Closing Thought–30Oct17

I have remiss with my “Closing Thoughts” dealing with the health stuff.  I would to once again thank all my fellow bloggers for their outpouring to kindness..THANK YOU

On my return to this section…..ever have one of those songs stuck in your brain and you break into your version of the tune?

Well this is the song that has stuck in my brain for 14 days and I have to purge it….hopefully this confession will do the trick….exorcise my demon….LOL


That song made this many a millionaire…

With that chuq is out!  Tomorrow my friends….it may be a light posting day lots of doctor stuff….but I will be back grumpier than ever…LOL  chuq

Bet You Thought ISIS Was A Goner

Between Russia this and Russia that and petty Twitter attacks on dead soldier’s wife and politicians that do not agree and new we have indictments….with all that distraction we Americans have all but forgotten that group we call ISIS….am I right?

Although few care it is far from over in the  Middle East…..yes ISIS has been handed their butts on several occasions but that means the rest of the body is still fighting.

And it is about to get worse….even to the point of making news again…….

The main border crossing between Iraq and Syria, the city of Abu Kamal on the Syrian side and al-Qaim on the Iraqi side, is the last major territorial possession of ISIS, and the next big target for both Syria and Iraq’s militaries.

With those offensives likely to happen soon, ISIS is building up its defenses around the area, pushing more forces into the area while, according to US officials, ISIS leaders are being evacuated to smaller towns inside Syria that they still control.

ISIS still holds substantial territory in Syria, mostly in Deir Ezzor Province. They’ve been losing all the big cities and towns, along the Euphrates River, with Syrian military pushing on the river’s south shore, and Kurdish fighters taking the north shore.

US officials are suggesting an attack on Abu Kamal would be up to the Kurds to decide, but the Syrian military is likely to get there first. The Iraqi Air Force has already been dropping leaflets in al-Qaim in anticipation of an attack on that side of the border.


AS someone famous once said….”It ain’t over ’til is over”  (Yogi Bera I believe)…..

Another US Death

-All the Tweets and ranting about the deaths of US Troops in Niger, which was unnecessary deaths,another American was killed half way round the world in Afghanistan, Chief Warrant Officer Jacob M. Sims….

The Army warrant officer who died after a helicopter crashed in Afghanistan was a decorated veteran of numerous military tours who was born in Oklahoma and was currently living in Alaska, the Pentagon said in a statement.

Chief Warrant Officer Jacob M. Sims, 36, of Juneau, Alaska, died from wounds sustained in the crash on Friday evening in Logar Province, Afghanistan, the Defense Department said in a statement Sunday.

Six other crew members were injured in the incident but were receiving medical treatment, according to a statement Saturday by Operation Resolute Support in Afghanistan. The crash wasn’t the result of enemy action.

“Jacob lived by a creed that few understand and even fewer embody,” said Col. Philip Ryan, commander of the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment or SOAR in a statement. “He will not be forgotten and his legacy will endure through his family, friends, and fellow Nightstalkers.”

(ABC News)

IST sends its deepest sympathies to his family…..May He Rest In Peace.

More on this story…..

Source: Now Trump is shamefully ignoring a fallen soldier in Afghanistan — and veterans are fed up – Shareblue Media

More News From Niger

There have been many questions about he death a US Special Ops trooper in Niger that was not with the bodies of the others killed and now…… the rest of the story……(sort of)

Speaking to ABC News, the unnamed official added their belief that the men’s ‘light convoy’ had been being surveilled by their killers for at least a day before they were hit.

Questions remain over why top command sent the unit – which consisted of just six to eight vehicles and only 42 troops – into the dangerous area to gather intelligence on a target.

The official, speaking on the condition of anonymity, said had the men been called back after the original reconnaissance mission then they would still all be alive.

‘ They should have been up and back in a day. They were hit because they were up there so f****** long on a mission that morphed, they were spotted, surveilled and ultimately hit.’

He the story is accurate then this Trooper died a hero….thinking of nothing but his comrades and their need.
IST salutes an American hero!


+So much has been going on in the West African country of Niger lately that it is almost mind numbing.  4 US soldiers died fighting an insurgent force and as of yet there is No definitive reason why.

AS a combat veteran I want to know why they died and if they were at all prepared for the task ahead.

The story changes almost daily leading me to believe that someone up the change of command f*cked the pouch and 4 good soldiers died.  Why?

The newest tidbit on this continuing saga……

New details have emerged regarding the attack that left four US soldiers dead in Niger, labeled by some as a “massive intelligence failure.” Per the New York Times, which interviewed military officers, Pentagon officials, and lawmakers, Staff Sgt. Bryan Black, Staff Sgt. Jeremiah Johnson, Staff Sgt. Dustin Wright, and Sgt. La David Johnson somehow became separated from their unit during the Oct. 4 militant attack, which also left five Nigeriens dead and whose “shifting narrative” is now being scrutinized. Specifically, answers are being sought on why these four US troops were left behind initially when French helicopters flew onto the scene two hours after the ambush began and rescued seven other Americans, and why it took two extra days to find and retrieve Johnson’s body from a wooded area near the attack location.

The Times says the four soldiers were at first deemed MIA by the Pentagon, indicating they were believed alive when the French choppers left; US officials contend American, French, and Nigerien forces were still on the ground. The Pentagon also said Thursday this unit had been backup for a second one on the hunt for an Islamic operative, though that second unit’s raid had been called off, per CBS News; the ambushed unit was told to stay behind and gather evidence. Meanwhile, a Nigerien soldier who arrived on the scene as the attack wound down tells CNN he saw troops “ready to fight until the end” and that he’d run into the unit the day before—nowhere near ready for combat, dressed in “T-shirts and baseball caps” with just one heavy machine gun among them and no body armor. US officials say it wasn’t anticipated the troops would come into contact with hostile entities during their mission. A more in-depth look at the Times and CNN.

There are too many people turning this into a game of political football……and each one of them should be shot for doing so.  And so far all we know is that they are dead.

These men deserve better than this bullshit theater that Trump, his ilk and the media are turning into.

Every man, woman and child should be demand the truth behind these deaths…..screw protocol.

Did these men die unnecessarily?

The time for platitudes and campaign speeches is over.

Do not let this be another Yemen!

History Of The Alt-Right

Since the last election the word of the year has been the “alt-Right”……ever growing more popular every time someone opens the mouth and spouts some crap……but where in the name of God did this bunch of half brain weasels come from?

Do you know where this crap originated?

All interesting ideas and maybe I can help the more intellectual of of my readers explain the phenom…..if that is possible.

The alt-right is likely to grow, gaining a firmer foothold in American politics (dammit)

In recent months, far-right activists — which some have labeled the “alt-right” — have gone from being an obscure, largely online subculture to a player at the very center of American politics.

Long relegated to the cultural and political fringe, alt-right activists were among the most enthusiastic supporters of Donald Trump. Earlier this year, Breitbart executive Steve Bannon declared the website “the platform for the alt-right.” By August, Bannon was appointed the CEO of the Trump campaign. In the wake of Trump’s victory, he’ll be joining Trump in the White House as a senior advisor.

Source: History of the alt-right: The movement isn’t just Breitbart and white nationalists — it’s worse –

Please tell me It was a bit of help in this jungle of stupid we have nowadays in DC.

Did I help?

If so then we need to see that this group goes no further than the dust that will be 2017.