Closing Thought–25Oct18

We have heard all the what use to be the GOP rail against the MSM as fake news…..just to remind my readers of my coverage…..

I recently read a story that made me think of Germany of the 1920 and 30’s….Goebbels was a genus at “fake news”……like I said I read a story that made me think of ‘Heil’……

But he took his media antagonism a step further on Wednesday, wondering aloud via tweet whether the F.C.C. should revoke broadcaster NBC’s licenses, after the network published a story saying he had sought a tenfold increase in the U.S. nuclear arsenal. “Fake @NBCNews made up a story that I wanted a ‘tenfold’ increase in the U.S. nuclear arsenal. Pure fiction, made up to demean. NBC=CNN,” he said in a tweet. “With all of the Fake News coming out of NBC and the Networks, at what point is it appropriate to challenge their License? Bad for country!” According to the White House press pool, Trump later said on Wednesday: “It is frankly disgusting the press is able to write whatever it wants to write.”

Trump, Our Dear Supreme Leader, continues to show his ignorance of how government works….and to fail to realize that laws are not made for his benefit.

Once again this person thinks that all laws are to protect him and his presidency….

“Make America Great Again”–Part Two

I must continue with a journey through American history…..written by a Maj. Danny Sjurden a professor of History at West Point for a time….Part Two is about the religious zealots in our early history….keep in mind that some of the first Europeans to settle in the New World were religious zealots known as “Puritans”…..The Puritans were a widespread and diverse group of people who took a stand for religious purity in the 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries in Europe. Their rise was directly related to the increased knowledge that came to the common people in the Age of Enlightenment. As people learned to read and write, and as the Bible became more accessible to commoners, many began to read the Bible for themselves (a habit that was strongly discouraged in the established church). Some Puritans were connected with Anabaptist groups in continental Europe, but the majority were connected with the Church of England. The word Puritan was first coined in the 1560s as a derisive term for those who advocated more purity in worship and doctrine.

The English Puritans, who are the most familiar to Americans, believed that the English Reformation had not gone far enough and that the Church of England was still tolerating too many practices that were associated with the Church of Rome (such as hierarchical leadership, clerical vestments, and the various rituals of the church). Many Puritans advocated separation from all other Christian groups, but most were “non-separating” and desired to bring cleansing and change to the church from within. Holding a high view of Scripture, and deeming it as the only true law of God, Puritans believed that each individual, as well as each congregation, was directly responsible to God, rather than answering through a mediator such as a priest, bishop, etc. The Congregational Church in America is a descendant of the early Puritan settlers, and any group that advocates congregational rule and individual piety has been impacted in some way by Puritan teaching. Even today, theologians from many church backgrounds appreciate reading the works of the old Puritan divines, even if they differ in some points of doctrine.

Let’s look at the roots of religious zealots in Early America…..

It is the image Americans are comfortable with. The first Thanksgiving. Struggling Pilgrims—our blessed forebears—saved by the generosity of kindly Native Americans. Two societies coexisting in harmony. If Colonial Virginia was a mess, well, certainly matters were better in Massachusetts. Here are origins all can be proud of.

Our children re-create the scene every November, and we watch them with pride through the lenses of our smartphones. But is this representation of life in Colonial New England an accurate portrait of Anglo-Native relations at Plymouth, or, for that matter, in the larger Massachusetts Bay Colony? Of course it isn’t, but nonetheless the impression—the myth—persists. That’s a story unto itself.

American history is fascinating……never a dull moment….

Class Dismissed!

A New “Unabomber”?

Or was it a lame attempt at some attention?

After I shut down the writing operation yesterday a story was developing about the bombs sent in the mail to some politicos…..

A six-inch pipe bomb was sent to George Soros two days ago, and two officials tell the New York Times that similar devices were intercepted while en route to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama’s offices. The AP called Clinton’s a “functional explosive device.” The Times reports Clinton’s package was flagged by a technician who reviews her mail. A statement from the Secret Service obtained by CNN journalist Elizabeth Landers elaborates on the situation.

It says the Secret Service intercepted “two suspicious packages addressed to Secret Service protectees.” It says Clinton’s package was intercepted late Tuesday in Westchester County, NY (she and former President Clinton live in Chappaqua) and that Obama’s package was intercepted in Washington, DC. The packages “were immediately identified during routine mail screening procedures as potential explosive devices and were appropriately handled as such.” Clinton and Obama were not “at risk of receiving them.”

