeland Security were improperly appointed to the posts under federal law by the Trump administration, a nonpartisan congressional watchdog said Friday. The Government Accountability Office says acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolf and his acting deputy, Ken Cuccinelli, are ineligible to run the agency under the Vacancy Reform Act, per the AP. GAO said it has asked the DHS inspector general to review the situation and determine if the violation affects decisions they have taken at a time when Homeland Security has been at the forefront of key administration initiatives on immigration and law enforcement. Both men should resign, said the Democratic chairs of the House Committee on Homeland Security and the House Committee on Oversight and Reform.

“GAO’s damning opinion paints a disturbing picture of the Trump Administration playing fast and loose by bypassing the Senate confirmation process to install ideologues,” Reps. Bennie Thompson and Carolyn Maloney said in a statement. DHS had no immediate comment. The GAO analysis traces the violation back to a tumultuous period at DHS in 2019 when Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen resigned. It found that she was improperly replaced by Kevin McAleenan under the rules governing succession in federal agencies. McAleenan altered the rules of succession after he was subsequently removed, but GAO’s legal analysis concluded that the later appointments of Wolf and Cuccinelli were invalid. DHS is the third-largest Cabinet agency, with about 240,000 employees.


The only qualification one needs to be part of the Trump White House is to be an ass kisser and a yes man…

And now you know why our standing in the world sucks so bad….we have NO ONE capable of putting this country on the right path….or even to return it to it’s former self.

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A Look Before Conventions!

I have given you a look at the Dem convention……

A look at the standings in the polls before the conventions get kicked off first the Democrats then the Repubs…….

How is Trump doing against Biden…..do tell…do tell…..

With the Democratic convention this week and the Republican convention next week, Election 2020 is about to enter crunch time. Three new polls show that Joe Biden still leads President Trump, though one of those polls in particular shows the race tightening substantially. Details:

  • Tighter: The network Trump loves to hate has good news for the president. A new CNN poll shows Biden and Kamala Harris up 50% to 46% over Trump and Mike Pence among registered voters, which is within the margin of error. That’s a big decline from Biden’s 14-point lead in June in the same poll. What’s more, Biden is up just 49% to 48% in 15 battleground states, and Biden’s 9-point lead among independents in June has vanished.
  • A bigger lead: While CNN has Biden up just 4 points, a new Washington PostABC News poll shows him ahead by double digits among registered voters, 53% to 41%. That’s down from a 15-point lead last month but up from 10 points in May. For context, the Post notes that only 2 points separated them in late March. ABC points out that the percentage of Biden supporters who are enthusiastic is up to 48% from 28% in March. But Trump still has Biden beat in that category, with his figure at 65%.
  • A ‘warning’ for Dems: A new Wall Street JournalNBC News poll has Biden up 50% to 41% among registered voters, the same as last month. More than half of Biden supporters, 58%, say their vote is more anti-Trump than pro-Biden, which could be a troubling sign on enthusiasm for Democrats. And the Journal notes that while Biden’s positive rating rose 5 points, it’s still a lackluster 39%. “This poll is a warning for Democrats and the Biden team that there is still a lot of work to be done,” says Democratic pollster Peter Hart, who worked on the survey.
  • Overall: The Real Clear Politics average has Biden up 7.5 points, down from 10 earlier in the summer.
  • Big picture: In an analysis at Politico, Steven Shepard assesses the numbers (including the CNN survey). “While Biden’s lead has shrunk modestly, Trump has not yet closed the gap enough to markedly improve his underdog odds of winning reelection,” he writes. “Any advantage he holds on the states that make up an Electoral College majority—which allowed him to win the presidency four years ago despite receiving 2.9 million fewer votes than Hillary Clinton—is insufficient to overcome his current deficit.”

Keep in mind just how pathetically wrong the polls were in 2016…..take these findings with that grain salt…..

Learn Stuff!


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2020 Democratic (Virtual) Convention

It is that time again….the season of the political conventions……and today is the first for 2020 and it will be the Democrats…..keeping with the social distancing thing because of the Covid-19 it will be a virtual convention…..

For those that are interested in hearing what the politicians have to say….I have a rundown for you…..

A political convention unlike any that came before—thanks to the pandemic—begins Monday night. The Democratic event to formally nominate Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will run 9pm to 11pm Monday through Thursday. Some details:

  • Watching: You can watch it in full via the official stream on YouTube or via the convention website. ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox News will carry it from 10 to 11 each night, while C-SPAN, CNN, MSNBC, and PBS will run the full event, per the New York Times. Streams also are available via Apple TV, Roku, and Amazon Fire TV (search “2020 DNC”) and via Amazon Prime Video (“DNC”).\
  • Monday night: Michelle Obama, Bernie Sanders, Amy Klobuchar, and a Republican—former Ohio Gov. John Kasich—are among the names on the speaking roster. Also: Sen. Catherine Cortez Masto, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, Rep. Jim Clyburn, Convention Chairman Rep. Bennie Thompson, Rep. Gwen Moore, and Sen. Doug Jones.
  • Key demographic: Kasich is on the docket to appeal to Republicans unhappy with President Trump who might consider voting Democratic this year, explains USA Today.
  • Key question: What will Bernie say? The Vermont senator will have to walk a tricky line between keeping his base firmly behind Biden while speaking about his more progressive policies, per CNN. The consensus is that he will make the case that the issue of paramount importance is getting Trump out of office, and the policy fights can happen later.
  • Logistics: The convention will have “hubs” in New York, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, and in the Biden home of Wilmington, Del. Emcees from Los Angeles will lead the programming, and speakers will be in different parts of the country.

