Our Debt To Military Spouses

On this Veterans Day (this should have been posted on Memorial Day but as usual I got side tracked–apologies) we need to pay homage to a forgotten slice of society…..the Military Spouse.

While the soldier is away fighting America’s endless wars the spouse stays behind and keeps the family together….keeps the home fires burning if you will.

November we celebrate the military family…….

November is Military Family Appreciation Month. Of course, our nation owes military families a debt of gratitude: Their sacrifices and stressors should not go unnoticed. We do try to honor them, with thanks and praise, but during this month set aside to appreciate military families, we should consider practical ways we can do more to address the challenges they face. Fortunately, such efforts are underway.

In August, the White House hosted a listening session of military spouses, and the common themes were disruptions in career development and employment.

Ninety-two percent of military spouses are female, but the unemployment rate for military spouses (16 percent) is four times higher than the rate for all adult women in the U.S. (4 percent). About half of military spouses who are now working part-time report that they are underemployed; they would prefer full-time work.


Take a moment out of your holiday activities to remember the hard work these spouses do to keep their families together….

6 thoughts on “Our Debt To Military Spouses

  1. Service Wives are the backbone of our armed forces. Over here they form choirs, and tour the country collecting for charity. Nice tribute, chuq.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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