Closing Thought–09Oct18

With the mid term just days away (28 to be accurate) and the House is up for re-election…maybe the voters in California should pay attention to one of their officials.

We know one of the major cowards of the House, Nunes, he is the leader of the Trump enablers in Congress… is fun to watch him when his betrayal of the American people is discovered he looks like a deer caught in the headlights when he faces the cameras.

He taunts the fact that his family are California dairy farmers……maybe not so much…

One fact seems to emerge in every profile of Devin Nunes, the powerful GOP chair of the House Intelligence Committee and one of President Trump’s staunchest defenders: As the familiar story goes, Nunes’ family runs a dairy farm in California, and that farming background is central to his very being. But Ryan Lizza at Esquire writes that he has uncovered a “secret” about all this: “The Nunes family dairy of political lore—the one where his brother and parents work—isn’t in California. It’s in Iowa.” The Nunes did have a farm in California’s Central Valley—and an uncle is still there—but the congressman’s immediate family sold their farm in 2006 and bought another in the small town of Sibley, Iowa. Nunes, however, seems to have gone to great lengths to keep this fact under the radar, writes Lizza. Why? It might have something to do with undocumented immigrants.

Farms in that part of Iowa survive mainly on immigrant labor, and Lizza writes that it’s an “open secret” that many of those laborers are in the country illegally and use bogus documents that say otherwise. “Eighty percent of the Latino population out here in northwest Iowa is undocumented,” says one dairy farmer who adopts a don’t-look-too-closely attitude at the ID papers presented. Does that mean that Nunes’ farm does the same? Not necessarily, but another farmer says it would be “next to impossible” for a farm of that size (43 acres) to have only fully legal workers. That could explain the frosty reception Lizza was given by Nunes’ brother, and the rotating white Yukons that seemed to follow him everywhere he went in Sibley. Read the full story.

Nunes is a tool……Nunes is an enabler of a corrupt administration….he gives the term douche bag a new meaning.

On that note I take leave for the day… guys have a good day and evening…..chuq

Another One Bites The Dust–Amb. Haley

Another Trump-ite takes it on the lamb…..this time it is another foreign policy person…Nikki Haley, UN ambassador…..she has tended her resignation…..

A surprise move in the Trump administration: Nikki Haley has resigned as ambassador to the UN, reports Axios. The reason why the former governor of South Carolina decided to step down wasn’t immediately clear. The AP confirms the development, reporting that she will meet with Trump shortly. The New York Times has some quick background, noting that Haley’s appointment to the post had been seen as an “olive branch” given her frequent criticism of Trump during the 2016 campaign. More recently, she wrote an op-ed saying that when she disagreed with Trump’s decisions, she never hesitated to confront him about it. The piece was her response to the anonymous author of an op-ed who criticized the White House from within.

I never thought she had the foreign policy chops to be the ambassador to the UN….she proved to be a true Neocon stooge in her words at the institution….

But could it be a news report that came out today?

From South Carolina’s The State…….

A Washington, D.C., watchdog group wants a federal investigation into U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley’s use of private planes owned by S.C. businessmen.

The group, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, says Haley undervalued the flights by tens of thousands of dollars on her annual financial disclosure form required of federal officials.

The ethics group says the flights create the impression of impermissible gifts to a public official. However, Haley said on her disclosure the men are all personal friends and, thus, exempt from federal rules about accepting flights on private planes.

Read more here:

This also may be her best time to get away from Trump and his hateful attitudes….she is looking for a position bigger than the ambassador to the UN…..

It will be interesting to see who will get the next nod as ambassador to the UN.

We Will Survive!

With less than 30 days before the mid-terms the Dems are looking good for the House…..

There has been so much doom and gloom around the election of a president……and no this does not necessarily mean Dear Leader… could be a reference to all the trash and noise that was muttered and printed when the US elected its first black dude as president.

Now we are just days away from the Mid-Terms and the Dems are confident that there will be a Blue Wave…..and the president is saying there will be a Red Wave….and the voter is in the middle of these dueling entities totally confused.

