Remember That Vaccine?

This should have been posted 3 weeks ago but the events on the ground became more important for a time…..

Good news for the treatment of the virus and especially for the markets….a company, Moderna, and the peasants danced…….

Who will benefit the most from this new “miracle drug”?

Moderna for one……

Moderna’s stocks skyrocketed 30 percent after the media touted the company’s announcement that eight participants in its coronavirus vaccine trial had elicited neutralizing antibodies after receiving the mRNA vaccine as a cure for the pandemic. The Dow shot up over 900 points in the resulting stock market frenzy, and Moderna’s stock rose to a peak of $87 per share before it settled at above $80 on closing. The company’s value swelled to $29 billion despite not having had any products in the markets to date.

Over the weekend, CNN Business reported that Moderna’s chief financial officer, Lorence Kim, “exercised 241,000 options for $3 million on Monday. He then immediately sold them for $19.8 million, creating a profit of $16.8 million.” In a similar maneuver, Moderna’s chief medical officer, Tal Zaks, spent $1.5 million on options, then immediately sold the shares back for $9.77 million, netting a profit of $8.2 million.

While we wait for the Moderna to make as much ill-gotten gains from economic news…there are treatments being used to fight this pandemic….

Aggressive public health measures to stem the tidal wave of coronavirus infections have left people isolated, unemployed and wondering when it will all end. Life probably won’t go completely back to normal until vaccines against the virus are available, experts warn.

Researchers are working hard on that front. At least six vaccines are currently being tested in people, says Esther Krofah, chief executive of the FasterCures center at the Milken Institute in Washington, D.C.  “We expect about two dozen more to enter clinical trials by this summer and early fall. That is a huge number,” Krofah said at an April 17 briefing. Dozens more are in earlier stages of testing.

In unpublished, preliminary results of a test of one vaccine, inoculated people made as many antibodies against the coronavirus as people who have recovered from COVID-19 (SN: 5/18/20). The mRNA-based vaccine induces human cells to make one of the virus’s proteins, which the immune system then builds antibodies to attack. That study was small, only eight people, but a second phase of safety testing has begun.

As we wait for a vaccine, here’s a snapshot of potential COVID-19 treatments

And the Covid-19 saga continues….just like the profits for the health industry.

Speaking of profits…….the bill for his treatment….

Flor, 70, who came so close to death in the spring that a night-shift nurse held a phone to his ear while his wife and kids said their final goodbyes, is recovering nicely these days at his home in West Seattle. But he says his heart almost failed a second time when he got the bill from his health care odyssey the other day.

“I opened it and said ‘holy [bleep]!’ “ Flor says.

The total tab for his bout with the coronavirus: $1.1 million. $1,122,501.04, to be exact. All in one bill that’s more like a book because it runs to 181 pages.

Be Well….Be Safe….Be Informed….

I Read, I Write, You Know

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5 thoughts on “Remember That Vaccine?

  1. If only the government would do the decent thing, and make it available to everyone, free of charge.
    (Oh look, there are somepigs flying overhead…)
    Best wishes, Pete.

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