After the Soros bomb was intercepted news came that others had been targeted and the return address was also as weird……

First George Soros, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and CNN’s NYC headquarters, now Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Rep. Maxine Waters. A Democratic aide confirmed to BuzzFeed that a suspicious package intercepted at a Capitol Hill sorting facility was addressed to Waters. The Miami Herald reports Broward County, Florida, police have confirmed a suspicious package arrived at the former Democratic National Committee chair’s Sunrise office and is being investigated. But there’s a twist:

  • The Washington Post reports the devices sent to Clinton, Soros, and Obama were contained in manila envelopes and featured typed addresses. The law enforcement official it spoke with said the return address bore the name of “a known public official” who was not thought to be involved.
  • In a twist, NBC News spoke with three law enforcement officials who say the return address was Schultz’s. Sources who spoke to CNN and the New York Times also said some of the packages had Schultz’s name and address on the return label.
  • Now CNN reports the package that arrived at Schultz’s office was actually addressed to Eric Holder but featured an incorrect address. As such, it was returned to sender—and the listed sender was Schultz.
  • The package sent to CNN was reportedly sent to the attention of former CIA director John Brennan. CNN reporter Kaitlan Collins tweeted that Brennan isn’t employed by CNN, but rather is an MSNBC contributor.
  • The AP spoke with two law enforcement officials who say the package that was addressed to Brennan contained a crude but functional device, and that it seemed similar to those sent to Soros, Clinton, and Obama. The device sent to Soros has been described as a 6-inch pipe bomb. CNN reports it was delivered by courier.
  • Plenty of political figures are speaking out in condemnation. Sarah Sanders called the “terrorizing acts … despicable” and said the person responsible “will be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law.”
  • Vice President Pence tweeted against the “cowardly” and “despicable” acts and said those responsible will be brought to justice; President Trump retweeted it, noting “I agree wholeheartedly!”
  • Trump elaborated during an afternoon event on opioids, saying “acts or threats of political violence have no place in the United States” and that “a major federal investigation” into the “despicable acts” is now underway. The AP notes he called for unity and did not specify any of the intended recipients of the packages by name.
  • The San Diego Union-Tribune reports it and nearby businesses were briefly evacuated after a pile of suspicious-looking packages were noted outside the building Wednesday morning; CNN notes the newspaper’s building also houses the field office for Sen. Kamala Harris. But the packages were determined to hold nothing suspicious after about an hour.
  • Similarly, Andrew Cuomo himself said in a news conference that a “device” was sent to his Manhattan office, but the NYPD determined it did not contain a bomb and was not related to the other packages.

This is just uncalled for… blame attached but every person that was targeted has been the focus of a Trump rally at one point or another.

Are we returning to the days of the “Unabomber”?


If you have not heard of the “Unabomber” then you are too young to remember reading….so this short video is for you…..

Not to worry your president step up……

“Any acts or threats of political violence are an attack on our democracy itself,” Trump said, per ABC. The president was relatively subdued during his remarks, the Washington Post reports. He refrained from his usual attacks on Democratic targets including Hillary Clinton and Maxine Waters—two of the people the pipe bombs were addressed to—and did not encourage audience members when some of them started shouting “CNN sucks.” “By the way, do you see how nice I’m behaving?” Trump said. “We’re all behaving very well. And hopefully we can keep it that way.”

(Must pause here for the laughter was painful)

If Dems can put together a 7,000+ strong “caravan” then it is logical that Repub operatives could put together a letter bomb campaign.

WAIT!  Wait!  Or maybe this is some plot hatched by the Dems for some sympathy (Infowars may use my idea…they never let the truth get in the way of a conspiracy)

Is there more to come?

Just saying.

Fearless Leader Loses

It is the month of October and just a mere 7 years ago the death of a dictator was announced to the world……October 2011 during the Libyan Revolution the strongman Gaddafi lost his life to the rebels.

It is a good time to look back at the situation…..the revolution has been anything but a good thing for many Libyans……

The “triumph of the February 17th Revolution and the fall of the dictatorship” was initially greeted with euphoria, but this mood was not enough to prevent the country from falling apart. The victors, who had seized power with the support of NATO and an unlikely coalition of various armed groups, were unable to prevent the country’s descent into chaos.  That coalition split apart in 2014, and the country has effectively been split in two ever since. There are now two opposed “territories”, one headed by Tripoli in the west of Libya, the other headed by Tobruk, in the east. Each has its own government, parliament and armed forces.

What is more, the capital, Tripoli, is controlled by four main armed groups, which, together, prop up the Government of National Accord, headed by Fayez al-Sarraj.  Their official role is to guarantee security, serve as a police force, and guard the airport, government organisations and prisons etc. According to many experts in the region, these armed groups have built up an unprecedented level of control over both public and private organisations. They are involved in business and a wide range of illegal schemes: these include various forms of smuggling, especially of oil.

The Western powers acting as the rebel Libyan Air Force has rained down death and destruction on the Libyan people and allowed the groups like AQ and ISIS find a foot hold in the country…..and yet another civil war because of something the US and its allies did.

Nothing about the end of the revolution (whenever that is) will be good for the Libyan people.  The US told the Western powers to involve themselves in Libya and now it is time for those same countries to heal what they broke.

As unpalatable as it may be, the United States should become more involved in one of the world’s most destabilizing conflicts.

We are talking about Libya. The North African country remains in turmoil with the effects of the conflict rippling through three continents, and no realistic prospect of a resolution soon. What is needed is a level of diplomatic engagement the U.S. alone can muster, and soon. Libya’s dysfunction will likely deepen the longer the conflict grinds on, and pose a serious threat to American interests in a critical, fragile region of the world.

Time for the US to do something good and right……help repair the country that we broke.