Say Good-Bye I Am Leaving!

Closing Thought–16Oct18

Every day it seems that a once staunch Repub/Conserv pundit is bowing out of the GOP……Michael Steele, George Will, Joe Scarborough, Steve Schmidt to just name a few……like I said almost daily some Repub comes to their senses and realizes the damage that Our Dear Leader and his band of thugs are doing to our political process.

Recently I read a piece by a professor about why he was leaving the GOP…..

Unlike Senator Susan Collins, who took pages upon pages of text on national television to tell us something we already knew, I will cut right to the chase: I am out of the Republican Party.

I will also acknowledge right away what I assume will be the reaction of most of the remaining members of the GOP, ranging from “Good riddance” to “You were never a real Republican,” along with a smattering of “Who are you, anyway?”

This story seems to be universal of those that I know that have chosen to leave the party and embrace life as an independent.

How many more will take it on the lamb from a party of wicked angry sexist old white men?  Can one bad member destroy a whole party?

Do tell.

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Robert E. Lee: Hero And Something Else

I dearly love history and when Our Dear Supreme Leader lets his knowledge be known then it is cause for celebration.

Our Dear Supreme Leader has seemed to want to re-write the days of the Civil War he has even gone so far as to heap praise of the general of the losing army, Robert E. Lee……….

President Trump was in Lebanon, Ohio, Friday night to rally for the state’s gubernatorial and congressional candidates, but the AP reports much of his hour-plus speech focused on the highlights of his week, which included Brett Kavanaugh being seated on the Supreme Court and pastor Andrew Brunson’s release from Turkey. As USA Today observes, Trump has a tendency to tout his 2016 win when making these kinds of appearances, but on Friday, he focused on much older history, zeroing in on the Civil War and Generals Lee and Grant. “So Robert E. Lee was a great general and Abraham Lincoln developed a phobia, he couldn’t beat Robert E. Lee,” Trump began. “He was going crazy … but Robert E. Lee was winning battle after battle after battle and Abraham Lincoln came home and he said ‘I can’t beat Robert E. Lee.'”

He then flowed into the tale of a native son of Ohio: Ulysses S. Grant, a general who Trump described as struggling with alcohol and lacking the backing of other military leaders. “They said ‘Don’t take him; he’s got a drinking problem.’ And Lincoln said, ‘I don’t care what problem he has. You guys aren’t winning.’ And his name was Grant, General Grant,” Trump said. “And he went in and knocked the hell out of everyone. They said to Lincoln, ‘You can’t use him anymore, he’s an alcoholic’ and Lincoln said, ‘I don’t care if he’s an alcohol, frankly, get me six or seven just like him.'” Other outlets including NBC News and the Hill reported on Trump’s praise of Lee, which Twitchy sees as “BS,” noting the praise was simply given as the run-up to introducing Grant. Politico’s take: “Civil War history has been fraught territory for Trump and key members of his administration.

Our Dear Supreme Leader may not be a student of history but his synopsis above is correct….a bit colorful but accurate.

History has proven that even though he was the losing general he was also a damn fine general no matter….but since we are writing about the Civil War let us take a look at the stuff that Churchill had to say……..the South could have won that war…….

The Confederates capture Washington? That’s just one of the clever bits of fiction that Churchill conjured up in his 1931 essay (Photo Illustration by Vertis Communications; White House: Library of Congress; Confederate Flag: Thinkstock).

Many who have read and relied on Winston Churchill’s magnificent historical works may be surprised to learn that he once devised an elaborate explanation of how Jeb Stuart prevented World War I. This seemingly far-fetched analysis was the great man’s contribution to If, or History Rewritten, a 1931 collection of essays by historians of the day. Each explored a world where events had unfolded contrary to recorded history, with titles such as “If Napoleon Had Escaped to America” and “If the Moors in Spain Had Won.” Churchill penned his contribution during his wilderness years, when he was out of office and working the lecture circuit across America. The essay is a playful study of a Civil War counterfactual: what might have happened had Robert E. Lee, with help from Stuart, won at Gettysburg and carried the South to victory in the war. It offers a look at Churchill’s lively imagination at work, as well as a few glimpses of his views on race, war, and international politics as the storm clouds of World War II began to gather.

Those hard core Southerners…the ones that believe “The South Shall Rise Again”….really needs to read this and get their stupidity straight…..and in the same time get some much needed ata boys in.

Khashoggi: Then And The Future

This is a lot to read….but this situation needs to be understood…..please try to keep up.

Interesting turns around the Khashoggi assassination…..our Dear Supreme Leader has issued his warning to the Saudis and it is about as limp dick as he could possibly be…..

