Closing Thought–22Oct18

I have always been an opponent of the military in our schools…..I feel that the students should be focused on their studies and not on whether they would make a good Marine in high school……if one chooses to be a soldier then apply to a military school like Our Dear Leader did in his youth (of course that was as close as he got to being a real soldier)….

The Army is failing to attract those young ones and is changing up its recruiting style…..

Recruiters armed with new marketing campaigns and technology will target cities where the Army has struggled to engage potential soldiers as part of a revamped strategy to fill the ranks.

The service is taking a holistic approach to updating its recruiting and marketing enterprises, which have gone years without proper review, Army Gen. Stephen Townsend, chief of Training and Doctrine Command, said Tuesday. The lack of assessment has left current recruiters poorly outfitted to engage their targets — about 30 percent of men and women ages 17 to 24 who qualify to join the military.

To my young readers….DO NOT believe the hype!  The Army cannot guarantee you a spot of your choice because that is determined by a battery of tests that are given AFTER you sign on the dotted line.

Please think carefully before signing……keep in mind that this country is in wars all over the planet….your chances of deployment to a war zone is very good.

Maybe Later (But Don’t Hold Your Breath)

***Warning:  I have strong feelings here and I have not held my words***

There are many things that I dislike about Our Dear Supreme Leader….his lame foreign policy, his embracing of alt-Right d/bags, his jingoism, his total lack of genuine concern for our veterans, his name calling of opponents but the most unforgivable sin in my book is his lack of concern for our troops fighting our way too many wars.

It seems he has told himself he is too busy to waste time on our troops…..

Trump is waving off the idea that he should maintain the presidential tradition of visiting U.S. troops inside a war zone.

The gesture is seen as a sign of respect and a way for the president to remind U.S. troops that Americans are thinking of them in places like Afghanistan and Iraq, where an estimated 20,000 U.S. troops are still stationed.

“I will do that at some point, but I don’t think it’s overly necessary,” Trump said on Tuesday, when pressed during a Q&A with the Associated Press. “I’ve been very busy with everything that’s taking place here.”

Too f*cking busy?

Trump famously doesn’t work very hard or very often, and on some days there’s nothing listed on his official schedule.  When not live-tweeting Fox News during his “executive time,” Trump has been relentlessly golfing, as if that were his full-time job.  He’s also attended 70 campaign events this year.

So they idea that he’s been too “busy” to venture into war zones to show his appreciation for the troops makes no sense.

This proves what a pathetic individual this person is truly…..and proves that he has NO business being the president of this great country.

Too busy to visit while he and his butt boy Pompeo waste time trying to give the murdering bastards, the Saudis, cover for their crime.

Plus the worthless party that he fronts for is also just as pathetic…..their idiot nominees are insulting the service people that have decided to step up and run for office….if they are in opposition then they are treated badly……I’m guessing these people are cowards for they did not service their country in the military…..some even got deferment after deferment to avoid service….bone spurs my ass!  Note that Trump, who has bragged about being a three-sport athlete in high school, suddenly developed bone spurs when he became eligible for the draft during the Vietnam War. In total, he received five deferments and avoided serving in the military. Nearly 60,000 Americans were killed in the Vietnam War.

Too Busy!  He is asking Americans to put their lives on the line to move his policies forward and he is too GODDAMN busy to visit the troops.

First, too f*cking busy doing what?  Too busy Tweeting insults to women.

Bottom line….Trump is a f*cking COWARD!

Let’s make these bastards pay for their treatment of the American soldier and the veterans…..time to show these pathetic bastards the door!

Help get the word out on just how badly this man in the White House is treating the soldiers.  Our troops deserve better than this person in the White House.  They deserve someone that actually cares about them.


Saudis Feed Manure To The World

And Our Dear Supreme Leader is eating it up…….

I see the Saudis have a hard time coming up with the story of the death of Jamal Khashoggi…..reminds me of the ever changing story when they killed a busload of school kids in Yemen….

Their story here is also ever changing…..most times to the point of stupid!

But never let it be said that I would not try to give all the story to date…..a recap……..

