The Sound Of Crickets

By now anyone that is watching the news knows that there is a push on to equate mail-in voting with voter fraud…..we have heard the accusations by the president and the echoes from his sycophants….anyone not GOP will be a possible vote fraud……

But there is little acknowledgement of the wasted billions to stim money….money that went to the “evil dead”…..

The Trump administration has some lessons to learn before sending out any new coronavirus stimulus checks. More than 1 million checks for a combined $1.4 billion were distributed to dead people, according to a government watchdog report covering coronavirus relief spending approved by Congress as of April 30. In the rush to disburse $269 billion to 160.4 million people “as rapidly as possible,” as mandated by the Cares Act, Treasury officials followed procedures put in place for 2008 stimulus payments and “did not include using death records as a filter,” per NBC News. The Treasury doesn’t have access to the Social Security Administration’s full set of death records, as the IRS does, though it gained temporary access upon discovering that some payments were being made to dead people, reports the Washington Post.

IRS officials raised concerns about the issue before payments were distributed to eligible Americans who’d filed a 2018 or 2019 tax return. But “counsel determined they did not have the legal authority to deny payments to people who had filed a return, even if they were deceased,” per the Post. On May 6, the IRS said payments to deceased or incarcerated individuals must be returned—but it doesn’t yet have a plan in place for recouping the money, according to the Government Accountability Office report released Thursday. The IRS has now agreed to “consider cost-effective options for notifying ineligible recipients how to return payments,” as recommended in the report. Meanwhile, Congress is directed to grant Treasury access to the full set of death records and “require that Treasury consistently use it, to help reduce similar types of improper payments.”

I am waiting for the reports of the wasted cash…..from the media or Congress or anyone would be nice….but so far all there is is the sound of crickets.

“lego ergo scribo”

4 thoughts on “The Sound Of Crickets

  1. My dad’s was direct deposited into my account, since I was power of attorney of his finances before he died. I knew it was his because it had a description with his name in it. I figured maybe it was for me but because the last few years he’d gotten money back from the government (and I always owed) and they were trying to direct deposit as much as they could, that they were sending the money that way because my name was on the account too. I figured they’d checked with the IRS to see about that, because surely they knew the man was deceased.

    Then I got the paper check in the mail, meant for me. I haven’t done anything with it yet. If you look at the website, it says you have to send it back with a letter explaining why you’re returning it. If you deposit it when you’re not supposed to, they’ll take it out of your taxes (probably with interest) later. I have it on my table here somewhere (I’m gonna be cleaning the hell out of this house during this soggy weekend, so I can get it finished). But I’ll have to explain they already direct deposited dad’s to me, so since it’s the same amount, I’ll just send this one back.

    Doesn’t matter either way–I gave “dad’s” $1200 away to a food bank because it felt like kiss-ass blood money and I figured they could do a helluva lot more with it than me. Now that I think about it, I think dad would’ve pitched a bloody fit if he knew I’d done that (hee hee).

    1. A wise use of the cash…..reminds me of a letter we got from the government after my mother died….her money went into the bank…”in the event of your death you need to notify social security…….I save the letter and had it framed but it was lost during Katrina. chuq

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