Closing Thought–13Aug20

I friend of mine has been doing research for a paper she is writing on sex scandals through history…..I thought that might interest my readers as well as I know I have many that are history buffs.

Let’s begin with ancient history sex scandals that you may not be aware of…….

For this first entry we travel back to ancient Rome to look at a scandal that took place in the home of Julius Caesar, although it mainly concerned his wife, Pompeia.

Back then, there was a winter festival called Bona Dea where the rites were performed exclusively by women. In fact, men were not allowed to attend or even know of what happened during that sacred ceremony. Each year, the festival was hosted in the house of one of the senior magistrates and it was considered a great honor. In 62 BC, the ceremony took place in the home of Julius Caesar who, at the time, held the position of pontifex maximus. As was tradition, Caesar and all his male servants left for the day while his wife, Pompeia, and his mother, Aurelia, oversaw the festivities with the help of the Vestal Virgins.

Yes our ancestors had their “randy” moments….but what about our nation and its fearless leaders?  For more on their sexcapades…..

Most of us history buffs know all about Jefferson’s assignations….but are there others?

Of course there are…..and the list is really long…..

For these listed people, either the scandal, or the behavior which gave rise to it, occurred while they were occupying their high federal offices, and one or the other date may be used here, even if coverage of the scandal was entirely posthumous. Politicians’ sex crimes are not covered in this particular list, regardless of whether there has been a verdict yet……

We all remember Clinton and the Blue Dress….and of course the most recent one with a female named Stormy….but there is so much more and so much more of interest than those two “famous” sex scandals.

Her research is on-going and she seems to be finding lots of “scandals”……

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