Closing Thought–22May19

A follow up to my post of the day on the M-IC…….

I have been a staunch opponent and critic of the Military-Industrial Complex (M-IC)……I see the defense contractors getting away with murder…both literally and physically…..

I have written about the waste at the Pentagon……

And then this post…….

Finally some proof of the fraud a report has been issued…..

The four-page report covering fiscal year 2013 through 2017 was sent to lawmakers in December, as required under the 2018 National Defense Authorization Act, but was released to FOIA requester Steven Aftergood, who writes the Secrecy News blog for the Federation of American Scientists.

Investigators at the Defense Criminal Investigative Service and the Defense Department Office of Inspector General found that during the five-year period, there were 1,059 cases resulting in criminal convictions of 1,087 defendants. “The cases reported involved 678 defendants as individual persons and 409 defendants as business entities,” the Pentagon said. “As a result of the criminal convictions, a total of $368,670,055 was recovered in fines and penalties; $370,194,702 was recovered through restitution; and $53,361,358 was recovered through forfeiture of property.”

Just another case of fraud by contractors and the American people could care less where their money goes as long as their social bullshit issues are addressed.  Truly sad!

6 thoughts on “Closing Thought–22May19

  1. I do not accept the waste and criminal rip offs one bit. I say hang them all for their sins and treason. War profiteering is a despicable curse relished by the lowest scum of humanity right up there with child molesters and rapists. .

  2. Over here, we say that is ‘shutting the door after the horse has bolted’. You can bet they spirited away a small fortune before they got caught.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Waste is not specific….I was in the military and watched it……I am basically talking about the lack of oversight…..let say a plane does not work the government will throw more money at the company to fix it…..that should be on the head of the company….just an example….chuq

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