President Trump is criticizing Saudi Arabia’s version of Jamal Khashoggi’s death—that the late journalist died in a fistfight gone wrong. “Obviously there’s been deception, and there’s been lies,” he tells the Washington Post, but adds that “nobody has told me” Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is responsible for the death: “We haven’t reached that point … I would love if he wasn’t responsible.” He also downplayed Jared Kushner’s relationship with Mohammed (“They’re two young guys. … They like each other, I believe”) and made clear his position on a pending $110 billion US arms sale to the kingdom. “It’s the largest order in history,” he says. “To give that up would hurt us far more than it hurts them. Then all they’ll do is go to Russia or go to China. … With that being said, something will take place.” For more:

  • The chokehold: An unidentified Saudi official tells Reuters that 15 Saudi nationals confronted Khashoggi to convince him to return to Saudi Arabia, but overstepped their bounds by threatening to drug and kidnap him. When Khashoggi raised his voice, he was put in a chokehold and died. “The intention was not to kill him,” the official says.
  • Why, why, why: Doubters are pointing out holes in the Saudi story, the New York Times reports. Why did the royal court take 18 days to admit Khashoggi had died, after saying for two weeks he had left the Saudi consulate in Istanbul intact? Why would 60-year-old Khashoggi get in a fight with security agents? Why did the Saudi detail include an autopsy specialist?
  • More skeptics: Britain is among those who don’t believe: “No, I don’t think it is credible,” says Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab of the fistfight story, per Al Jazeera. Germany, Canada, France, and of course Turkey are among the doubters. The European Union is demanding a “transparent investigation” into Khashoggi’s death, the AP reports.
  • The body: Amnesty International wants Saudi Arabia to turn over Khashoggi’s body for an autopsy. The fistfight story is “not trustworthy and marks an abysmal new low to Saudi Arabia’s human rights record,” says an Amnesty director in a statement.

No “nonsense”: Two Saudi royal family members tell the Wall Street Journal that Prince Khalid al Faisal, an envoy of Mohammed’s, went to Turkey last month and heard an audio recording of Khashoggi being drugged, killed, and cut up right after he entered the consulate. “The audio does not have this nonsense about a fight that broke after an argument,” says one.

  • Twitter army: Saudi Arabia uses an “army of Twitter trolls” to harass critics of the kingdom—and Khashoggi was among their targets, the New York Times reports. Sometimes he took the attacks to heart: “The mornings were the worst for him because he would wake up to the equivalent of sustained gunfire online,” says a friend.
  • Saudi supporters: Saudi Arabia’s Middle East allies are praising Mohammed’s handling of the story, per Al Jazeera. Egypt commends his “brave and decisive actions” while state-run media in the United Arab Emirates praises his “directives and decisions … on the issue of Khashoggi.”
  • Times editorial: “Trump has been longing for some way to hang on to his soul mate Prince Mohammed and lucrative Saudi arms deals from day one, and he seemed to breathe a sigh of relief over the story the Saudis concocted after more than two weeks of lies and evasions,” per a New York Times editorial about the fistfight story.

According to one report, Khashoggi’s fingers were removed first—then his head.

The story they are trying to sell the hardest is that Khashoggi’s death was an accident……sorry guys but you do not bring a bone saw to an accident.

What should we expect from a barbarous nation like KSA….they behead bloggers for God sake…..this act of extreme cruelty is nothing new when writing about KSA.

Will we ever know the truth?  Doubtful.  Will the Trump gang of thugs accept the explanation?  That is once the Saudis settle on their story and stick to it.  Probably.

Let’s Talk 2016

We are mere few days away from the 2018 Mid-Terms and the president still talks about the election we had in 2016…..I believe that most everyone knows that we have a president named Trump and yet he cannot stop talking about the 2016 election….on and on……

You know the election of 2016  and we have a president, like him or not, I want to move on and talk about the world we have today….but we cannot… seems the winner of the electoral college cannot move past the election….every rally and campaign stop he makes he constantly relives the election of 2016… I thought ‘why not’ it is something interesting because NOTHING happening in the Trump White House is all that interesting.

The biggest confusion is the “Obama Voter” that switched and voted for the old angry white guy….(what were they thinking?)…….

One of the most puzzling elements of the 2016 election, at least for a lot of Americans, was the millions of voters who switched from voting for Barack Obama in 2012 to Donald Trump in 2016. Somewhere between 6.7 million and 9.2 million Americans switched this way; given that the 2016 election was decided by 40,000 votes, it’s fair to say that Obama-Trump switchers were one of the key reasons that Hillary Clinton lost.

