2020 Not Looking Good

For Trump that is……

Donald the Orange keeps talking and with his open mouth his poll numbers slide……and Biden peasants dance.

Democratic and liberal aligned groups have put out 17 House polls taken in April or later. Republican aligned groups have put out 0. That’s a very bad ratio for Republicans.
Interestingly, Republicans were the ones dominating the polling landscape in the first quarter of the year. From January through March, Republican and conservative groups released 10 polls compared with the Democrats’ 2.
The April turning point lines up well with when the coronavirus pandemic became the headline story of the year. It’s when President Donald Trump’s approval rating started an almost continuous decline that remains unabated.
More on the Trump GOP……
Remember when they moved the convention from North Carolina to Jacksonville?
And then the humiliation the campaign had in Tulsa with a promoted millions wanting tickets to less than 7,000 that showed up…it was embarrassing and Trump was livid.
There is reports that the Jacksonville event may be an embarrassment as well so Trump is considering cancelling the convention to avoid more humiliation…

To console himself, Trump still has moments of magical thinking. “He says the polls are all fake,” a Republican in touch with Trump told me. But the bad news keeps coming. This week, Jacksonville, Florida—where Trump moved the Republican National Convention so he could hold a 15,000-person rally next month—mandated that people wear masks indoors to slow the explosion of COVID-19 casesAccording to a Republican working on the convention, the campaign is now preparing to cancel the event so that Trump doesn’t suffer another Tulsa–like humiliation. “They probably won’t have it,” the source said. “It’s not going to be the soft landing Trump wanted.”

With the coronavirus raging through Florida, a one-third capacity turnout would have been a big number for Trump’s acceptance speech. Trump’s rallies have long been used as an ego-boosting tool, and now that his own incompetence has taken them away, Donald Trump has nowhere to get his cult leader fix.

Trump To Cancel Jacksonville Convention To Avoid Being Humiliated

But keep in mind that polls are worthless…they bare solely a snap shot for the day.

I Read, I Write, You Know

“lego ergo scribo”

8 thoughts on “2020 Not Looking Good

  1. It is the best of times, and it is the worst of times, both at the same time.

    We are locking up the entire USA for 100K deaths, but 250 to 700K deaths EVERY YEAR is ignored, denied, suppressed, and no one is locked up for that genocide..

    Big Pharma Monopoly Kills Estimated 250-700K People A Year Due To Hyper Focus On Profits, Not Health And Safety Of People – Why Are Safe And Effective, Non Toxic, Free Or Low Cost Natural Modalities Being Suppressed And Denied? Death By Medicine Full Movie Why Is Prevention Only 1 Percent Of Medical Monopoly Budget?

  2. Hmmmm, maybe 2020 will start looking up after all. One would hope the American public wouldn’t just overlook hundreds of thousands of dead…but then again, I have yet to underestimate people’s stupidity and fanaticism.

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