Only Certain Dems Are Welcome

I see for all their cheer leading about the Dems candidates I see they have reverted back to doing what they always do……only certain Dems are welcome on their process.

Have you heard that the high number of candidates can only be good for the party? Well do not believe it…it is the typical bullsh*t they always do and try to limit the candidates to those that meet a centrist criteria……

The process begins with the second deabte…only certain people can be included…..

The Democratic National Committee is upping the ante for its second round of presidential primary debates, doubling the polling and grassroots fundraising requirements from its initial summer debates. The parameters, announced Wednesday, are likely to help cull a crop of 24 candidates and, in the process, intensify scrutiny on Democratic Chairman Tom Perez and his pledge to give all candidates a chance to be heard. The DNC’s outline for its Sept. 12 debate decrees that candidates can participate only by reaching 2% in four approved polls released between June 28 and Aug. 28 while also collecting contributions from a minimum of 130,000 unique donors before Aug. 28. That donor list must include a minimum of 400 individuals in at least 20 states, reports the AP.

The top of the field likely would not be threatened by upping the threshold. That includes Joe Biden; Sens. Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, and Elizabeth Warren; Beto O’Rourke; and Pete Buttigieg. However, the other candidates, including more senators and several governors, remain jumbled at or near the lower thresholds set for the first round of debates, which are June 26-27 in Miami and July 30-31 in Detroit. Entrepreneur Andrew Yang and author Marianne Williamson have attracted significant small-donor fundraising but have yet to hit 2% in most polls. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand has struggled with fundraising and might have trouble clearing 2% consistently in polls. Jay Inslee just hit the 65,000-donor mark but would have to increase his pace to reach 130,000 by the Aug. 28 deadline, and he’s also rarely checked in at higher than 1% in polls.

The DNC is at it yet again….rigging the process in favor of certain candidates.

This process will give the voter candidates that mirror the issues of Hillary and that was a loser for Dems and 2020 will be no different.

Without the so-called “fringe” candidates then the party would have NO usable policies and will have nothing to offer but a replay of 2016 when Hillary was their candidate…… she was short on policies other than her right to rule…..

The DNC is making true progressives the enemy….the operative word is “Progressives”……not those mamby pamby liberals that like to call themselves progressives…..the DNC is choosing those over true progressives.

Why would they do this?

The young voter are leaning more Left than their older counterparts…and the DNC is running scared…..

“There is a mysterious cycle in human events,” said Franklin Delano Roosevelt, accepting the Democratic nomination for president in Philadelphia in 1936. “To some generations much is given. Of others much is expected. This generation of Americans has a rendezvous with destiny.”

In the 20th century, many sociologists and historians flirted with the idea that generational changes could explain U.S. politics. The historians Arthur Schlesinger Sr. and Jr. wrote about “cycles of American history,” arguing that, as the generations turn, American politics rotates inexorably between liberal and conservative consensus. More recently, a new generational scheme has come into vogue. William Strauss and Neil Howe’s theory of the “fourth turning” predicts a crisis and a major political realignment every 80 to 90 years. (Strauss and Howe were briefly in the spotlight in 2016 after Steve Bannon praised their work.)

Keep an eye on the DNC…they are showing the voter just how they will lose the 2020 election.

Enjoy the ride!

Be Smart!

Learn Stuff!


8 thoughts on “Only Certain Dems Are Welcome

  1. ‘Rigging’ is what all politicians do best. Doesn’t matter where they are, or what party, they are all accomplished ‘riggers’. 🙂
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Seems this generational realignments theory is reasonable and historically measurable. However, Trump hate, abortion issue and immigration are aligning people in a way that is unique and not generational. Identity politics has become the ugly norm.

    1. I still want to know just how the abortion debate moves this country forward. I agree tribalism is going destroy this nation and sooner than later chuq

  3. The abortion debate will continue to divide and radicalize the nation. I wish all the energy expended by both sides could be avenued into productive problem solving. People on either side are so consumed by the issue and so emotional and hateful against the other side it has become a new syndrome and neurosis affecting people’s sanity. Like so many other issues because of one’s stand on matters , a “we’re not friends anymore” plague prevails . We demonize the other and the other becomes an enemy. There is no compromise. Candidates for office proclaim that we need leaders who will unite the nation. I think that has become impossible. At my age the enemy is cancer. It is decimating my contemporaries at an accelerating rate. My prostate cancer is still at an early and treatable stage but it will eventually get me too. My anger is fueled as I see so many suffering with chemo and radiation in their courageous but futile efforts to survive. The abortion matter is a cancer on our national morale and diminishes the value and potential of what should be our meaningful common denominators.

    1. Sorry to hear about your diagnosis……abortion issues serves no purpose in making this country united so why bother? Be well chuq

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