Coronavirus Response

The president went to the airways last night to sooth the nerves of his fellow Americans who are having a hard time deciding what to do in response to the virus.

President Trump held a presser about the coronavirus Wednesday as the US announced its first case of unknown origin—meaning the person had apparently not traveled abroad or come on contact with a confirmed case, the Washington Post reports. As for Trump, he’s putting Mike Pence on the case. “I’m going to be putting our Vice President Mike Pence in charge, and Mike will be working with the professionals, doctors and everybody else that’s working,” he said, per CNN. Trump also said he’s willing to compromise with Democrats on coronavirus funding. “We started out by looking at certain things, we’ve been working with the Hill very, very carefully, very strongly, and I think that we have very good bipartisan spirit for money,” he said.

“We were asking for $2.5 billion, and we think that that is a lot,” he added. “But the Democrats—and I guess Senator Schumer—wants us to have much more than that.” Indeed, the AP reports that Schumer is seeking $8.5 billion in a newly unveiled coronavirus proposal. “If they want [us to] give more, we’ll do more,” Trump said. “We’ll spend whatever is appropriate.” He also said a coronavirus vaccine is something America “can develop fairly rapidly.” Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar took the podium and said “the immediate risk to the American public is and continues to be low.” The CDC says the case of unknown origin is in Northern California, but little else is known.

I do hope that this calms the markets for our wealthy are losing money and we cannot let them down.

My thoughts…..oh boy Pence in  charge…..his answer to a pandemic is to pray and wait.

After the Senate hearing for the new Homeland Security chief I have NO faith on these people to do “all it takes” to control this disease.

In case you missed the exchange…..

Sen. John Kennedy (R-La.) slammed acting Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Chad Wolf on Tuesday for Wolf’s lack of answers during a tense grilling on the U.S. response to the coronavirus outbreak.

In a subcommittee hearing on the 2021 DHS budget, Wolf failed to provide specific answers Kennedy’s questions, including one on how many people are predicted to become infected with the new strain of virus.

“We’re working with HHS to determine that,” Wolf said, repeatedly deferring to the Department of Health and Human Services.

“Yes, sir, but you’re head of Homeland Security and your job is to keep us safe,” Kennedy shot back, often talking over Wolf. “Don’t you think you ought to check on that?”

The drug to treat the virus was in the speech….there is already work being done on that front….

New drugs to treat patients already infected with the novel coronavirus, which has sparked outbreaks across multiple continents, will emerge much more quickly than vaccines to prevent infection, a top Food and Drug Administration official said Wednesday.

“The development of a vaccine is not going to prevent a pandemic here,” Peter Marks, the director of the FDA’s Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research, told STAT at the SVB Leerink Global Healthcare Conference, ahead of a keynote presentation there. And getting a vaccine ready for pivotal testing is going to take more than just a few months, he said.

Marks’ words stand in contrast to recent comments from the White House. Larry Kudlow, President Trump’s director of the National Economic Council, said Tuesday that drug companies are “probably coming up with a vaccine in much shorter time than people realize,” adding that the U.S.’s containment effort is “pretty close to airtight.”

Coronavirus vaccines are far off, FDA official says, but drugs to treat patients could come sooner

Again I am glad the the president has finally come out of the closet and promised to help…..if keeping promises from 2016 are any indication then the virus does not have a chance (that is called sarcasm).

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16 thoughts on “Coronavirus Response

  1. Fazio said not everyone would be able to afford a vaccine yesterday🤬 He’s the one who raised the cost of insulin so high that people are dying because they could no longer afford the drug. I believe those who developed insulin years ago, did not patent it so it would be affordable

      1. I missed it I spent the night on the phone with a friend in Syria….I still think the media is making too much out of this….granted it is serious but not to the point of panic that they are inciting….chuq

      2. Like I told John….I live in hurricane alley and I ride storms out at home….I am prepared for a long stay indoors. chuq

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