What About White People?

How many have heard the tale that the media is ignoring the violence committed by police towards white people?

I have heard….and of course the old reliable “All Lives Matter”….I would have been disappointed if that had not shown up…..sorry but to me that is the same as saying “I have black friends”…..a racist response.

But let’s look at the accusation that the media is ignoring voilence against white people……

The ongoing national protests against police brutality have focused for the most part on black victims, for the obvious reason that black Americans are disproportionately abused by police. The horrifying video of George Floyd being slowly strangled to death hit a raw nerve in the black community, which has endured decades of these kinds of atrocities, as well as an exponentially greater amount of less-lethal abuses.

This has led some conservatives to claim that the protesters are deliberately ignoring white victims. Commentator Matt Walsh pointed to videos of two white men, Tony Timpa and Daniel Shaver, being brutally killed by police as evidence that only black killings get attention and that police brutality is not a reflection of systemic racism. At Townhall, Mike Adams wrote an article entitled “White Man Can’t Breathe,” noting that there had not been “George Soros-funded protests” or “Antifa riots” in response to the Timpa killing, and implied a lack of them would show “political opportunism.”

These are disingenuous arguments.


There is NO substance to the claims.

But that will not let disinformation go to waste….social media is full of bullshit waiting to be spread.

Let’s now look at those racists we all know……the ones I know think they are not hardly racist at all…they just think they are spouting truth……

New research indicates that the Dunning-Kruger effect — meaning the tendency for less competent individuals to overestimate their competence — can be applied to prejudicial attitudes. The study, which appears in Personality and Individual Differences, found that the least egalitarian individuals tended to be those who overestimated their levels of egalitarianism the most.

“I’m generally interested in how prejudice works and in why it’s sometimes difficult to get people to become less prejudiced. This study opened a window into understanding why some people don’t know that they’re prejudiced, and why those people might be particularly difficult to reach,” said study author Keon West, an associate professor of social psychology and the director of Equalab at Goldsmiths, University of London.

The researchers examined who was the most likely to overestimate their level of egalitarianism in two studies with 307 participants.


Racism will always exist….the thing to do is make it as unattractive as possible…..no one should have to face discrimination because of the skin color or for their birth place…..

Sorry renaming military bases is not going to help stem the rise of racism at all…..pulling down statues does little to change prejudices….https://www.upworthy.com/to-all-my-fellow-white-folks-trying-to-get-a-quick-anti-racism-education

Lots a work ahead….stay in the streets and make a difference…..just a thought……

Be Well…Be Safe….Be Heard……

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31 thoughts on “What About White People?

  1. I think ‘unbiased’ education has to be the key. Get started now, before they see such events still happening in 100 years from now.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Education is definitely the answer but when there are thousands of school districts there is no standards in teaching so BS is taught…..chuq

  2. My friend Pete reminded me that the pyramids in Egypt were built by slaves. Parts of the White House were reportedly built by slaves too. Tear the whole mess down and start over from scratch.

    1. There were no slaves used on Egypt….however the White House was another story. I do not think statues are in the same vain as the White House….chuq

      1. All the “Monuments” in DC glorify a racist nation and every one of them should be removed and the Capital moved to another location altogether.

  3. Of course, since some in our police force have the tendency to be abusive and brutal, there will be examples of white people killed by the abuse and brutality. But your chances of being brutalized go way up if you are brown or black. That is the part the “non-racist” Fox show hosts are missing.

  4. Why does “All Lives Matter” mean racism to you? You don’t feel whites, Asians, native Americans or anyone else matters?

    1. I never said that and once again this is how lies get started….to me it is just a slogan to try and change the debate to something because you are uncomfortable with the one we are trying to have…..chuq

      1. This is a copy and paste – your words – I am NOT lying.
        “I have heard….and of course the old reliable “All Lives Matter”….I would have been disappointed if that had not shown up…..sorry but to me that is the same as saying “I have black friends”…..a racist response.”

      2. To me and I have explained why it is so….but if you want to try and tear it apart…go for it….if all lives truly mattered we would not be having this talk…..now would we? chuq

      3. It shouldn’t matter – we’re all equal, right?

        BTW, can you tell me why the people marching down the main streets do not need a permit, but a ST. Patrick’s Day parade does?

      4. Not once have I said it was okay to ambush the police…..you try to read too much that is not there. chuq

    2. My family was fond of saying All Lives Matter as soon as “Black Lives Matter” showed up on the TV or as a talking point. Black Lives Matter really means that they matter “too” (maybe that should’ve been added in for clarification by the movement, but that time has passed), and they want that acknowledged and something done to keep black lives from being lost in senseless prejudiced encounters and violence.

