Miami Has A Great Idea!

Those darn masks!

There are those Trump supporters that fight wearing the mask tooth (which few have any) and nail…..some say God will protect them….if that is true then why do they need all those goddamn guns?

I mean really?

None of those people are that good looking and the masks are a public service by hiding their faces.

Plus they piss and moan about masks but few have done the same about the massive food price increases…why?  Oh yeah most of these are on the EBT card and do not really care since the government pays their food bill for them.

Okay that rant is done….now on to the Miami thing.

The numbers of Covid-19 cases has skyrocketed in Florida as well as other states….and Miami’s city council has grab the problem by the horns and done something…..

The city of Miami will begin fining repeat offenders up to $500 for not wearing a mask in public, citing the surge in COVID-19 cases across the state of Florida.

A first offense could net a fine of $50; a second, $150. Those who persist in refusing to wear a face-covering could be arrested, as a last resort.

“The only way to ensure compliance in some way shape or form is you have to have a heavy hand,” City Manager Art Noriega said Thursday.

Still, those who refuse to pay their fines will not have to face the wrath of any collection agency, the paper noted, and the emphasis will purportedly be on education, not enforcement

A good idea but why make it a toothless proposal?

For the idiots will just keep doing what they are doing….making things worse for the rest of the population.

I say SCREW THE IDIOTS…make it a full blown fine payable in 10 days or it doubles.

I think that is a better education than what is being offered… least Miami is trying to do the healthy thing……

Now the rest of the damn state needs to follow suit and stop listening to the idiot in the governor’s seat and the moron in DC.



Any Thoughts?

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