Fake News And More Fake News

Let me start with a thought for my readers…..”Information is NOT Knowledge”…..

If you are smart enough to watch the events of the nation and world then you are bombarded constantly by fake news/disinformation and maybe you would like to learn more on how to separate fact from bullshit……then I can help….do not take my word for what is real or fake…..there is a process…..

Fake news has been around a long time….let me help with a short history lesson…..

“Sensationalism always sold well. By the early 19th century, modern newspapers came on the scene, touting scoops and exposés, but also fake stories to increase circulation. The New York Sun’s “Great Moon Hoax” of 1835 claimed that there was an alien civilization on the moon, and established the Sun as a leading, profitable newspaper.”

False and distorted news material isn’t exactly a new thing. It’s been a part of media history long before social media, since the invention of the printing press. It’s what sells tabloids. On the internet, headline forms called clickbait entice people to click to read more, by trying to shock and amaze us. What’s more outrageous to read about than fake things that didn’t actually happen?


And then there were  some fake news that people believed without question….and I have 10 of the best…….

Today, people are worried about fake news, and its effect on politics and social issues. And with fake news sites getting better and better at looking legitimate, so it is a serious concern, especially with the rise of deepfakes making it harder to distinguish a fake person from the real deal. However, most fake news stories are actually just designed to get a rise out of people, or for a quick laugh and sophistication is rarely necessary. The truth is that people often believe things that confirm their own deeply held biases, without ever making sure the new “fact” is actually true, and we will go over ten examples of this phenomenon in today’s article. 

10. Kids Smoking Bed Bugs To “Get High”


Awhile back I had a talk with my granddaughter after she asked me about fake news…..and I told her to keep in mind this graphic…..

How to Spot Fake News

If you would like this is the post about that talk we had…..https://gulfsouthfreepress.wordpress.com/2018/09/07/let-the-truth-be-known/

Social media has turned the lies of fake news into an art form…..and that is truly sad…..turning ignorance into usable tactic to influence.

More information……https://www.realcleardefense.com/articles/2020/01/14/the_evolution_of_disinformation_how_public_opinion_became_proxy_114974.html

“The freedom of press makes its influence felt not only upon political opinions but also on all men’s opinions. It modifies customs as well as laws.”
—Alexis de Tocqueville

Could that explain the popularity of disinformation?

Why are conspiracies so prevalent? Why are facts and truth so elusive to so many today? Why are people so susceptible to disinformation? Why is the current political climate so peculiar, turbulent, and divided? It is clear that there is a relationship between the disinformation that people ingest and the vitriol that some seem to spit out. These puzzling circumstances may be the result of a growing trend of postmodern thought in the United States and the world.[i] Unsurprisingly, recent reports indicate that Russia is currently interfering in the 2020 election. Though difficult to estimate, and since the country has done virtually nothing to combat it, the Russians consider their past interferences highly successful, if at nothing more than just sowing the seeds of discontent and chaos in US domestic politics.  That said, the questions still remains: why is disinformation so effective on the US population? The rise in effectiveness of Russian disinformation is directly related to the increase in postmodern thinkers amongst the US population, because postmodern thinkers are easy to manipulate. To be clear, Postmodernism is not some form of trendy, divergent thinking, but rather a serious intellectual, conceptual, cultural, psychological and philosophical engagement which challenges humanity’s engagement with itself and the world.[ii] Just as the enlightenment brought us modern thought, reason and science, postmodern thought attempts to obliterate it. It is in the national interest, for strategists to pay close attention because they will be responsible for developing strategies to survive in a postmodern strategic context. What follows is an attempted explanation of what may be the cause of many issues and phenomena in our political climate today.


A closing thought–“Stupidity Is The Deliberate Cultivation of Ignorance”

I Read, I Write, You Know

“lego ergo scribo”

4 thoughts on “Fake News And More Fake News

  1. Fake news has existed ever since the printing press, and before that, by word of mouth. It could be argued that it is actually not as bad now, as people are better educated and informed. Then again, technology has managed to make fake news more convincing, so it’s probably worse. 😦
    Best wishes, Pete.

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