Dear Democrats……….

It is closing in on the 2018 mid-terms and many seem to think there will be some sort of “Blue Wave” that will sweep Dems into offices at all levels.

I have my doubts but I am NO political strategist so what do I know…..I recently read a great letter that was sent to the DNC about Dems in general and their stands in particular… the letter it is very telling…….

Dear Democrats:

That was no government shutdown. It was a long weekend. It was a snow day.

Don’t get me wrong. I am no fan of shuttering the federal government as a tactic of political negotiation. In the first place, it inflicts hardship on the people you’re sworn to serve. In the second place, it confirms the U.S. Capitol building as the world’s most majestic day care center.

Shutting down the government is almost always the wrong thing to do. But as my pastor likes to say, if you’re going to do wrong, at least do wrong right.

Like I said…great questions and great points for Dems to consider before they step before the American voter.

But they will beat the same horse that lost them their majority…..I do not think they have learned anything…..the old…..doing the same thing over and over…….


15 thoughts on “Dear Democrats……….

  1. I think there will be pockets in the country where there are Dem surges, but it won’t necessarily be a wave that covers the country. Conversely, I don’t see anywhere that there will be Republican surges. So, the question is whether those pockets will be large enough to produce majorities anywhere.

      1. I agree the Dems don’t have a message. It’s my greatest disappointment with the reaction to Trump over the last year and a half. Just endless, sputtering outrage at every stupid thing he says and does instead of offering a credible, adult alternative. Very frustrating. But I do think, that there will be a different level of turnout by Dems and their allies in the electorate as compared to previous midterm elections. At least in some areas. Whether it is enough to take over either House of Congress is another question. I know this, if the Dems don’t pick up one of the Houses, the next two years will be very bumpy indeed.

      2. The nation will be sloppy……the Dems will also….if that happens then we may well have 4 more years of this toad. chuq

  2. As long as we are on this kind of subject I think some attention should be given to the voter as well. Or more the the point.. the non-voter. The idiocy of the last election was the usual “the winner won because of the dislike of the other guy” was greater for many. In other words, for a great many voters the alternatives to Trump sucked far more than voting for the idiocy that is Trump.
    Bottom line.. for a democratic nation we have a piss-poor voter turnout on any given election cycle, especially for primaries and mid-terms. Now, one might be able to buy into the notion that even if a voter doesn’t vote they are also displaying their right of where they want their vote to go… if anywhere. (“I hate government and my vote doesn’t count anyway so I am expressing my discontent by not choosing to vote.”.. so you toss your vote over the “voter apathy” side. Some might be this sincere, maybe. But largely that’s bullshit excuse for being too damn disinterested in the process to go out into the elements to some polling place.

    No question it would certainly help the process if the two parties would get organized enough in their platforms to market for their cause to maybe encourage a few of those apathy voters to vote. On the more strategic side neither party WANTS a lot of people to vote, I’m sure. One reason this stupid electoral process is still alive and well.
    But.. with the absence of all else in this process… Americans need to exercise their right to vote. But they won’t… and the political parties are happy.

    1. As I always say….”None of The Above” has been winning EVERY SINGLE election for decades, often with more votes than Democrats & Republicans combined. Even just snaring a small percentage of them guarantees victory.

      The vast majority of those that don’t vote naturally lean Democratic, whether they’re smart enough to realize it, or not. But the “geniuses” that run the Democratic Party aren’t smart enough to realize that, assuming they even care. They just DO NOT want to make policies for the politically/economically marginalized benefit. They’d rather keep talking about Free Trade rainbows and high-tech unicorns who fart jobs. Then they retire to gigs at rainbow making firms and Big Unicorn.

      It’s no mystery why even actual voters are so apathetic.

      1. That was a great link, chuq. I’ve not heard from Ron before. But then.. of course it was a great article because I agree with him. I suppose if I didn’t agree with him his article would suck. 🙂
        In any case… after reading this I’d go burn in hell with him.

      2. He is a regular contributor on MSNBC….it was good and I do not always agree with him…..he has a radio show in Seattle (I believe)……chuq

  3. The thing about mid-term elections (even local elections here) is that they tend to always show some surge of opposition to the sitting government. But the results are rarely reflected in the main election that follows.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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