Kids Say The Damnedest Things

Sunday and time for a little humor….

Back in my day Art Linkletter had a program on the Tube called “Kids Say The Darnedest Things” where he would talk with kids on every show and their hilarious answers…..

Keeping in that vane…I found a site that has some great stuff by kids….who, by the way, are a lot sharper than we give them credit…..

Learning new, fascinating, and sometimes boring facts in school is a rather daunting task. If you really think about it, kids have to be prepared to learn new things every day and then regurgitate that information in the form of test answers. Sometimes, kids nail their tests and other times they provide answers that are wrong but worth a few points just because of the humor they bring to our lives. Here are some absolutely correct but wrong test answers that will have you rolling on the floor laughing.

I’m A Freeloader

This kid didn’t mince their words and for that, we love him. Because deep down, we definitely feel the same way. At least we know exactly where this kid stands on finding a job and supporting themselves. Maybe their attitude will change in the future and they’ll pick up a job or two, but honestly, we don’t know.


Believe me…their answers will tickle your fancy and in some cases make you cry with laughter….


In closing….TS Cristobal bears down on the Gulf Coast….we will see lots of rain and a bit of wind…Louisiana may not be that lucky…they are looking at a possible storm surge….

Be Well…..Be Safe……

“lego ergo scribo”

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