Closing Thought–16May19

I live in the Deep South and I hear all the time just how the South has changed they are calling it the “New South”…..that attitudes are changing and that the old days are gone…..

I never believed the hype! I have not seen anything changing in my region and then I read this from Georgia…..

A Georgia councilman who came to the defense of the city’s mayor after she was accused of racism said that interracial marriage is “just not the way a Christian is supposed to live.”

Mayor Theresa Kenerly of Hoschton came under fire recently after she allegedly told a member of the council that she rejected a job applicant “because he is black, and the city isn’t ready for this,” according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Kenerly later denied that she made the remarks.

“I do not recall making the statement attributed to me regarding any applicant for the City Administrator position, and I deny that I made any statement that suggest (sic) prejudice,” she said in a statement.

Hoschton, which is nearly all white, has a city code against discrimination based on “race, national origin, color, religion, creed, age, sex.”

Councilwoman Hope Weeks confirmed in an email that Kenerly made similar remarks to her in the parking lot.

Read the entire report here.

There is nothing “new” about the South…the same bigoted opinions are still there…just hiding beneath some smiles and lies.

The “New South” looks and sounds a lot like the “Old South”.

9 thoughts on “Closing Thought–16May19

  1. These people may go to church on Sunday but they have no business calling themselves Christians. The 1st Century Jews and those before and after felt the Messiah was exclusively the redeemer of the Jewish people but Paul taught Jesus came for all including (but not confined to ) Gentiles. Greeks and pagans. Some accepted this. Some did not and did not become Christians preferring the Law and old ways and rejecting Jesus. The slave owners in some bizzare justifications felt they were Christians as well. The New South is blossoming well in North Carolina from my experience. Certainly pockets of the Old South remain especially in other parts of the nation.

    1. They used the Bible to justify slavery with some silliness about the sons of Noah…..the Bible has been used for much but seldom is used the way it was intended. chuq

      1. Agree. Miami Dade County is about 80% minority and about 60% foreign born. White flight resulted over last few decades. As a white guy (Italians did not get to be white until Joe DiMaggio got on the Yankees) it has been both amusing and disappointing to watch the non white races and ethnicities battle each other and to see minorities discriminating against each other and loathing each other is a remarkable social phenomenon. It is very polarized in my opinion. Miami celebrates its multiculturalism from the chambers of commerce but it is a rat race of subsets of minority populations fighting over jobs and promotions and neighborhoods are very segregated. Hispanic, African American, Caribbean Black (and divisions within each) in competition with the Cubans holding the super advantage. It is ironic to watch contractors fighting over minority rights consideration when the whole place is minorities. White male pretty much locked out of employment. The old south white domination and repression and racism has evaporated.

      2. Maybe in Miami but not so much in the wilderness of Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas….racism is very much alive in the South …just not as overt as it once was….chuq

  2. The Civil War continues to be waged on the issue of states’ rights. Perhaps there are fewer shots fired, but the mentality still exists and swamps Congress and progress to this day.

      1. Obstructionism certainly got them a lot, eh?! It is anti-Americanism in its most virulent and destructive form. “If we can’t have our way, we won’ty let anyone have his weay. Nyah! Nyah!” How do you change that?

      2. I wish I had a good answer….short of throwing them all out of office and we know that is not happening….chuq

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