“My Bad…….”

Closing Thought–12Jun20

We all have seen the images of the Head of the Joint Chiefs Of Staff….walking with the president after the suppression of protests so Trump could have a Bible moment in front of a church.

Now the General has said that he should not have been part of the photo op…….

The fallout from President Trump’s now-famous walk from the White House to St. John’s Church continues: On Thursday, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff apologized for joining the president on that June 1 walk in military fatigues, reports CNN. “I should not have been there,” said Army Gen. Mark Milley in commencement remarks at the National Defense University. “My presence in that moment and in that environment created a perception of the military involved in domestic politics. As a commissioned uniformed officer, it was a mistake that I have learned from, and I sincerely hope we all can learn from it.”

  • Defense chief: Esper, who also joined the walk, wrote a letter to Congress with Milley reiterating they did not realize the walk would be used for a photo op, reports the Washington Post. “We participated in the walk with the aim of observing damage in Lafayette Square and at (St. John’s) Church, and meeting with and thanking the National Guard members who were on duty,” they wrote.
  • More on the letter: Esper and Milley also sought to clarify the military’s role in the response to the protests, saying that National Guard troops in DC were there only in a supporting role and “were not ever in the District for purposes of civilian law enforcement.” Previously, Esper publicly disagreed with Trump on invoking the Insurrection Act—using the military in more of a domestic policing role—to quell protests.

I think the general has one the right thing by apologizing for his participation in the presidential theater…..

But I ask after a long distinguished career in the military and he did not think that would be an issue of him in combat fatigues while the population was in protests……what message did he think it would send?

He has done (I reiterate for those that cannot find the time to read my post) in my opinion the right think and he should have resigned over the issue to make it with an exclamation point.

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15 thoughts on ““My Bad…….”

  1. I can only think he should have expected something just like that to happen. No point trying to make a lame excuse now.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. He should have known better…..he has been a commanding officer for decades and he did not realize the optics would be bad….not a competent officer in my book….but the media is hailing him as some sort of hero for the apology…..chuq

      1. Considering how rarely anybody in the administration has apologized for ANYTHING in the past three and a half years (and been hell-bent on doubling-down instead)… yeah, I can kinda forgive them their over-exuberance at his gesture.

      2. I see your point but the media is making too much out of something the general did not need to make if he had followed the rules of engagement….they are making him more noble than he is. chuq

      3. it kinda reminds me of the times Dump used a teleprompter and kept to it. You’d have the MSM going “he became presidential!” We’ve got some incredibly low bars for standards in this administration.

      4. So true…look at the leaders we have….not the cream of the crop….more like the expendable husks chuq

  2. The trouble with that idea is that if all the generals resign in protest, the prez will replace them with less intelligent or less capable generals or generals who will be committed yes men to the prez and what kind of mess would that cause for the country? He will probably end up firing them anyway. He has that prerogative.

      1. He made the mistake of thinking that he could follow a request from His commander in chief. Of course Generals are going to obey every lawful order from their commander in chief because if they refuse there are dire consequences. He had no choice but to follow orders or resign.

      2. Then he should have resigned…nothing about the incident was lawful….but the babbling masses are satisfied with his half ass apology. chuq

      3. The “Babbling Masses” that you refer to are what the police refer to as “The Clueless Horde.”

  3. I’m a terrorist so I am reluctant to comment, so as not to bring down the weight of the gov’t and all their demonic minions, on your pretty head, chuckie, no want to do that. As for the guilting, and the provocations, and the abondonments, et al, well they don’t work! … I mean they DO work, for what they intend. But who wants a reluctant recalcitrant slave anyhow?? I know, I know, it’s exercise in socially appropropriate conversing and citizen legitimizing, but HELOL, it comes so unnatural to me. You KNOW you can’t bridge those gaps, no directions, just flake, I mean ‘fake’ shit and such. ‘Give Peaca A Chance, Adopt a Psychopath”…How am I doing? I SOOO want to be ACCEPTABLE, and SOCIALLY APPROPROPRIATE. amd UNAFRAID, but not really. I PAID already for words escape me. ps I’m going gone mad.

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