Covid-19: Miracle Of Miracles

The news came out earlier this week that there were some good results in the trials for a vaccine to fight the Covid-19…..and the markets went batcrap crazy and rose close to 1000 points……and the peasants danced.

Biblical results…..

An experimental vaccine may help protect against a coronavirus infection, preliminary results from people and mice suggest.

One or two doses of an mRNA vaccine prod people’s bodies to make as many or more antibodies against the coronavirus as are made by people who have recovered from COVID-19, researchers from Moderna, Inc., announced May 18.

Moderna, based in Cambridge, Mass., and the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases in Bethesda, Md., worked together to develop the vaccine, known as mRNA-1273 (SN: 2/21/20).

Their approach uses messenger RNA, or mRNA, a genetic molecule that cellular machinery reads in order to build proteins. In this case, the mRNA contains instructions for building the coronavirus’ spike protein, which helps the virus enter human cells. The vaccine induces human cells to make the spike protein. The immune system then makes antibodies to latch onto the spike proteins. Should a vaccinated person encounter the virus later, those vaccine-stimulated antibodies may prevent the virus from infecting healthy cells.

Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine stimulates an immune response in people

The bliss and excitement lasted about 36 hours and then there was silence and Donald the Orange is taking a pill…..but why did the dialogue collapse?

Monday’s announcement by the Boston-based biotech company Moderna that it had positive results from the first COVID-19 vaccine test conducted on humans was greeted with a wave of media hysteria and adulation.

The evening news led with the “revolutionary” treatment, which was called a “breakthrough.” NBC News declared the finding was “generating a wave of optimism.” Everywhere, the line was the same, from Fox News to CNN to PBS.

A miracle cure had supposedly been found and Wall Street was beside itself. The markets surged on the news, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average rising more than 900 points. Moderna shares were up by more than $20.

But within just 36 hours, this campaign began to collapse under its own weight.

It turned out that no one had paid attention to the fact that the information provided by Moderna was highly limited, and that the manufacturer had withheld or did not have data on the outcomes for most participants in the tiny study.

Why was it important for this limited success result to be turned over to the economy?

Was it to provide cover for the wealthy playing the markets?

News the benefited NO one but the markets and the political aspirations of Donald the Orange….

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7 thoughts on “Covid-19: Miracle Of Miracles

  1. “the manufacturer had withheld or did not have data on the outcomes for most participants in the tiny study” of only 8 people, probably all healthy, virile young people. The fact that none of them dropped dead right after being injected was deemed a success.

    But then what about those pesky negative side effects, like changing your DNA?

    What about the longer term side effects when hundreds of other unknown DNA changes start showing up in future generations?

    What happens when you inject this new never tried before DNA changing stuff along with heavy metal poisons or chemicals into old sick people, babies, infants or pregnant moms?

    Dr Mercola Reports On Engineered COVID-19/Coronavirus – Social Distancing, Lockdowns, House Arrests And Isolation Of Entire Healthy Population Is Not Scientific, Nor Will It Work – A Brand New RNA Gene Modifying Vaccine Will Not Save Humanity From Fascists Violating Natural Laws

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