An Unpleasant Surprise

AS Memorial Day approached the US Army thought it would try something new….it ran a survey that asked veterans on Twitter a simple question…..the answers were not what the Army was hoping to get…..

……..the US Army asked veterans on twitter a simple question, “How has serving impacted you?” As Memorial Day approaches, whoever is in charge of the Army’s social media was probably hoping for some nice responses about all the benefits they think come with serving, college education, the bonds formed with fellow soldiers or the invaluable life experience. But the sad reality that our nations veterans and their families face showed itself in the thousands of heart-breaking replies to the question.

Michael J Neel replied, “26 brothers dead. Only 8 in theater. Psyche ward myself after 3 attempts. Everything we accomplished in Mosul was wasted. Every life we gave was spat on. That’s how serving impacted me.” Veteran Drew Turner said, “Let’s see. Lost the functional use of a hand, developed a rare movement disorder and cancer both likely from burn pit exposure, enjoy sleeping 3 to 4 hours most nights due to nightmares and during the day random anxiety attacks all due to PTSD, 7 herniated discs, arthritis…”

These veterans are begging for help….IS ANYONE LISTENING?
AS I wrote…not exactly what the Army intended……these are the stories the media needs to report and stop cheer leading for war and aggression and adventurism.
And then forgotten heroes that are with us and we choose to look away…..

Every Memorial Day, we remember the great heroes who perished, from Gettysburg to Normandy to the streets of Basra. Our country was founded, defended and defined on the backs of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for our nation and our freedoms.

We think today of the lives that were cut short. Of the men and women in their twenties who never made it home. The children they never had, or the birthdays and graduations they never saw. We must pause to reflect on those lives that were shortened in the name of letting the rest of us live on. We remember their sacrifice on the battlefields in defense of our nation, as we rightfully should.

Once again these are the stories that should make the news nightly…instead of what a royal baby is named or what shoes some model wore in Cannes.

None of that is life changing or will make a difference in society….so why bother?

A closing thought is mine and mine alone……

Be a hero and resist the warmongers among us.

10 thoughts on “An Unpleasant Surprise

  1. The news media here also sidelines important issues in favour of Royalty, and celebrity lifestyles. Other than Brexit coverage, most of it is inane.
    Best wishes, Pete.

      1. This is where the US falls way short….it is shameful that we cannot guarantee our veterans adequate care…..chuq

  2. You had me in agreement and empathy all the way until the end with this picture. It suggests the Constitution which our military and elected office holders are sworn to preserve, protect and defend against all enemies foreign and domestic is no longer an honorable commission and is a matter of war mongering. It is real easy to be against war and really an admirable calling. Keeping freedom has a price: precisely the one regrettably paid by the men you have described. I could only pray I had their degree of courage and so we honor their sacrifice. Referring to America as an empire is off the mark as our roots are in human rights not territorial expansion or the subjugation of others. However, we are an empire of military bases perhaps 900 around the world from tiny listening posts to huge military complexes. Without them we will be destroyed .

    1. There are very few of our leaders that are using the Constitution for anything other than a political prop……look at our involvement around the world…looks like an empire to me……not even the UK had that many “bases” around the world in their prime. Who are they protecting us from? And this country is not meeting the price for our veterans….they like the Constitution are political props…..especially on holidays….chuq

  3. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Something to think about … I saw this first hand working at the Veterans Administration for many years! .. ‘the US Army asked veterans on twitter a simple question, “How has serving impacted you?” … ‘Be a hero and resist the warmongers among us.’

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