The “Zone”

This would make a good name for some expensive SciFi movie…..but in this case I am referring to the area of Seattle that has the social media jumping and blogs being crammed full of opinions and accusation…..

Most of which was fired by the reports on FOX News… these reports…..

On Fox News, host Tucker Carlson called it “chaos and craziness.” Laura Ingraham said it was “a Marxist cultural revolution” intended to “destroy everything that came before it.” In a tweet, President Donald Trump said it was being run by “Domestic Terrorists.”

These people are not describing a foreign war zone or a fallen city. They are describing the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, a roughly six-block area of Seattle taken over by protesters this week and declared a sovereign territory. Since the zone was established Monday, the internet has been filled with rumors about what it looks like and how it works. Fox News posted a photo of an armed guard at the entrance to the zone and said residents were being forced to show their IDs to get inside. Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best claimed that protesters were shaking down businesses for protection money. Something something Antifa something, cried various online pundits.

All of these rumors are false, and all of these people are lying to you. I live less than a mile from the autonomous zone. I have been there every day this week, in daylight and in darkness, speaking with protesters, meeting with friends, seeing movies and eating pizza.

I know that those that believe every word from FOX News will not accept that it is a lie unless they hear if from FOX……and now they have!

Fox News has removed doctored images of Seattle’s protest zone that made it look more like a war zone, the New York Times reports. One image, of a man armed with a rifle in front of a shattered storefront, was really two spliced together—of broken windows in downtown Seattle on May 30 and a gunman at the so-called Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone on June 10. The Seattle Times, which broke the story, spotted another pic showing the gunman spliced with an image of a sign reading “You are now entering Free Cap Hill.” A third photo, of fiery protests in St. Paul, Minn., accompanied the Fox News headline “Crazy Town: Seattle helpless as armed guards patrol anarchists’ ‘autonomous zone,’ shake down businesses: cops.”

A Fox News rep responded by saying that “we have replaced our photo illustration with the clearly delineated images of a gunman and a shattered storefront, both of which were taken this week in Seattle’s autonomous zone”—which the Seattle Times calls “inaccurate” because the photos were taken over 10 days apart. On Saturday Fox News posted a statement saying its “collage did not clearly delineate between these images, and has since been replaced.” President Trump has railed against the protest zone, tweeting that “Domestic Terrorists have taken over Seattle” and urging people to “take back your city NOW.” The Seattle Times describes the area as a “mostly peaceful” place where people gather for music, food, and documentary films.

Even with the admission of a lie and I bet there will be those that will ignore this and continue to regurgitate the lies.

We will see…..we will see…..

I Read, I Write, You Know

“lego ergo scribo”

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