Maybe Later (But Don’t Hold Your Breath)

***Warning:  I have strong feelings here and I have not held my words***

There are many things that I dislike about Our Dear Supreme Leader….his lame foreign policy, his embracing of alt-Right d/bags, his jingoism, his total lack of genuine concern for our veterans, his name calling of opponents but the most unforgivable sin in my book is his lack of concern for our troops fighting our way too many wars.

It seems he has told himself he is too busy to waste time on our troops…..

Trump is waving off the idea that he should maintain the presidential tradition of visiting U.S. troops inside a war zone.

The gesture is seen as a sign of respect and a way for the president to remind U.S. troops that Americans are thinking of them in places like Afghanistan and Iraq, where an estimated 20,000 U.S. troops are still stationed.

“I will do that at some point, but I don’t think it’s overly necessary,” Trump said on Tuesday, when pressed during a Q&A with the Associated Press. “I’ve been very busy with everything that’s taking place here.”

Too f*cking busy?

Trump famously doesn’t work very hard or very often, and on some days there’s nothing listed on his official schedule.  When not live-tweeting Fox News during his “executive time,” Trump has been relentlessly golfing, as if that were his full-time job.  He’s also attended 70 campaign events this year.

So they idea that he’s been too “busy” to venture into war zones to show his appreciation for the troops makes no sense.

This proves what a pathetic individual this person is truly…..and proves that he has NO business being the president of this great country.

Too busy to visit while he and his butt boy Pompeo waste time trying to give the murdering bastards, the Saudis, cover for their crime.

Plus the worthless party that he fronts for is also just as pathetic…..their idiot nominees are insulting the service people that have decided to step up and run for office….if they are in opposition then they are treated badly……I’m guessing these people are cowards for they did not service their country in the military…..some even got deferment after deferment to avoid service….bone spurs my ass!  Note that Trump, who has bragged about being a three-sport athlete in high school, suddenly developed bone spurs when he became eligible for the draft during the Vietnam War. In total, he received five deferments and avoided serving in the military. Nearly 60,000 Americans were killed in the Vietnam War.

Too Busy!  He is asking Americans to put their lives on the line to move his policies forward and he is too GODDAMN busy to visit the troops.

First, too f*cking busy doing what?  Too busy Tweeting insults to women.

Bottom line….Trump is a f*cking COWARD!

Let’s make these bastards pay for their treatment of the American soldier and the veterans…..time to show these pathetic bastards the door!

Help get the word out on just how badly this man in the White House is treating the soldiers.  Our troops deserve better than this person in the White House.  They deserve someone that actually cares about them.



13 thoughts on “Maybe Later (But Don’t Hold Your Breath)

  1. Yes — by all means — vote, vote, vote — vote early and vote often in true Liberal fashion — Vote to change things — and then spend the next 4 years griping about the choices you have made when they disappoint you. Good show! I’m all in favor of it! Do you not realize that there is no such thing in this present world as an honest politician?

    1. I agree especially in the White House…..if voting is a liberal tradition then I am a liberal as much as I hate the word…instead of bitching about liberals why is acceptable for this poser to crap on troops? chuq

      1. Every president craps on the troops — especially when the Industrial/Military Establishment needs to fight a war to protect the oil lines somewhere … or to keep the arms makers happy.

      2. I hope that someday you find a president that you like, You deserve happiness, peace and contentment because you are a wonderful person.

      3. Me too…..I deserve a great president I have had too many duds….but I know that he would put the troops first and not some after thought. chuq

      4. If that is the extent of your concerns, then be assured that what we need is not a president but a military dictator. A military dictator would be very much concerned about the troops.

  2. I read today that Hillary is going to avoid the Florida gubernatorial race because she’s already looking at Gilliam as her VP running mate. She DOES know he’s a socialist, doesn’t she?!! (or is that her plan?)

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