What Would Happen If The Nukes Came?

As a child of the Cold War we were confronted almost daily with the possibility of nuclear holocaust…even taught in our schools….our movies and TV shows were about the evils of such weapons use…..

An old evil is waiting…..waiting for its time to be unleashed on the world.

Both the US and Russia have walked away from the Cold War nuclear agreement, the INF, and the word is that both nations are already planning to expand their nuclear capabilities.

Not a good idea!

But the attitudes of the 2 leaders is that they must prepare for nuclear retaliation to gain a peace.

This is a silly notion that seems to be gaining popularity within the Trump White House.

Now what would actually happen if the two nations decided to nuke each other?

There is a wealth of opinions on this notion…the SciFi genre is full of the possible outcomes…..but are predictions even close to reality?

The simulations have been run, and it’s official: even today, a nuclear war between the US and Russia would plunge the planet into a nuclear winter, with clouds of soot and smoke covering the planet.

Globally, temperatures would plunge by around 9 Kelvin (9 degrees Celsius or 16 degrees Fahrenheit) on average, due to the lack of sunlight reaching ground level.

The new model matches one of the best existing models we have, published in 2007. Both reports predict a nuclear winter of several years, upwards of a 30 percent global reduction in precipitation over the first few months, and a cloud of smoke enveloping first the Northern Hemisphere, and then the Southern Hemisphere, too.

“Here we repeat the [2007 nuclear war scenario] using an alternative state-of‐the‐art modern climate model run at higher resolution and with a more explicit simulation of stratospheric chemistry and aerosols,” write the researchers in their paper.

“The use of nuclear weapons in this manner by the United States and Russia would have disastrous consequences globally.”


It is an old story that needs to be retold for a younger generation that has little idea what the results of the use of nukes would be…..plus to call out the thoughtless toads in government that have NO idea what they are doing or who they will effect with their nonsense…..

Be Smart!

Learn Stuff!

“Lego ergo Scribo”

4 thoughts on “What Would Happen If The Nukes Came?

  1. Perhaps they should show some of the ‘nuclear apocalypse’ films on TV again? Like ‘Fail Safe’, ‘Threads’, ‘On The Beach’, and ‘By Dawn’s Early Light’. They give very realistic portrayals of the futile nature of so-called ‘nuclear exchanges’.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. I think so…one good one would be the limited series call “The Day After”……but we are probably too worried about how we look in yoga pants to actually care about the future. chuq

  2. Can’t really understand why this “scare” is rearing its head again. So the treaty ran out.. big deal. Make another one. We will win the next cold war just like that last one. Developing and maintaining a nuclear arsenal and the required delivery systems, no matter how grandiose, is extraordinarily expensive to the players and it’s the main reason the old Soviet Union went belly up. The current Russian GNP can’t support another long term commitment to another cold war.
    Two events were responsible for the demise of the last Cold War… we bombed those two Japanese cities thus illustrating to all, even to ourselves, the nasty effects of using nukes and that in itself was a convincing deterrent. The second event.. it was damned expensive because it became a numbers game under the precept that someone might survive.. but it was simply realizing the concept of M.A.D.
    As was said in the movie, “The Peacemaker”, it’s not about fearing a nation that has ten of these things but fearing the nation with one… and the issue this time around is that it’s now cheap enough for even the poorest of demagogue-controlled countries to make a nuke, and use it. Add to that risk, the complete international vulnerability of some terrorist group obtaining one and or building one… and we all know terrorists don’t care who they kill to make their point to settle old scores.
    So.. sorry.. my fear is not some misdirected and misguided weapons race between us, China, and Russia. We are all connected way too economically to each other, and everyone on all sides loves the money rolling in. Sabre-rattling is part of politics in general.

    Many years ago I came up with a Cold War fictional story I wanted to carry forward.. the idea was centered around the most highly-kept secret the U.S. had and the Soviets wanted it not because they had any idea what it was but that they had NO idea what it was that we were protecting. This was in the 1960’s after the Cuban Missile Crisis when Kennedy made the “football” official. Fast forward through the decades… and a future president finds himself having to access the “football” as the military detected an actual Russian launch of many thousand nukes. Everyone breaks their code cards, the case is opened.. the codes are accepted…. at that point something is revealed that delivers the message that the launch codes are a facade as there is nothing to launch. Our nuclear readiness presumed for decades was no response at all. Why? A mass nuclear attack directed at America would literally kill the world anyway. The drifting nuke clouds, world economic breakdown, subsequent social breakdown; governments would fall on that alone… all that would take it’s toll on the rest of humanity. To the story, Kennedy realized this and came to the conclusion after consultations with the great minds of the time… that the preservation of humankind was more important than any one country. A full retaliatory nuclear strike from us onto the Soviet Union would simply kill off the bulk of mankind. But allowing the destruction of America alone would keep a portion of mankind alive to start over.. and those folks would carry the memories of what can occur if this is allowed to percolate again in the future. Obviously far more intrigue and plot twists in the details of the story but in essence this was the theme.
    Gotta wonder.

    1. The US and Russia both are expanding their mid range missiles…..the race is on…..but I am more afraid of that dirty bomb more than some missile raining down……I wrote a short thing about a nuclear incident as well…..chuq

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