My take is that there will be significant Dem gains….not because they have a better message…they do not… is that more and more voter no longer trusts the GOP to stick to traditional message.

I mean really?  Does this Dem message sound like a winner or maybe pizza ad?

“A Better Deal: Better Skills, Better Jobs, Better Wages.”

That’s right this is the new and improved Dem message for the elections to come.

I have heard of some crappy political slogans….but this one is by far the biggest pile of bovine fecal matter……I am sorry but this is a cop out of the old “New Deal” slogans from 75 years ago…..

The Dems have no clue what to do as far as approaching elections are concerned….this has been written by myself……

Then there is the BS of eliminating ICE….really?  This is a NO starter for the election……I would like to see a good foreign policy (after all I am a Foreign policy wonk)….but so far I have nothing that would excite me to voting for a Dem……the best they can do in the more radical corners of the party is condemn Israel and the occupation of Gaza……

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has already slayed some dragons. On foreign policy, however, the Democratic candidate for New York’s 14th congressional district is wielding a dull sword. On a recent episode of PBS’ Firing Line, Ocasio-Cortez failed to explain comments she’d previously made about the Israel-Palestine conflict. Asked what she meant by “the occupation of Palestine,” she dodged the question, saying: “I am not the expert on geopolitics on this issue.” As one of the most prominent self-identified democratic socialists in American politics, her stumble seems at odds with the political affiliation she’s publicly claimed. The website of the Democratic Socialists of America, of which she is a member, says it views “the Israeli occupation of the West Bank and its inhumane siege of Gaza as the major barrier” to peace in the region.

It’s reasonable to assume that Ocasio-Cortez would be able to defend this relatively common position. But it’s become common in recent years for left-wing politicians to either botch or dodge foreign policy issues. During 2016’s Democratic presidential primary, Senator Bernie Sanders initially failed to articulate much of a foreign policy platform—a strange oversight given that his opponent, Hillary Clinton, was a former secretary of state and a former senator who’d supported the invasion of Iraq. Sanders didn’t put forward a clearer foreign policy vision until 2017. “Foreign policy must take into account the outrageous income and wealth inequality that exists globally and in our own country,” he said during a 2017 speech at Westminster College.

In conclusion….the Dems will win in the mid-terms but not because they have a superior message….to the contrary……their wins will be because of a divisive Dear Leader.

And then the Dems will revert back to their corporate roots and do nothing to improve the lives of the voters.

Regardless of the mid-term outcomes this country will survive….but the question should be ….in what form?

So I have written!

Turn The Page!

New Politics, Old Ideas

As we keep an eye on yet another hurricane…this one is named Michael……and we wait to see……

The mid-terms are upon us and the so-called “blue wave” and we have a crop of “new faces” for the election……and some are even calling it a New Left.

Personally I think that is so much garbage to sell papers….there are very few new ideas just new faces on the Left….but that does not make it a change of direction.

Several articles on this subject……

Remember the “libertarian moment?” Not so long ago, commentariat from Reason magazine to the opinion pages of The New York Timesnoted a resurgence of libertarian ideas, driven by economic and technological fragmentation of power, and by the rise of a new generation of libertarian candidates such as the Kentucky Senator Rand Paul.

Yet the “libertarian moment” has not ushered in a new golden age of free-market thinking and innovative market-based policies. The Tea Party movement, of which the “libertarian moment” now seems an epiphenomenon, radicalized the Republican base into demanding ever-more extreme measures only to create a zombie—Donald Trump—whom nobody could control.

The bourgeoning “democratic socialism” on the Left carries echoes of the Tea Party movement. Both may seem refreshing after decades of groupthink and complacency in the political center. But neither is offering genuinely new ideas or a coherent governing strategy.

More information…….

Will the “Blue Wave” change anything?

Americans across the country will be bracing for the coming Blue Wave; a self-induced disaster that will outpace even the climate change induced storms sweeping the country. The Blue Wave is inevitable as the inaction on climate change that will come with it. Democrats feel entitled to fill more seats with hot air now that the Not-So-Great Pumpkin is an international embarrassment. Donald Trump’s speech to the U.N. was similarly full of hot air, despite the encouraging words against globalization. Trump wants less foreign aid, diplomacy and immigration. But he also wants more war and handouts for the global elites. Add this all up and it’s a pitiful resistance to the devastation to working people that globalization has caused across the globe.

