Closing Thought–05Aug19

A good follower and commenter on IST, GP Cox……. ……..has brought this to my attention and wanted me to pass it along to my readers.

Fort Jackson South Carolina holds many memories for me for that is where I took my basic training in the Army….and now they are making news to help military families deal with what the soldier is dealing with in his/her service to the country.

Basic Combat Training just got a lot more interesting for one Fort Jackson battalion.

The families of Soldiers taking part in training with the 2nd Battalion, 13th Infantry Regiment, now have access to a course titled, “Basic Training for Families.” The course connects spouses and family members with Soldiers in BCT through the Army Family Team Building initiative.

“I had concerns about the type of spouses we were creating,” said Tina Justice, leader of the battalion’s Family Readiness Group. “We weren’t really teaching them to be self-reliant, empowered spouses. It’s very overwhelming when you first enter the Army life. The goal was to create a system to help families when they have questions, and give them the tools to do the work, themselves.”

I have written before about the contributions the families make in service to the nation…..

These brave people should not be marginalized or forgotten for they make the service of their loved ones possible.

If you feel you must thank someone then thank a military family member that is holding the family together and helping their loved ones cope as well.

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