Saudis Feed Manure To The World

And Our Dear Supreme Leader is eating it up…….

I see the Saudis have a hard time coming up with the story of the death of Jamal Khashoggi…..reminds me of the ever changing story when they killed a busload of school kids in Yemen….

Their story here is also ever changing…..most times to the point of stupid!

But never let it be said that I would not try to give all the story to date…..a recap……..

President Trump is criticizing Saudi Arabia’s version of Jamal Khashoggi’s death—that the late journalist died in a fistfight gone wrong. “Obviously there’s been deception, and there’s been lies,” he tells the Washington Post, but adds that “nobody has told me” Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is responsible for the death: “We haven’t reached that point … I would love if he wasn’t responsible.” He also downplayed Jared Kushner’s relationship with Mohammed (“They’re two young guys. … They like each other, I believe”) and made clear his position on a pending $110 billion US arms sale to the kingdom. “It’s the largest order in history,” he says. “To give that up would hurt us far more than it hurts them. Then all they’ll do is go to Russia or go to China. … With that being said, something will take place.” For more:

  • The chokehold: An unidentified Saudi official tells Reuters that 15 Saudi nationals confronted Khashoggi to convince him to return to Saudi Arabia, but overstepped their bounds by threatening to drug and kidnap him. When Khashoggi raised his voice, he was put in a chokehold and died. “The intention was not to kill him,” the official says.
  • Why, why, why: Doubters are pointing out holes in the Saudi story, the New York Times reports. Why did the royal court take 18 days to admit Khashoggi had died, after saying for two weeks he had left the Saudi consulate in Istanbul intact? Why would 60-year-old Khashoggi get in a fight with security agents? Why did the Saudi detail include an autopsy specialist?
  • More skeptics: Britain is among those who don’t believe: “No, I don’t think it is credible,” says Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab of the fistfight story, per Al Jazeera. Germany, Canada, France, and of course Turkey are among the doubters. The European Union is demanding a “transparent investigation” into Khashoggi’s death, the AP reports.
  • The body: Amnesty International wants Saudi Arabia to turn over Khashoggi’s body for an autopsy. The fistfight story is “not trustworthy and marks an abysmal new low to Saudi Arabia’s human rights record,” says an Amnesty director in a statement.

No “nonsense”: Two Saudi royal family members tell the Wall Street Journal that Prince Khalid al Faisal, an envoy of Mohammed’s, went to Turkey last month and heard an audio recording of Khashoggi being drugged, killed, and cut up right after he entered the consulate. “The audio does not have this nonsense about a fight that broke after an argument,” says one.

  • Twitter army: Saudi Arabia uses an “army of Twitter trolls” to harass critics of the kingdom—and Khashoggi was among their targets, the New York Times reports. Sometimes he took the attacks to heart: “The mornings were the worst for him because he would wake up to the equivalent of sustained gunfire online,” says a friend.
  • Saudi supporters: Saudi Arabia’s Middle East allies are praising Mohammed’s handling of the story, per Al Jazeera. Egypt commends his “brave and decisive actions” while state-run media in the United Arab Emirates praises his “directives and decisions … on the issue of Khashoggi.”
  • Times editorial: “Trump has been longing for some way to hang on to his soul mate Prince Mohammed and lucrative Saudi arms deals from day one, and he seemed to breathe a sigh of relief over the story the Saudis concocted after more than two weeks of lies and evasions,” per a New York Times editorial about the fistfight story.

According to one report, Khashoggi’s fingers were removed first—then his head.

The story they are trying to sell the hardest is that Khashoggi’s death was an accident……sorry guys but you do not bring a bone saw to an accident.

What should we expect from a barbarous nation like KSA….they behead bloggers for God sake…..this act of extreme cruelty is nothing new when writing about KSA.

Will we ever know the truth?  Doubtful.  Will the Trump gang of thugs accept the explanation?  That is once the Saudis settle on their story and stick to it.  Probably.


5 thoughts on “Saudis Feed Manure To The World

  1. The Saudi story is just plain bullshit. But we have to face facts that every country conspires to kill dissidents who live abroad, and have always done so. On this occasion, the Saudis got ‘caught’, but I wonder how many successful assassinations by the British and Americans go unreported.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Don’t know of any journalists killed by US or UK. Lots of other folks. And we generally use drones now that burn them alive. Do not see how that is more humane.
      This is different because it is more blatant and the victim was s journalist who lived in the US and worked for the Post.

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