Syria Saga Continues

Before I go any further I need to make it clear that if there is undeniable evidence that Syria used CWs on a civilian population then it should have been punished….my problem is that the US and its lap dog allies rushed to judgment without that proof of which I speak….

The NATO goons attacked without positive proof and now they let inspectors into the region to determine whether these weapons were used or not….(a little late)……

In the 1980’s, Scott Ritter was a commissioned officer in the United States Marine Corps, specializing in intelligence. In 1987, Ritter was assigned to the On-Site Inspection Agency, which was put together to go into the Soviet Union and oversee the implementation of the Intermediate Nuclear Forces Treaty. This was the first time that on-site inspection had been used as part of a disarmament verification process.

Ritter was one of the groundbreakers in developing on-site inspection techniques and methodologies. With this unique experience behind him, Ritter was asked in 1991, at the end of the Gulf War, to join the United Nations Special Commission, which was tasked by the Security Council to oversee the disarmament of Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction. From 1991 to 1998, Ritter served as a chief weapons inspector and led a number of teams into Iraq.

According to Ritter, in the following Flashpoints Radio interview with Dennis Bernstein conducted on April 23rd, US, British and French claims that the Syrian Government used chemical weapons against civilians last month appear to be totally bogus.

There have been others that have given reason why the Syrian government may not have been behind the attacks…..but so far the Western media will go with the “official” story of the culprit to the attack……

The response from the US, UK and France to a briefing on Thursday at the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) in the Hague was perverse, to say the least. Russia had brought 17 witnesses from Douma who stated that there had been no chemical weapons attack there earlier this month – the pretext for an illegal air strike on Syria by the three western states.

The witnesses, a mix of victims and the doctors who treated them, told accounts that confirmed a report provided last week from Douma by British reporter Robert Fisk – a report, it should be noted, that has been almost entirely blanked by the western media. According to the testimony provided at the OPCW, the victims shown in a video from the site of the alleged attack were actually suffering from the effects of inhaling dust after a bombing raid, not gas.

What will happen if there is proof that the Syrians were not behind this attack?  Will there be a “oops my bad”?  Better yet will we, as Americans, ever know the truth about this attack?

4 thoughts on “Syria Saga Continues

  1. There have also been various reports here stating that the victims were being treated for inhaling dust, but they are overlooked in favour of the ‘official’ version that justifies the missile attacks.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Yep….I have not seen proof positive and I would bet that we will never get that….typical American action….shoot first ask question later and look at the wars we have now….none a necessary. chuq

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