I wish I could get excited  for this election but so far it has been a yawn……maybe something will break out of the Convention that will get me in the mood for voting for a Democrat…..

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The Views About Kamala

Biden’s pick for VP has a wealth of views on her and her issues……let’s start with Donald the Orange…..of course it is some sort of birtherism….something he is known for in the past…..

“I heard it today that she doesn’t meet the requirements. I have no idea if that’s right.” That’s what President Trump had to say Thursday when asked about the racist conspiracy theory that Kamala Harris is ineligible for the vice presidency. He continued, per NPR, “I would have assumed that the Democrats would have checked that out before she gets chosen to run for vice president.” The conspiracy theory has made the rounds since Harris announced her run for president last year, and is making headlines again thanks to this column. But, as the AP and other media outlets note, there is zero credence to the idea; as Harris’ birth certificate shows, she was born in Oakland, California, near the city of Berkeley, where her mom (who is from India) and her dad (who is from Jamaica) met as graduate students.

Some have falsely claimed, on social media and elsewhere, that Harris would be ineligible to serve as president due to the fact that her parents were immigrants. “I can’t believe people are making this idiotic comment,” one expert told the AP last year. “She is a natural-born citizen and there is no question about her eligibility.” After Trump, who was also a driving force behind the “birther” conspiracy theory that plagued Barack Obama, made his comments about Harris, Joe Biden’s team was quick to respond. Trump is “the national leader of the grotesque, racist birther movement with respect to President Obama and has sought to fuel racism and tear our nation apart on every single day of his presidency,” says a campaign rep. “This is what racism sounds like,” adds a senior adviser.

Another cheap shot from a toad that is king of the cheap shots.

Does anyone remember back to the Dark Ages of 2019…..Biden had some accusations of improper conduct leveled at him….and Harris stated that she believed these women…..

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) said Tuesday that she believes women who say they felt uncomfortable after receiving unwanted touching from former Vice President Joe Biden.

“I believe them and I respect them being able to tell their story and having the courage to do it,” Harris said at a presidential campaign event in Nevada.


I am not a fan of Harris….she is a pro-business centrists that will do little to change the social upheaval we are experiencing…..

With the selection of Kamala Harris to be the running mate of Joe Biden, the framework of the 2020 elections has been set. As was to be expected, the Democrats have chosen the most right-wing candidates to run the most right-wing campaign possible.

There is a certain inevitability to the choice of Harris. In July of last year, the World Socialist Web Site—based on a survey of who would be the worst, most reactionary and at the same time most suitable choice for second spot on the Democratic Party ticket—predicted that Harris would most likely be named the vice presidential candidate if she failed to win the nomination. She had all the ruthlessness, narcissism and careerism requisite for the job, plus the ethnic background to suit the Democrats’ obsession with racial and gender identity.

Kamala Harris is a dyed-in-the wool political reactionary.


Harris is the perfect candidate to explain the real path of the Democrats…..

Kamala Harris might be the perfect lens to reveal who the Democrats really are.  A good run-down on her track record highlights her assertion that “It is not progressive to be soft on crime.”  As a San Francisco social worker, I sat on the school district committee that met with families of chronically truant students.  Once, when we asked a student why he didn’t go to school, he said there was too much police tape and shootings at his school bus stop.  Harris, as CA Attorney General, was putting parents/caregivers in jail if their child was chronically truant.  Also as Attorney General, she denied a DNA test to Kevin Cooper, a very likely innocent man who came within hours of execution in 2004.  Such positions certainly furthered her political career as a tough-on-crime, prosecution-friendly politician, as well as garner political and financial support from police and prison guards.

Kamala Harris? Really? Desperate Times, Desperate Measures

Harris denounces Trump’s “endless wars” but offers no specific plans to end them. During her presidential primary campaign, she failed to commit to withdrawing all US troops from Afghanistan, even by the end of a first term in 2024.

Is Kamala Harris a Hawk?

Harris ticks all the boxes….centrist…..pro-business…..war hawk…..law and order…..black….female…..perfect!

We all have heard of  Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS)…(not to be confused with STD)…..this is an insult leveled at liberals for their dislike of Donald the Orange…..but then “Anybody But Trump” mentality tells me there is such a disease out there and the Dems are ate up with it.