The existence of those voters has served as evidence that the most plausible explanation for what happened in 2016 — that Trump’s campaign tapped into the racism of white Americans to win pivotal states — is wrong. “How could white Americans who voted for a black president in the past be racist,” or so the thinking goes.

As long as we are talking about the 2016 election and since the president cannot open his mouth without saying something stupid about Hillary Clinton I might as well include her in this post…….

IMO she was a terrible candidate and the final tally in the Electoral College proves my point…..yes I know “she won the popular vote”….and where did that get her?

She can go back to the circuit of getting paid “appearance money” and step out of the light for awhile…..(she just cannot step away)…..

“No, I’m not going to run again.” So declared Hillary Clinton this week in an interview with BBC Radio. Clinton, however, said she planned to remain in the public eye criticizing President Trump, reports CNBC. One thing that seems clear: Given her re-emergence on the national stage, lots of people think she will, in fact, run for president in 2020—and lots of Democrats are conflicted about that. Details and developments:

  • Pro-Hillary: A Politico piece headlined “How Do You Solve a Problem Like Hillary?” talks to some of those conflicted Democrats. But it also quotes from Clinton adviser Philippe Reines, who argues that no other Democrat even comes close to her base of support. “Chalking the loss up to her being a failed candidate is an oversimplification,” he says. “She is smarter than most, tougher than most, she could raise money easier than most, and it was an absolute fight to the death.” He thinks it’s unlikely, but possible, that she will run. The chances are “not zero.”

Anti-Hillary: A good example of the “please, no” camp is a piece by Liz Mair in the Daily Beast, who likens Clinton to a zombie who won’t stay down. “Hillary remains caught up in the delusion that the only reason she lost in 2016 was because of Russian interference,” writes Mair. “She does not seem to have fully processed the fact that she lost the Electoral College, the only vote that counts.”

  • Another: Michelle Cottle, a member of the New York Times editorial board, wrote an op-ed arguing that Clinton is doing her party more harm than good ahead of the midterms with all her public appearances. Instead of generating support among Democrats and independents, she’s merely energizing the Republican base, Cottle writes.
  • Bannon’s view: “She’s a lion in winter,” Steve Bannon tells Politico. “Not only is she running, she should run. In the Democratic Party, the question is can anybody throw a punch or take a punch, and one thing we know about Hillary Clinton is she can take a punch.” Trump, for his part, says he hopes she runs.
  • Lewinsky controversy: Last weekend, Clinton told CBS that her husband’s affair with a 22-year-old Monica Lewinsky didn’t constitute an abuse of power because Lewinsky was an adult, reports USA Today. Clinton continues to take flak for this, including from Tarana Burke, who’s credited with starting the #MeToo movement. “It’s absolutely an abuse of power,” Burke tells the Root. “Two people made a choice and one of those people was the most powerful man in the world.” And former Obama adviser David Axelrod wrote: “Just guessing this isn’t the story Democratic candidates were looking for in the homestretch of the midterms.”
  • A tour: Clinton will further raise her public profile with a series of appearances starting next month with Bill Clinton to talk about the 2016 loss and other issues, reports Business Insider. “An Evening With the Clintons” will visit 13 cities, with tickets ranging from $60 to $745.
  • Low numbers: A Gallup poll in September put Clinton’s favorability rating at a record low 36%. That’s down 7 points from the eve of the election. The partisan split: 77% favorable rating among Democrats, 30% among independents, and 4% among Republicans.
  • Clinton also drew attention for asserting that “civility” will return to the US only when Democrats reassume power.

Please…..she lost the 2016 election…time for her to go away….Dems do not need her any longer….they need to find a voice and a message….she did not have one in 2016 and right now the Dems are still looking for their voice.  Right now not even the Party knows who the leader of the Dems is… is there a leader?

This is fun!

The Mid-terms will tell the tale…..the Dems may have a chance to redeem themselves with the voter…..will they?

Tracking The Conflict

The war in Afghanistan has been raging for 17 years and I have been tracking the conflict for the whole time… tracking I mean that I have been watching how Americans react to the war and to the news about the war.

Americans, as a whole, NO longer care about this war…..the military families that it has an impact on are the only caring group anymore.  We are celebrating 17 years of a war that means nothing anymore….

