Closing Thought –15Mar18

With these latest shooting there is yet another debate/conversation going on about the state of our mental health problems…..and our new president has shown the value of the social media in the world of politics…..he has illustrated just how one person can lead the conversation in the direction that they desire…..

There is also many stories about how the society is suffering at the hands of social media… it feeds some people’s mental illness…..

Since the advent of social media, in the past decade, information about people’s lives has become increasingly accessible in the public sphere. Especially in the past year, new story features in popular social media platforms have allowed people to broadcast their lives to the world in real time, with updates by the second and renewed in a mere 24 hours. On one hand, these changes have allowed society to be more inter-connected than ever and the world has consumed it on a large scale. On the other hand, the broadcasting of our lives in real-time has also caused a worldwide mental health problem.

In the United States, Ashawnty Davis killed herself after a video of her in a schoolyard fight went viral on the app Davis was just 10 years old. Less than a week later, Rosalie Avila hung herself after receiving abusive online messages. This time, the child was just 13 years old.

It is an international problem……here in the US it is getting out of control…..but is there any way to stop the rise in this mental illness?

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It Spreads Like Peanut Butter

For this post I am talking about what has been called “fake news”….I know, I know so much has been written about ‘fake news’….and anything these days that does not fit in the conversation about Trump is labeled as ‘fake news’….this phenom, ‘fake news’, is not spread by those damn Russians or some bot stashed away in some dusty backroom……no ‘fake news’ is spread because most people are f*cking lazy.

It’s anyone’s guess how influential 13 Reds with a $100,000 Facebook budget for America’s 6.8 billion-dollar election may have been, but perhaps the driver behind fake news is less nefarious than we’ve been led to believe: What if people are just gossiping, lazy, idiots? It appears that may be the case, at least according to a study published today in the journal Science about how fake news spreads on social media.

It turns out that fake news spreads in a similar way to high school gossip. Fictional news not seen anywhere else is like a secret waiting to get out around school. People jump to share it because it appears exclusive and people want to be the first to break the news to their friends. “Novel information is thought to be more valuable than redundant information,” study co-author Sinan Aral, a professor of management at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, said“People who spread novel information gain social status because they’re thought to be ‘in the know’ or to have inside information.”

Damn that article hits the nail on the bent head.

The premise that people are lazy is all too accurate….anyone that writes a political blog knows how lazy they truly are….it is easier for them to regurgitate crap than it is to research it to determine if it is garbage or accurate.

This laziness has made the search for truth and accuracy virtually impossible……and in the mean time ‘fake news’ continues and is taking over for true news and is gaining in popularity.

Getting Old And Replaceable

One more Saturday and waiting for Spring to be sprung and that damn stupid….spring forward…..daylight savings time….the lamest idea ever!

Any way I am old….I can recall the music on the radio, then TV, then onto portable music…the 8-track and soon to be replaced by the cassette player….all the while my albums were still a source for enjoyment and then the CD was born and my vinyl lost popularity (it has since returned)….the CD killed the album and now the CD is a thing of the past…..

Bad news for the future of CDs (and, let’s face it, probably the future of CD wallets, too). Billboard reports two major CD retailers—Best Buy and Target—are reconsidering their relationship with the three-decade-old music format. Sources say Best Buy—which has gone from the “most powerful” music seller in the US to a “reduced and shoddy” selection that brings in only about $40 million a year—will stop selling CDs on July 1. Meanwhile, sources say Target—which is carrying far fewer CDs these days but still managed to move over 500,000 copies of Taylor Swift’s most recent album—wants to change to a consignment model where it wouldn’t have to pay suppliers for any CDs that go unsold. Sources say at least one major label is considering pulling its music from Target rather than agree to the new financial risk that would represent.

The changes at Best Buy and Target could speed up the CD’s demise, but they’re far from the first signs of its impending doom. USA Today reports CD sales hit $13.2 billion in 2000, and 712 million CDs were sold in 2001. In the 14 years since that peak, recorded music lost 40% of its global value, according to NPR. In 2016, streaming took over as Americans’ main means of listening to music and Kmart stopped selling CDs. In 2017, Ford manufactured its first car without a CD player in 25 years. That same year, CD sales in the US dropped 18.5%. However, while things look bleak now, CDs could always make a vinyl-like comeback a few years down the road. In fact, while Best Buy is giving up on CDs, it will reportedly continue selling vinyl records for another two years. (Speaking of: Sony is doing an about-face after helping kill vinyl.