Down with the globalists! Trump says he was being funny on purpose. But Trump is never funny, and he never does anything on purpose. But he is right. Down with the globalists! The words may be hallow but they are correct.

Of course when we talk about a New Left……the minds will go to Democratic Socialism…..which I do not agree with….but to get my readers caught up…….

Occasionally a phrase supports a wide range of political posturing while bearing little determinable relationship to actionable politics. ‘Income inequality’ is one of these phrases. Few using it are communists, a politics that recognizes concentrated economic power as both cause and effect in the skewed distribution of income and wealth. And the entire point of capitalism is the concentration of these that functions as (circular) proof of the social utility created by capitalists. As corollary to American democracy, the phrase ignores centuries of evidence that political power is determined by economic power.

Of current relevance is its place in the programs of Democratic Socialism, a rebranding of New Deal type social welfare programs that proponents (I am one) apparently intend to fit into existing American political economy. As one of ‘a multiplicity of tactics,’ the lives of the poorer 90% of the country could be vastly improved by Medicare for all, Federal government funded college educations and a job guarantee that pays a living wage and benefits. However, the improbability that Western capitalists, particularly American capitalists, will loosen their grip to facilitate functional versions of these programs was better understood in the late nineteenth century than it is today.

We will know one way or the other the first of next year…..

What’s Next For The Middle East?

Most administration lackeys want the American people believe that all is going well in the Middle East…..Iraq is a lot calmer these days…Syria is  a mission creep….Saudis and UAE are still killing civilians….but Egypt is quiet and a good customer for arms…….but what will the future bring to the region?

Let’s play soothsayer…..

While no one knows the future, I believe that through a general understanding of the various geopolitical actors and atmosphere in the Middle East and surrounding regions, and a solid understanding of what the Bible says about the future, it is fair to make some general observations and predictions about what will happen next in that part of the world.

In light of the sudden shift in Tunisia and the complete instability in Egypt, everyone seems to be wondering what will come next. The following is a brief rundown of what the next several years should hold for the Holy Land, the greater Middle East and the surrounding regions.

First, let me say that what is happening in Egypt was entirely predictable. President Mubarak’s self-imposed reign was bound to come to an end soon enough. Now just happens to be the time. Mubarak will not be able to retain power.

BUt if armed conflict were a possibility….then where will it be focused?

Escalating violence in two nations may threaten to plunge the already restive Middle East into a deeper conflict involving regional and international powers, according to the latest report by a leading monitor.

The Belgium-based International Crisis Group describes its “U.S.-Iran Trigger List” as “an early-warning platform to monitor, analyze and provide regular updates on key and increasingly flashpoints between Iran and the U.S. or their respective allies that could lead to a direct or indirect confrontation, or generally to a dangerous regional escalation.” It currently includes nine flashpoints with varying degrees of severity, the highest being “Critical,” across the Middle East and its periphery.

Okay with all that….when will the next conflict erupt?

Some analysts seem to think that the next flare up of violence will be focused on Gaza…..

The signs are ominous—especially in Israel and its neighbours, Syria, Lebanon and Gaza. Violence, both actual and rhetorical, has been escalating on all three fronts. Gaza could become the immediate flash point as the Palestinians’ ‘March of Return’, which began on 30 March, intensifies and Israeli retaliation becomes increasingly lethal.

On 28 September, 20,000 Palestinians marched to the Gaza–Israel border and seven of them were killed by Israeli bullets. Such confrontations are now becoming an almost daily occurrence. The march began as a civil-society movement born of the mounting economic and political frustrations over the Israeli blockade of the territory that has made life in Gaza ‘poor, nasty, brutish and short’.

Israel has already had numerous air sorties against an enemy they cannot find…in other words against civilians as a retaliation for something someone did…..

The Middle East is always a source for the possibility for violence… is only a matter of time…