The Return To Saudi Arabia

The big news in the US media was that Saudi women can now leave home without a male guardian…..and just months ago women are allowed to drive….but that is not the news that needs reporting.

I wish this was a sequel to Lawrence of Arabia but sadly it is not ….it is the return of the large numbers of American troops into the kingdom of Saudi Arabia….for their protection (again).

In 1990 history was made….US Troops stationed in Saudi Arabia….

It was big news. U.S. military forces streamed into Saudi Arabia in response to a supposedly serious threat to the kingdom’s eastern region. The American troops were invited by nervous Saudi royals; it wasn’t an American invasion per se. Everything unfolded smoothly at first; still, the consequences would be severe for the United States. Pick up the latest Military Times, or any other news source, and the story will seem recent, if not worthy of any special attention or alarm. Indeed, US troops are headed into Saudi Arabia right now, but that’s not the situation described above.

No, that happened in August 1990, in response to the invasion of Kuwait by Saddam Hussein’s Iraq—a nation, few remembered, that the US had previously backed in its aggressive war with Iran (1980-88). The kingdom then served as a launch point for the U.S.-led Persian Gulf War (1991) which drove the Iraqis from tiny Kuwait. American soldiers pulled out of Saudi Arabia just over a decade later, in 2003. Now they’re rolling back in. History, as it’s said to do, seems to be repeating itself.

This time, however, the ostensible threat to Saudi Arabia comes from naughty Iran, the American national security state’s current favorite exaggerated villain. And, of course, Iran—unlike our onetime “partners” in Iraq—hasn’t invaded anybody. Thus, the US troop infusion is more preemptive than reactive. It’s no matter; few Americans (or even most media/political elites) seem to notice.

US Troops Are Back in Saudia Arabia – This Will End Badly

Dear Saudi monarchs:  Just give a call to your good buddies Trump and Jared the weasel and all will be yours…..and poof more wasted American taxpayer dollars.

Let’s be honest…this has nothing to do with the flow oil….it is all about the criminals in the Kingdom monarchy that are afraid of losing their station and wealth…and of course the first thing they do is turn to the US wjo has been training and arming the Saudis for decades and yet they are incapable of defending themselves……can anyone say waste money?

Also keep in mind that the first group of troops in Saudi in 1990 is what lead Osama down the terrorist path.

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8 thoughts on “The Return To Saudi Arabia

  1. The bottom line is we need the bases there as forward battlefield positions supplied and in place when war erupts in the region. Our presence there helps keep the region “tame” as well.

    1. Then we should cut back on our aid to the kingdom…if we have to protect them why do we equip and train their army? Osama became a terrorist because of our presence in Saudi it has a radicalizing influence. chuq

  2. That is not good news. We should be taking troops out of the Middle East, not sending more in. Especially not to SA.

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