Play To The Cameras

Since all these protests began politicians have been running to the nearest camera and doing their best acting as if they are appalled.

Personally, I think they are sickening….most just want to look good on CSPAN so it can be used later for a campaign ad…..most of these gutless wonders are not concerned at all for their positions in society are secure.

But these cowards are not alone….the CEOs seeing the direction the tear gas is blowing are also acting all pious and concerned.

In response to the historic multi-racial protests against the murder of George Floyd and other police killings, the top executives of major US corporations have issued hypocritical statements criticizing “racism and injustice” in America.

“The pain of the last week reminds us how far our country has to go to give every person the freedom to live with dignity and peace,” Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg declared, pledging to give $10 million to “groups working on racial justice.”

Amazon chief Jeff Bezos posted on his Instagram account that “the pain and emotional trauma caused by the racism and violence we are witnessing toward the black community has a long reach.”

Jumping on the bandwagon to secure more profit….

And then there is the new bill offered up by the House Dems….

The group of Democrats included House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer, Congressional Black Caucus Chairwoman Karen Bass and senators Cory Booker and Kamala Harris.

At the press conference, Bass, Pelosi, Schumer and other sponsors of the bill repeatedly cited the nationwide mass demonstrations against the murder of Floyd and touted their bill as a “transformational” and “bold” attack on police violence and systemic racism. But their statements and the token character of the reforms included in the bill make clear that the measure is nothing of the kind.

Rather, it is a political maneuver designed to provide cover for Democratic governors and mayors who have overseen brutal police attacks on protesters, not to mention the pro-police record of the Obama administration. It is also aimed at containing and dissipating social protests by workers and youth against not only racism and the fascistic Trump administration, but also the social inequality, repression and poverty that are embedded in the capitalist system and magnified by the coronavirus pandemic.

I continue to say that this is just for show….yes it is something that could possibly help but the Dems know it will go nowhere and the only thing it accomplishes is to make Dems appear as if they care.

It is a charade at best.


How many years have they had to do something about the problems that the death of Floyd brought to light?

And then ask….what has been accomplished in all that time?

Do Not Settle!

Learn Stuff!

Keep the pressure on the Congress!

I Read, I Write, You Know

“lego ergo scribo”

2 thoughts on “Play To The Cameras

  1. I am disgusted by the companies and corporations jumping on this bandwagon to publicise their goods by default. How soon their own exploitation of the poor in the US and other countries is overlooked. Paying ‘slave wages’ to workers in China and SE Asia, and offering no-contract employment to workers in the US and Europe.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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