Another “You Can’t Fix Stupid”

Sunday in the garden…..the weather has finally gotten cooler and stays there…..I have eaten the last of the tomatoes from the garden….what to do?  What to do?  Time to write about an affliction that strikes every second or so….STUPIDITY!

I could write about the present day political system but that is too easy… I would like to write about individuals that have their heads firmly up their butts before they act.

I live in Mississippi and use to think that stupid was unique to my state…I was mistaken….but for instance….about 25 years ago we had a Summer Festival that had cook-offs, rides, music and a helicopter ride around the harbor and along the beach.

A local resident was hammered out of his mind and went of the chopper ride when he landed and the chopper was idling waiting for the next passenger this drunkard was so stoked that he was yelling and jumped up with his arms above his head… guessed it the chopper blades removed 3 fingers…..his reaction was “my fingers looked like little trumpets”……you guessed it again….the chopper ride was eliminated for the next festival.

I have written on several occasions about “stupid” acts by my fellow Mississippians……(you really need to read these to see just what I am going on about)……

Like I have written previously……the stupid in Mississippi are not alone…..

Reminder to self: When setting up booby traps in your home, make sure you don’t accidentally set them off yourself. One North Carolina man failed to heed that advice and ended up getting shot Monday morning, the Gaston Gazette reports. Police say Edwin Smith, 68, had rigged a shotgun facing his back door. After going outside to feed squirrels around 11:30am, he opened the door and the gun fired, hitting him in the right arm. It’s not clear whether he forgot about the booby trap or if the trap malfunctioned. Either way, “I’ve never seen anything quite like this,” a captain with the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Office says.

“I blew my arm off,” Smith can be heard saying in a 911 call obtained by WCNC. First responders, who went through the home carefully to make sure there were no other booby traps, found him severely wounded but alert, and he was transferred to a hospital in nearby Shelby. One of his neighbors says Smith “stood up for our neighborhood when drugs and bad people started moving in,” and WCNC also has a photo of a large sign on Smith’s property warning “crack heads, meth heads, heroin users, drug dealers,” “anyone doing criminal activity,” and “illegal aliens” to “stay the hell out & off this private road.” (A pot farmer was done in by his own booby trap.)

All I can say…..”You Can’t Fix Stupid”!

I gonna sit and watch the garden grow…..with silver bells, cockle shells and a bunch of damn weeds…LOL

Have A Day……Be Well, Be Safe…….

6 thoughts on “Another “You Can’t Fix Stupid”

  1. That reminds me of this tragic story.

    Father tells how he lifted girl into rotor
    By Paul Stokes
    A BUSINESSMAN hoisted his four-year-old daughter into the rotor blade of
    his helicopter after she asked him to carry her, an inquest heard
    Nicholas Hawkings-Byass was walking away from the cockpit when Lydia ran
    towards him saying: “Daddy will you carry me.”
    Mr Hawkings-Byass, 41, said in a statement: “I put my briefcase down and
    picked her up with both hands to put her on my shoulders.
    “What happened next is not totally clear. I’m not sure if I actually got
    her on to my shoulders or whether I had actually picked up my briefcase
    again or not.
    “I was not aware of the rotor revolving and there was no wind noise. She
    then fell forward to the ground, she lay there and the colour drained from
    her cheeks. I did not feel any impact, but realised something awful had
    Lydia died two days later on July 2 at a head injury unit in Frenchay
    Hospital, Bristol.
    Mr Hawkings-Byass, managing director of agricultural aviation company MFH,
    said he had carried out the safety procedure after landing.
    “I heard a thud and it appeared to me that Lydia was lying on the ground”
    He told the hearing in Bristol: “I did not apply the [rotor] brake and was
    not in the habit of doing so. It is not designed to stop the rotors turning
    but more to keep the rotor blades still afterwards.”
    Mr Hawkings-Byass had flown to the family’s country home at Upper Broadmoor
    Farm, between Bourton-on-the-Water and Great Rissington, Glos, from
    On arrival he gave short flights to his son Alexander, six, Lydia and their
    nanny, Karoline Crump. Miss Crump had put his other son, 19-month-old
    Charlie, to bed before returning to the garden for her flight.
    After landing she saw Lydia run towards the helicopter. Miss Crump told the
    inquest: “I saw Nicholas reach down and pick up Lydia. I heard a thud and
    it appeared to me that Lydia was lying on the ground.”
    Dr Timothy Moss, a pathologist, said Lydia died from an injury to the back
    of her head caused by a helicopter rotor blade.
    Her organs were donated for transplants after her parents gave permission
    for her life-support machine to be switched off.
    Paul Forrest, the Avon Coroner, recorded a verdict of accidental death

    Best wishes, Pete.

      1. Hehe.. yes. Although.. as a humanist I should point out.. one person’s “dumb” can be another person’s “genius”.. which then lends itself to the intellect of the one making the interpretation. 🙂

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