Space Force (Netflix)

I have written a lot on the US newest military service, the Space Force, I think it will be a huge siphon of cash from the taxpayer…..but that said this post is about a Netflix series entitle as it were Space Force.

But first….the real mission of the real Space Force……

Welcome Spacemen!

The series was in the works before the official announcement of the Trump’s Space Force……a series created by and starring Steve Carell with John Malkovich……

A couple of trailers for your consideration…

But this is not a review of the Netflix series but rather the name…Space Force….it is about a legal question that could arise….

This from The Hill……

The Netflix original comedy “Space Force,” which is based on the new branch of the military launched by President Trump, reportedly obtained trademark rights for the name before the government.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the show secured trademark rights to “Space Force” in multiple places, including Europe, Australia and Mexico, while the Air Force owns only a pending application for registration in the United States. That means the show has more confirmed trademark rights than the U.S. military. 

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office usually grants trademarks based on a “first-to-use” system, and Netflix filed for the trademark as early as January. 

The Netflix show named after the branch debuted late last month and follows Steve Carell’s character, who works as a general developing the new Space Force. In addition to Carell, who portrayed the popular character Michael Scott in “The Office,” the series also stars actors John Malkovich, Ben Schwartz, Jimmy O. Yang, Diana Silvers and Lisa Kudrow.

While most people understand the difference between the show “Space Force” and the military Space Force, the trademark could play into merchandise confusion if clothing or a mug, for example, were to hit stores and customers were curious as to who was actually selling the goods.


In case you are interested……Very funny…..the series not the idea of a Space Force…..

We are on our way to the Moon…..and it is not for scientific research but rather as an occupying force…..something to think about when you watch Netflix series, The Space Force.

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6 thoughts on “Space Force (Netflix)

  1. I do like Malkovitch, but I just cannot tolerate Carell for a minute. Sadly, I won’t be watching this, because of him.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. We just finished the series; it was mildly amusing and a decent watch if you don’t have anything better on. It was chock full of oblique references to POTUS that we’re entirely believable.

  3. Trump Era “Space Force” or Reagan Era “Star Wars” — who gives a damned except those infected with an incurable case of some inexplicable phobia that has not yet been named … I, for one, cannot see the benefit of sending people on missions to other planets because, in the end, they will do to those other planets the exact same things they have done to the one we live on … and that isn’t very exciting as a prospect.

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