President Trump continues to grapple with the uncomfortable situation surrounding the disappearance and likely murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, promising “severe punishment” if the Saudis are to blame, but also making a series of comments that show a reluctance to threaten traditional US-Saudi ties, and business relationships.

The $110 billion in arms deal with the Saudi kingdom are a big reason why Trump is so close to them, as selling arms has been a top administration priority. It is also the obvious place to cut amid a diplomatic crisis, though Trump has consistently opposed that idea.

Trump argues the US would “be punishing ourselves” if they lost the $110 billion deal, saying it would be “very foolish” to lose all that. He claims there are other options for punishing the Saudis, but is mum on what those are.

Analysts say that while this may further harm Saudi support in Congress, the administration is content to “sweep it under the rug,” so long as the Saudis continue to compensate them in the form of lucrative arms deals for politically well-connected US companies.


Trump’s envy…the boy king to be of Saudi Arabia is just silly……he, Trump, tries to hold their dicks while sounding like he expects some sort of result from the Saudis….

What were Jamal Khashoggi’s last thoughts, as he was being dragged out of the Saudi consulate general’s office in Istanbul by two men and realised that he had walked straight into a trap?

Khashoggi was no newcomer. He knew how Saudi consuls and embassies worked. He himself had worked in two of them: Washington and London. He knew the beast, the way it thought, the way it acted, the way it smelt.

He also thought he knew the rules. He had worked for Turki bin Faisal, a former Saudi intelligence chief. The rules of the game were brutal, but they were rational. There were clear red lines. If you knew about them, you could calculate the risks you were taking.

The Saudis have bowed up and planted a flag that they will be bend……at least the EU is acting like a world leader while the American bites his lower lip in anticipation……

Saudi Arabia says it rejects any “threats” of economic sanctions or political pressure regarding the disappearance of a Saudi writer—and European nations are calling for an investigation, the AP reports. In a statement carried by the state-run Saudi Press Agency on Sunday, the Saudi government said it will respond to any steps taken against it over the vanishing of Jamal Khashoggi. Saudi stocks plunged nearly 7% Sunday after President Trump went on 60 Minutes and said that “we’re going to get to the bottom of it, and there will be severe punishment” if US officials find that Riyadh ordered Khashoggi’s murder. Khashoggi went missing when he visited the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul. Turkish officials fear Khashoggi was killed and dismembered, allegations rejected by Saudi officials.

Meanwhile, Germany, France, and Britain are calling for a “credible investigation” to establish what happened to Saudi writer Jamal Khashoggi and seek a “complete and detailed” Saudi response. The German, French, and British foreign ministers said in a joint statement Sunday that defending freedom of expression and ensuring protection for journalists are key priorities and that they are “treating this incident with the utmost seriousness.” They said there must be a credible investigation to establish the truth and “if relevant” identify those responsible for Khashoggi’s disappearance. “We encourage joint Saudi-Turkish efforts in that regard, and expect the Saudi government to provide a complete and detailed response,” they added.

These power crazed Saudis have started beating their chest like sex crazed gorillas in response to possible sanctions…….

Saudi Arabia’s stock exchange plummeted on Sunday, with the index down some 7 percent in early trading on fears of international sanctions over the disappearance of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

In comments likely intended to address the domestic investors’ concerns, Saudi officials issued a statement threatening “greater action” against the US and other Western nations for any actions taken related to Khashoggi’s disappearance and presumed murder.

Saudi state media published an opinion piece from one of their managers saying the kingdom is ready to implement measures against the US economy that would result in oil prices skyrocketing. He added that “if Washington imposes sanctions on Riyadh, it will stab its own economy to death.” The same piece also suggested an end to US-Saudi intelligence sharing, and a Saudi-Russian alliance.

The threats are a similar tack to the Saudi threats in 2016 surrounding the US Congress planning to strip them of sovereign immunity over their role in 9/11. In that case, Saudi officials also openly threatened to destroy the value of the US dollar by flooding the debt market.

While historically the combination of economic threats and juicy military contracts have been enough for the Saudis to get their way in almost all things, and that’s clearly the message officials are attempting to send to investors, there is a risk that such overt threats are going to further rile a US Congress that is already furious about the Khashoggi affair, and speed up the path to measures like arms sales restrictions.


Seriously?  Does anyone believe the Saudis will make good on the oil threat?  Okay if you think they have the cajones to do so then I also have a plot of land in Florida that I will sell be the gallon.

These spineless Saudis are threatening the EU not the US for they know that they are protected here by of so many of our politicians.

After thumping their chests in a macho fever they then had a coffee and decided that they need to look as if they would cooperate…….

