Closing Thought–02Aug19

I have written ,much about the problems that our veterans are having….their mental health……suicides were on the rise at a time when the VA has its problems as well…..I have written about these problems often….

I revisit my post on veterans suicide because I read that the UK seems to be having a like problem with the veterans…..

A coroner has warned that more military veterans suffering PTSD may take their own lives unless urgent action is taken to improve their care.

Emma Brown, the coroner for Birmingham and Solihull, has written to NHS services and police highlighting a catalogue of failures in the treatment of Lance Corporal Dave Jukes in the months leading up to his suicide.

Earlier this month, she ruled the 49-year-old veteran from Birmingham, who had served in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Bosnia, took his own life last year after repeated calls for help were largely ignored.

In a strongly worded letter seen by The Sunday Telegraph, she has urged NHS England, Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Trust and West Midlands Police to learn from mistakes in the soldier’s treatment.

It is a crying shame that these men and women made it home to their loved ones only to face PTSD that could just as lethal as any enemy on the battlefield.

Hopefully my readers in the UK will fill in any blanks that I may have in this issue.

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6 thoughts on “Closing Thought–02Aug19

  1. I don’t know this specific case, but we have a catalogue of similar ones here. Suicides, alcoholism, and former soldiers living rough on the streets. Some help is available for them, but it seems to be very dependent on location. It was recently estimated that almost 20% of alcoholics and drug-dependent ‘street people’ are ex-military.
    Broken marriages, inability to pay child maintenance, poor self-worth, and difficulty in recovering from injury are all cited as reasons for the many suicides.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Yeah, well, consider this one, chuq. The Brits and our other allies who ended up joining with us on these crazy war-boondoggles because they are our good buddies and feel a bit compelled morally to join us.. sorry.. I feel like there’s a measure of U.S. responsibility for members of our Allied militaries who succumb to PTSD. In fact, good buddy… do you know of any day of the year where we actually celebrate with our allies our joint friendships across the board? All we are concerned about are the flag-draped caskets that arrive at Dover. Hell, we barely give a national damn about PTSD here, much less our friends, who stick with us regardless of how nuts it might be, who are suffering as well.

    1. Of course you are right….and I wanted to let at least my readers know that it is a universal problem not one just for Americans….chuq

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