That is all for me today……I shall enjoy my weekend as much as possible for I return to the surgeon Monday to get my check-up…..I have my fingers crossed…..chuq


Do You Understand The Twitter Use?

The man that has given the social media gizmo a purpose….Trump and the use of Twitter……There are many many opinions on why he is so prolific in using the social media…..some say it is how he relates to his followers…..others think it is something different….

Over the past two years, Trump’s Twitter habits have been honed and polished into an art form. And really, he is a master at it. Maybe after Mueller takes him down, he can write “The Art of the Tweet.” Until then, Americans will continue to reel from unfiltered posts like his most recent threats to North Korea and play the absurd game of trying to tell if our lives are immediately under threat or not.

But one scholar of linguistics and philosophy has masterfully deciphered the strategy behind Trump’s tweets, and it’s just the tool we need going into 2018.

Berkeley professor George Lakoff posted a master key to classifying Trump’s tweeting method this week, and it’s blown up on Twitter.

Twitter is a social media and Trump has shown just how can be used to brainwash a low mentality audience.


2018–Internet Collides With Reality

The day after New Years Day……recovering from too much celebrating….so I will not throw too many post for my readers to digest…..

Every year the internet especially social media….there has been lots of doom and gloom about the overuse of the internet….but let’s be honest…..the internet has taken over every aspect on our lives….

Bloomberg has a look at the internet……

The onset of a new year brings plenty of predictions, and so I will hazard one: Many of the biggest events of 2018 will be bound together by a common theme, namely the collision of the virtual internet with the real “flesh and blood” world. This integration is likely to steer our daily lives, our economy, and maybe even politics to an unprecedented degree.

For instance, the coming year will see a major expansion of the “internet of things,” especially home and other smart devices subject to our commands. So much of our time with information technology has been taken up by texting and Facebook, pure communications of symbols and photos and videos. The next steps will be controlling our doors, heating systems, lights, stoves and refrigerators, and moving toward driverless cars. The virtual world will be managing our older physical processes more and more.

That is my offering for the day…..please have a great day and I hope we all have a great year…..peace and out.


Do You Need That Selfie?

Saturday and a bit nipply in the Deep South……have you ever done one of those “selfies” that are all the rage these days?

Selfies are everywhere……every one with a Cel phone with a camera is spending their time taking photos……why are these pics so “special”?  But beyond that they are dangerous…..if you get hacked and all your nudey pics are found or worse yet……

A friend of mine and reader of this blog once wrote to tell me about how he and the men in his congregation had to go clean out the apartment of the kindly elderly bachelor who worshiped with them … and found lots of child pornography. They also found thousands of ordinary images of children this creep grabbed off the Internet, from people posting photos of their kids. It shook him up so much that he resolved never, ever to post photos of his kids to social media.

I read a news story last week in which researchers in this field said that parents who post lots of pictures of their kids to social media wouldn’t do it if they knew how those images were used by perverts. I just tried to find that story again, but the Google search for it is too depressing, so I gave up

Maybe it would be prudent not to splash your image all over every social site….just a thought.

Please be careful with your image and your safety…..there are people out there that want your information… careful, be safe……


Newest Body Shaming Technique

Saturday breaks and I am suffering from a doctor’s visit……..he says the foot is healing well but will know more on 02 January….hurry up and wait.

Now a days there is always something to shame a young girls body… started off with something simple like “muffin tops” then it moved to boobs, labias and now it has turned to that “Arm vagina”……..say what the Hell is an arm vagina……?

It all started with the muffin top, that telltale spillage of flesh over the top of a tight waistband. Then came the bingo wing, the supposedly shaming droop of flesh beneath middle-aged arms; or maybe it was the cankle (chubby ankle), or the saggy knee. I forget now.

It’s hard for women to keep track of which specific body part is currently being shamed to death, when it seems to be open season on all of them. But even by the demented standards of female self-flagellation, the emergence of “arm vagina” – aka the slight fold of flesh created where the average arm meets the average body – is a low point.

If you’re reading this in a public place and unable immediately to check whether you have arm vagina, then let me help; you almost certainly do. Everyone does. It’s basically a normal human armpit, which tends to involve some spare capacity in the flesh department, what with it being difficult to raise your arm otherwise.

Why cannot these people just be happy with themselves and not want to change their appearance……with ever new fad.

Too darn cold for the garden…….stay warm……I ill be back tomorrow…..peace out……chuq