The choice this election are slim to nothing……Biden or Trump….hold your nose and vote for Tweedle  Dumb or Tweedle Dumber…..neither one is acceptable to me…..

For kindness sake, one of them, Joe Biden, should be put back out to pasture; for the sake of justice, the other, Trump, should be put behind bars.

Trump and Biden, Two Ignoble Minds Here O’erthrown

Neither Biden nor Harris ticks any boxes for me with the exception is they are not Trump or Pence……is that enough for my vote?

That is a decision I will make in the coming days…..are my principles more important that a dislike of Trump?

For God Sake….Learn Stuff!

For God Sake…..VOTE!

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There Is A Middle East Deal

Trump announced yesterday that there is a deal between the UAE and Israel that effects all parties in the conflict….here it is…..

President Trump said Thursday that the United Arab Emirates and Israel have agreed to establish full diplomatic ties—part of a deal to halt the annexation of occupied land sought by the Palestinians for their future state, per the AP. The announcement makes the UAE the first Gulf Arab state and only the third Arab nation to have active diplomatic ties to Israel. Trump, who helped broker the deal, per Reuters, tweeted a statement from the countries. He then told reporters in the Oval Office that it was “a truly historic moment,” adding, “now that the ice has been broken I expect more Arab and Muslim countries will follow the United Arab Emirates.” The recognition grants a rare diplomatic win to Trump ahead of the election, as his efforts to end to the war in Afghanistan have yet to come to fruition while efforts to bring peace between Israel and the Palestinians have stalled.

  • For Israel, the announcement comes after years of boasting by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that his government enjoys closer ties to Arab nations than publicly acknowledged. Netanyahu has sought to build settlements on lands sought by the Palestinians and embraced a Trump proposal that would allow him to annex large parts of the occupied West Bank while granting Palestinians limited autonomy in other areas.
  • For the UAE, home to skyscraper-studded Dubai and the rolling, oil-rich sand dunes of Abu Dhabi, it further burnishes its international campaign to be seen as a beacon of tolerance in the Middle East despite being governed by autocratic rulers. It also puts the UAE out first in a regional recognition race among neighboring Gulf Arab states.
  • For the Palestinians, who long have relied on Arab backing in their struggle for independence, the announcement marked both a win and setback. While Thursday’s deal halts Israeli annexation plans, the Palestinians have repeatedly urged Arab governments not to normalize relations with Israel until a peace agreement establishing an independent Palestinian state is reached.

The only state that benefits is Israel.

UAE has broken with the prevailing policies…..

The deal should be seen in the context of over three years of Trump administration policies that have tightened Israel’s grip on the Palestinians: moving the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, recognizing the Golan Heights as Israeli territory, and creating a so-called peace plan with no Palestinian participation or input. While no US administration has successfully brokered a resolution to Israel’s now 53-year-long occupation, the Trump years have been especially detrimental to the Palestinian cause. Palestinian leader Hanan Ashrawi wrote on Twitter that with this deal, “Israel got rewarded for not declaring openly what it’s been doing to Palestine illegally and persistently since the beginning of the occupation.” Indeed, with Donald Trump at the helm and son-in-law Jared Kushner as the primary strategist, even concessions for Palestinians have been done away with. To add insult to injury, while the deal had been couched in terms of a commitment by Israel to suspend annexation of Palestinian territories, in his Israeli press conference announcing the deal, Netanyahu said annexation was “still on the table” and that it was something he is “committed to.”

Among the most brutal aspects of this period for Palestinians have been the loss of support for their cause in neighboring Arab states. The Arab political party in Israel, Balad, said that by signing this pact, “the UAE has officially joined Israel against Palestine, and placed itself in the camp of the enemies of the Palestinian people.”

Don’t Be Hoodwinked by Trump’s UAE-Israel ‘Peace Deal’

Al this did was cease illegal destruction to Palestinian property that will only be a “pause” and not the end of the illegal activities of the Israelis.

I have seen where some think this is a success for the Trump maybe his first success in over 3 years. 


Who really benefits from this deal?

Only Israel and UAE…Palestinians are screwed as they always are…..the policies that keeps Palestinians down remain in place……and now the UAE is partner to all the human rights violations of Israel.

Then there is the true winners of this so-called “Deal”……M-IC!

With US officials hyping the historic Israel-UAE peace deal, experts say it could easily lead to a surge in US arms sales to the UAE, as it will open up more willingness to sign off on such deals.

Which isn’t to say that the US doesn’t already sell a substantial amount of arms to the UAE as it is. Congress questions such moves, however, and has even tried to block them on some occasions over Yemen war crimes.

And while that’s never been an obstacle for the administration, Congress may find the environment has changed, especially if Israel is suddenly inclined to go to bat for them in lobbying efforts, something Trump will likely emphasize.

The most controversial arms sales are usually the priciest, and the UAE is often in line to buy the newest, most expensive US arms. Being buddy buddy with Israel has been shown by nations like Egypt to work in the past, and may well help with deals here.

As usual it is more about PROFITS than anything else!

Where is this a success?

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