Closing Thought–22Oct18

I have always been an opponent of the military in our schools…..I feel that the students should be focused on their studies and not on whether they would make a good Marine in high school……if one chooses to be a soldier then apply to a military school like Our Dear Leader did in his youth (of course that was as close as he got to being a real soldier)….

The Army is failing to attract those young ones and is changing up its recruiting style…..

Recruiters armed with new marketing campaigns and technology will target cities where the Army has struggled to engage potential soldiers as part of a revamped strategy to fill the ranks.

The service is taking a holistic approach to updating its recruiting and marketing enterprises, which have gone years without proper review, Army Gen. Stephen Townsend, chief of Training and Doctrine Command, said Tuesday. The lack of assessment has left current recruiters poorly outfitted to engage their targets — about 30 percent of men and women ages 17 to 24 who qualify to join the military.

To my young readers….DO NOT believe the hype!  The Army cannot guarantee you a spot of your choice because that is determined by a battery of tests that are given AFTER you sign on the dotted line.

Please think carefully before signing……keep in mind that this country is in wars all over the planet….your chances of deployment to a war zone is very good.


24 thoughts on “Closing Thought–22Oct18

    1. I would agree that most could use some discipline in the lives…..but I would say in college but not in high school….They have plenty of time to play soldier….chuq

      1. College is too late, they are already settling in to stay with mom and pop till they croak! In college they are still be baby-coddled.

      2. Staying with mom and dad is more an econ0mic thing that anything……being soaked with debt to earn a degree has that effect….chuq

      3. True that….my GI Bill paid for mine I did not have to go into debt….all I had do was to live thru Vietnam…..Best program in the past….today;s bill does not do as much as mine did….chuq

  1. I would be in favour of The Draft. Take everyone, regardless of circumstance, and stop just taking the economically deprived youngsters who can do no better. I saw a brilliant documentary a few years back, where army recruiters were targeting shopping malls in deprived areas. Places like Flint, Michigan, where they had lost local industry, and most job prospects. It is just cynical, to recruit the disadvantaged.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. It is typical….and my advice is spot on….there is NO guarantee of your dream job….and when they learn this it is too late they have already given their life away…..students need to know these things….chuq

  2. The military will soon be composed mainly of transgenders and gays and illegal immigrants so do not worry. The Libs will see to it!

  3. Transgender Rights, Gay Rights and Sanctuary for all the illegal immigrants of the world — the major contributions of Liberalism to the downfall of America.

    1. Don’t forget that creeping socialism that is hiding in plain sight…..none of that is a downfall….stupidity is the major contributor….chuq

      1. Yes, the creeping socialism. You are right about that. There is creeping socialism and even the great Hillardy is reportedly associating with it in the person of one of her advisors or something of that nature. I do not know the details. Are they really going to run her again in 2020?

      2. Nope…only corporate America would want her… socialism anywhere…..just the wishful thinking of old conservs….chuq

      3. And some of the people that we talk about .. some of the very people who might ascend to the leadership of the country are consummate liars — so yes, it all goes hand in hand with the attributes of the devil.

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