Closing Thought–03Feb20

Clinton–Please STFU!

This harpy cannot let the fact go that she was beaten in 2016….she keeps speaking out and showing just what type of self-centered turd she really is.

She still cannot get over the fact that Bernie damn near bested her in the primaries and she now wants to crap on his chances while she can…..

Hillary Clinton is not done talking about Bernie Sanders. The 2016 Democratic presidential nominee said in a podcast interview that aired Friday that Sanders didn’t try to unify the party after losing the primary to her four years ago and that he and his supporters contributed to her loss to Donald Trump in the general election, the AP reports. Asked by Emily Tisch Sussman of the podcast “Your Primary Playlist” what Sanders could do this time to unite the party against Trump, Clinton replied, “Well, he can do it, for one.” She added, “That’s not our experience from 2016.” She contrasted the conversations she had with Barack Obama in 2008 about unifying the party after he became the nominee with the conversations she had with Sanders in 2016 after it became clear she would come out on top. They were “like night and day,” she said.

Although there was “no question” about her nomination, she said, Sanders’ “campaign and his principal supporters were just very difficult and really constantly not just attacking me but my supporters.” At the Democratic National Convention, she said, Sanders’ supporters were “booing Michelle Obama, John Lewis. It was very distressing and such a contrast between what we did to unite in ’08.” She added, “All the way up until the end, a lot of people highly identified with (Sanders’) campaign, were urging people to vote third party, urging people not to vote—it had an impact.” Her comments come just before Monday’s first-in-the-nation caucuses in Iowa; at a rally in the state Friday, one of Sanders’ highest profile supporters, Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib, led the crowd in booing Clinton.

She keeps inserting herself in the middle of something that she should just STFU and go play with the grand kids……or help Bubba spend all those ill gotten funds through the Foundation.

She was a loser in 2016 and she is a loser in 2020.

All her attempts to screw up Bernie’s campaign….she has been thrown a curve….

Democratic presidential candidates promised voters in Iowa on Saturday they would unify the party to take on President Trump even as they kept up their criticism of each other and navigated the lingering divides from the 2016 campaign, the AP reports. “I’m confident Americans, Republican voters, Democratic voters and independent voters want us to come together,” former Vice President Joe Biden said in North Liberty. “I’m going to do whatever it takes to make progress in the areas that matter most.” In Cedar Rapids, Mass., Sen. Elizabeth Warren updated her stump speech to include a more explicit call for unity. “We’re down to the final strokes here,” she said. “But we understand that, we will and we must come together as a party to beat Donald Trump and I’ve got a plan for that.”

And Bernie Sanders insisted he would back the ultimate Democratic nominee even if it’s not him. “Let me say this so there’s no misunderstanding,” the Vermont senator said in Indianola. “If we do not win, we will support the winner and I know that every other candidate will do the same.”

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9 thoughts on “Closing Thought–03Feb20

  1. You have Hilary, and we have Tony Blair. They both need to go away, and never be heard from again in my lifetime. As you say, STFU, the pair of you!
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. You just posted the most absolute truth in this article about Clinton that I have ever witnessed from you …. I am thrilled to tell you that I agree with every word of this post One Hundred Percent and more! Actually we need to throw a bucket of good, clean, pure water on all the gray-haired grannies in government and see if they will actually melt.

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