2020 Predictions

The Iowa count is in the can as they say…..but it ain’t over until the Fat Guy concedes……

I do not usually offer many predictions because I am not a sage of any sort….but this election is going to be a confusing one at best….but now that the voting for the nominee has begun I will offer a few observations…..

1) The attacks against Sanders will get increasingly ugly and transparent as his popularity rises;

2) We can expect more cheating of the kind we saw in 2016, but this time there are likely to be quicker responses, including possible lawsuits;

3)The attacks are likely to have the effect of bringing more media attention to Sanders and thereby ironically increasing his support;

4) If the DNC are forced to deploy Super Delegates to shut down a Sanders win, it will trigger a crisis not see in the Democratic Party since 1968;

5) If Biden gets the Nomination, he will name Warren as his Running Mate;

6) A Biden-Warren ticket (or a Biden-Anyone ticket for that matter) will result in a second Trump Term in November;

7) A Sanders Nomination will mean a Trump defeat in the General.

I realize I may be alone in this but it is something that I feel may have the ear of the voter.

Anyone care to join me in predicting the 2020 outcome?

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14 thoughts on “2020 Predictions

  1. I am a foreigner, sitting thousands of miles away. But my prediction is a second term for Trump, whoever eventually stands against him. The Democrat opposition has been a shambles from the start, sadly.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. No strong predictions yet for me. Pete or Warren are my two guesses. Could be either one.
    Pick Trump to be reelected. But will depend in a few. voters in a few swing states.

  3. 4) If the DNC are forced to deploy Super Delegates to shut down a Sanders win, it will trigger a crisis not see in the Democratic Party since 1968; — Let us all pray that this happens …..Secondly, if Sanders becomes the delegate, Trump automatically wins because America is not yet ready for socialism of any degree, stripe, reality or pretense.

  4. The fight is between the 1 percent and the 99 percent. Many countries have risen up and taken back their country from the 1 percent. If voting does not work any longer, it is time for revolution.

    Anti-Sanders Billionaires Behind The Secret App That Delayed Iowa’s Voting Results – Billionaires Back Mayor Pete Buttigieg Who Is Even Worse Than He Seems, As He Announces Victory Before All Votes Are Even Counted, Just Like Clinton Did In Rigged 2016 Primary Against Sanders

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