With international pressure on Saudi Arabia seeming to intensify by the day, the Saudis have agreed to a joint inspection of their consulate in Istanbul with Turkish officials. The inspection will take place Monday, almost two weeks after journalist Jamal Khashoggi disappeared after entering the facility, reports the AP. The Turks say that a Saudi hit team murdered and dismembered the frequent critic of the regime inside the consulate, while the Saudis say he left unharmed. Over the weekend, President Trump warned of “severe punishment” if the Turkish allegations are true, while the Saudis suggested that they could torpedo the world economy in response to any penalties.

In another sign of the pressure building on Saudi Arabia, JPMorgan chief Jamie Dimon announced that he would not attend the marquis Future Investment Initiative in Riyadh. Other business execs had previously announced they would skip as well, but Dimon is the biggest world financier to pull out, reports the Wall Street Journal. He had been scheduled as a featured speaker. JPMorgan has ties with Saudi Arabia that go back to the 1930s, notes the newspaper.

The list keeps growing of companies pulling out of the “Davos of the Desert” in Saudi Arabia…..

Finally an article entitled “The Saudi Collapse”… interesting read indeed….

The Saudis are doubling down on their denial that they had anything to do with the disappearance of Washington Post journalist and sometime Saudi insider Jamal Khashoggi: “enemies of the Kingdom,” they say are responsible. Nowadays that includes an awful lot of people, as the Washington cognoscenti rush to distance themselves from a regime once hailed as an exemplar of “reform.” It’s a stampede for the door, and soon there will be no on left standing: one rarely sees a collapse like this, at least when it comes to entire countries. One minute they’re on top of the world with Donald Trump, playing with swords and getting away with murder: the next minute they’re international pariahs.

This situation is no done……but Our Dear Supreme Leader to generate something that can replace the focus of the media.

What will it be?

After writing draft more news has come out…..this is for all those naysayers that doubt the news…..the Saudis have given confirmation (sort of)……

Saudi Arabia is preparing to say that Saudi writer Jamal Khashoggi was killed by mistake during an interrogation that went too far, CNN reports. According to two unidentified sources, the Saudis will claim that Khashoggi was interrogated without clearance, and those behind it will be held responsible. But one source says the Saudi report is still in progress and might change. CNN’s story adds to an earlier New York Times report that Saudi Arabia plans to blame Khashoggi’s death on a “tragically incompetent” intelligence official. That official wasn’t identified but is apparently a friend of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.  (There goes another head!)

“We are hearing from the sources at this stage that [the operation] was not carried out with the proper clearance,” says CNN’s Clarissa Ward on the air, per the Hill. “There will be plenty of people who will have difficulty swallowing that narrative, [saying] it’s hard to believe anything of this nature, of this sensitivity, could possibly take place without those in power in Saudi Arabia … being privy to it on some level.” Trump said earlier Monday that “rogue killers” may have murdered the journalist, whose death was apparently recorded on his Apple watch.

Kinda sounds like their excuses for killing children in a bus in Yemen… bullshit and waffling…..typical of the cowards we now embrace.

I will agree on one part….if the world is going to make this an important news item then so should the deaths caused by the Israelis…..and the Apartheid State they have created.

I have Written!

Trump’s Greater Middle East

Back in 2016 candidate Trump had a plan for the Middle East and once president Trump he turned it all over to the brain of Kushner…..a person that has NO experience beyond giving oral stuff to rich Arabs in turn for their infusion of cash…..

Then Our Dear Supreme Leader put a screaming war mongering Neocon in charge of foreign policy and things could get no worse…..Pompeo made a mindless statement that shows his arrogance as well as ignorance…..

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said yesterday that “Israel is everything we want the entire Middle East to look like going forward” and that US-Israel relations are “stronger than ever”.

Speaking at an award ceremony held by the Jewish Institute for National Security of America in Washington DC, Pompeo hailed Israel as “democratic and prosperous”, adding “it desires peace, it is a home to a free press and a thriving economy,” Arutz Sheva reported.

Seriously?  He wants the whole Middle East under the thumb of an Apartheid State like Israel….a thoughtless comment…..

Then the idiot we elected president lets another foreign leader dictate policy……

Donald Trump recently reiterated his promise to introduce a Middle East peace plan in the next few months. That promise makes sense of a number of unusual and extreme events that have taken place recently.

On February 15, 2017, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and then newly inaugurated U.S. President Donald Trump held their first official meeting. At the press conference that preceded that meeting, they discussed Trump’s promise to strike “a bigger and better deal than people in this room even understand.” Over the course of the press conference, Trump and Netanyahu would go on to unpack that cryptic remark in a way that eventually revealed the strategy that would make sense of the recent unusual events.

Again….nothing about any of this will secure a safe and peaceful Middle East… a waste of time and energy….but I am sure that the cash Israel pledges to the Trumps will make it all so much better.