Dancing Naked

It is the weekend once again….and politics is still as disgusting as it was last week….so I venture into the news to try and find really whacky stuff to post……this one is from my local TV station…..as my readers know I from time to time I make fun of the locals in my area…..dirt is smarter than some of them……and that brings us to the post……


A man dancing naked on the side of the road helped lead George County deputies to a working meth lab Sunday in the Ward community.

Around noon, the sheriff’s department received a call about the man dancing along Ward Pineview Road. By the time deputies arrived, the man had disappeared into the woods. But deputies had a hunch who their naked suspect might be, so they headed south about half a mile toward a residence. That’s where authorities said they found a metal toolbox which contained a working meth lab in the back yard.

“The owner of this lab probably didn’t realize dancing naked on the side of the road may bring him some unwanted attention. If he is indeed who we think he is,” Sheriff Dean Howell said.

Sheriff Howell said a hazardous materials cleanup crew was brought in to dismantle the meth lab.

Anyone with any information about the meth operation or the naked man should call Crime Stoppers at 1-877-787-5898 or the George County Sheriff’s Office at (601) 947-4811.

My grandfather use to say…”If you are gonna be stupid, you gotta be strong” and this guy is just plain stupid…..

Another thing to think about…..are rednecks the best people to use chemistry for any reason?

5 thoughts on “Dancing Naked

  1. Does one really need to get high to dance naked in the street? …………………………………………… well yes. It reduces the inhibitions …. along with your cognitive faculties.

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