This Is Scary!

Just a thought for your Saturday….and before you venture out to a store…….I realize that we are about saturated with TMI on the virus but too much information is better than NO information.

We have heard the dangers of this virus and how quickly it can spread….this video shows how it effects the area around a cougher….

There is also reports and studies about the virus in the air…..

The research, which was conducted by an international team including scientists in Belgium and the Netherlands, studied the impacts of current social distancing mandates when applied to outdoor exercise. What they found was that staying six feet apart might not do you any good when it comes to running, walking, or biking outside.

The issue here is that the six-foot rule works great if it’s being followed indoors, with little to no movement between individuals. The idea is that the virus can’t travel very far in an indoor environment before falling to the ground or simply remaining stagnant in the air.

However, outdoor trails present a unique challenge, as individuals are breathing heavily and potentially even coughing or sneezing along the way. If a second person is following behind, even at what would be considered a “safe” distance for indoor interaction, they would quickly come into contact with particles in the air that could contain the virus.

Coronavirus spreads through the air outside with shocking ease, study says

Please protect yourself while out and about.

Be Calm……Avoid Crowds……Wash Hands Often…..Stay Prepared

I Read, I Write, You Know

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8 thoughts on “This Is Scary!

  1. I am keeping well away from people out on Ollie’s dog walks. That’s not hard to do lately, as there is hardly anyone around on the nature reserve.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. I walk MoMo at 5 am…there is no one out and that is good for me and her…..people around here do not seem to care and group together around the neighborhood….so I stay away from any of them….chuq

      1. LOL…I am an insomniac so getting up at 2 am is nothing at all….best for me to walk MoMo for she does not tolerate people much….chuq

      2. Just think about being able to smell tobacco smoke coming out of a passing car… 😡

  2. Are you guys holding out okay? Since this lockdown began I’ve started getting really into reading what you can eat in the garden that you wouldn’t really think about – it’s interesting what we’ve got out there, even the stuff growing in the cracks of the pavement. Cleavers, Herb Robert, Bittercress…you can get a lot of fresh stuff without going to the supermarket, you just need to be sure to wash it first.

    We’ll get through this. We just have to stay strong and look out for each other.

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