The absurd hopelessness was the worst part. No, it wasn’t the Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) blowing limbs off my boys, or the well-aimed gunshot wounds suffered by others; it wasn’t even the horror of ordering the deaths of other (“enemy”) human beings.

No, for a captain commanding 100 odd troopers in Southwest Kandahar province at the height of the Obama “surge” of 2011, what most struck me was the feeling of futility; the sense that the mission was fruitless operationally, and, of course, all but ignored at home. After a full year of saturating the district with American soldiers, the truth is we really controlled only the few square feet we each stood on. The Taliban controlled the night, the farmlands, the villages. And, back in 2011, well, the U.S. had about 100,000 servicemen and women in country. There are less than 15,000 on the ground now.

The news and our society have basically forgotten about our longest war…if that is truly the case……

You’d hardly know it from the news, but we’ve been continuously at war in Afghanistan since 2001. The war quietly turned 17 on October 7.

Unfortunately, America’s amnesia didn’t prevent Command Sergeant Major Tim Bolyard from being killed in Afghanistan in early September during his eighth combat tour and 13th deployment.

Believe it or not……the Afghan War is over and we did not win…….

America has lost the war in Afghanistan. Washington may not want to admit it, and the U.S. military insists the conflict is a “stalemate.” But make no mistake: The original 9/11 war has been lost.

On Thursday, the Taliban attacked a meeting between Afghan officials and the top U.S. military commander in Afghanistan, Gen. Austin S. Miller. Americans in attendance were wounded, but Miller was unhurt. At least three Afghan officials, though, were killed, including Gen. Abdul Raziq, a key American ally and powerbroker in southern Afghanistan. The U.S. military’s initial statement on the attack was a good example of its cognitive dissonance. Instead of a full condemnation, Col. Dave Butler, the spokesman for U.S. Forces-Afghanistan, claimed it was merely an “Afghan-on-Afghan incident.” This is an absurd characterization given that the Taliban quickly claimed responsibility, a crucial anti-Taliban commander was killed, and Americans were wounded, all in the presence of the U.S. general in charge of the war effort.

This war is over……then why have we not left and brought our war weary troops home?

During the past few months, many foreign policy analysts have overlooked a series of troubling reports from America’s war in Afghanistan. In late July, the New York Times reported that the Trump administration has been pushing Afghan security forces to withdraw from “vast stretches of the country.” Moreover, in the last few weeks, the Afghan government sustained significant losses defending territory in four districts from the Taliban, and Kabul has stopped reporting the number of deaths of its soldiers because the losses in many districts have become unsustainable. Nonetheless, in what has become a familiar pattern, American troops were dispatched to help Afghan security forces eject the insurgents and re-establish control.

… insider attack in Afghanistan’s Kandahar Province killed materially all of the top-ranking officials in the provincial government. The Pentagon downplayed the matter, saying two Americans were wounded, but that the top general present was unharmed.

What they didn’t reveal until Sunday was that the “serviceman” wounded in the attack was actually Brigadier General Jeffrey Smiley, a high-ranking advisor for the NATO mission in southern Afghanistan. He was shot, and is recovering.

Already the most significant insider attack of the war, having basically taken out the provincial government, this makes it an even bigger attack, as it means a Taliban gunman also got close enough to shoot a US general after killing all these people.


This week, the Taliban demonstrated – once again – that they can strike where and when they choose. The target was General Miller, the top US commander in Afghanistan, as well as some senior Afghan security officials. It was a close call, but General Miller was unhurt. The same can not be said for three top Afghan security leaders who were killed or the two American soldiers wounded in the crossfire. More disturbingly, the gunmen appeared to be Taliban sleepers embedded in the provincial governor’s (who was among the dead) bodyguards. Thus, this was another fatal “insider attack,” of which I’ve recently written. What, then, can we say about this near miss ambush, and how does it reflect on the war effort – America’s longest – in Afghanistan writ large?

At what point do we stop looking for excuses to stay and bring the troops home?

If the war and our troops do not immediately come to mind then it is time to call the war and let the troops enjoy their families again.

Like I said in the beginning of this post…I have been tracking this conflict since the first shot was fired….Americans care nothing about this conflict and ignore the news as much as possible.

Time to call it off and declare a win.