      When MY family says All Lives Matter, it’s their way of stopping the conversation and insisting that the civil rights movement took care of everything and if these “lazy black– (insert every racial epithet and stereotype you can think of to continue)” would just pull themselves up by their bootstraps they’d be fine. Never mind that thanks to over a century of redlining and gentrification it’s been slow going for them to save up or have the opportunity for better housing, or what they did have has been torn up to make room for more boutiques and services most poor working families can’t afford. Houston sure did a bunch of that in the 20th century; I can only imagine how often it happened to older cities.

      My first house was in a neighborhood built in the early 1970s, when there were still segregation pockets around there that wouldn’t give up til about 1973. My elementary school was white as could be with a small bunch of Hispanic kids. It wasn’t until 6th grade that I had a class with black students, and this is the mid 1990s. So, no discussion about race in my house was needed in those formative years. When we moved to a town that was 30% black, the small racist jokes started up in bits and pieces. By the time I hit 18, there were no filters. I was told how different black people were, and that even if I wanted to see the best in people, I’d better just get used to the facts (read: whatever stereotypes my dad and his ilk believed in).

      When my family says “All Lives Matter” it’s to insist that racism is bullshit and that it doesn’t exist anymore, even though these same folks will talk politely in public, but break out the racist jokes at friend and family gatherings. And the rest of us (usually me and maybe two younger cousins) aren’t allowed to say a word because we’re spoiling the party by being “PC pussies” and we’re ruining everything, because even if we’re in our 20s and 30s, we’re kids to them and had been raised that it wasn’t polite to interject yourself in adult (read: elders) conversations.

      Yeah, “All Lives Matter” in the Buddhist nature sense. Politically, though, it doesn’t gel because it’s just a moniker to shut people up and prevent the conversation. Why have the protests taken off so well? Because the can’s been kicked down the road one time too many and now white folks I’ve known a while–who scoffed at BLM when it came about–are recognizing a real problem and seem willing to have the conversation. White lives have always mattered, black lives haven’t in U.S. history. It’s like complaining that there’s a black history month but no white history month. For most of our history, all the history we ever learned was through white perspectives and white writings. Anybody cracking open a history book would assume whites did and wrote everything.

      White lives have always mattered, black lives haven’t. It’s a 400 year old habit of needing someone to look down on. And white folks know enough that being black in this country is tough, but not what to do about it (at least now a good chunk seem to be trying). I just hope the momentum toward positive change keeps going strong so that all lives will matter and it will be self-evident.

      1. White lives have not always mattered and I’m finding a lot going on right now as very offensive. Why doesn’t MY opinion matter?

      2. In the United States, when haven’t they mattered, or been on top? I’m not trying to be an asshole, I’m genuinely curious. I know one example some people may bring up are the Irish immigrants as they came over. I stumbled on some family documents in an old bible. It was hard to read, but it was from a letter in the 1890s (dumb family threw it away or I’d have kept it).

      3. Most definitely the Irish! Many a sign read, “Help Wanted – Irish Need Not Apply” And to not start some race thing here, other nationalities as they arrived and as race riots started, whites were targeted.

      4. I find the fact that items must be labeled “Black ……” this and that. We are supposed to all be Americans. The fact that you feel items must have labels shows your racism.

  5. sorry–internet glitched and posted before I was ready, responding to paratrooper.

    That letter from the 1890s that my family found was griping that there weren’t three white families in that town they’d just moved to. They didn’t consider the Irish white. Most Americans didn’t until much later. If you were not a WASP, you weren’t white. So Irish and Italian and other Catholic “white-looking” folks weren’t considered white because of the prejudice against Catholics. I’m trying to remember if that changed around WW1 or WW2–gonna have to dig in the files.

    As far as labeling people, I hate that we have labels at all. We should just be Americans all, but when people get stopped and shot because they “look like a burglary suspect” (because, you know, all black people look alike). And people cling to hierarchical structures that prefer one skin color over another because of entrenched stereotypes related to those skin colors, we can’t just gloss it over. We’ve done that for centuries and now look where we are. We can’t do right by immigrants coming in to help their families. Even people who are American citizens, but are hispanic and LOOK enough like someone who came across the border are thrown into those camps. Even people who can prove their citizenship are sent there and stuck while family tries to get them out.

    Skin color shouldn’t matter. How you’re born should’t matter. What should only matter is what you can bring to the society whether by your actions, your thoughts, your desires. But as long as people see color–and not just people, but the whole freaking legal system–and the split-second stereotypes that come to mind thanks to putrescent speeches or demeaning jokes or epithets, that isn’t going to work.

    When the legal system does it, how can it be overlooked? The police needs a reform to get away from all these piled on things and see with new eyes. They’re a symptom of the wider problem.

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